March 30, 2004

we're ba-ack!

24: Day 3: 4:00 am - 5:00 am

for one i have not been waiting anxiously for the returning, although it is a good one. hopefully the story will get tighter for this 9-episode home stretch. hopefully the seat belt i had attached to the couch will come in handy for the couple of months.

how weird is it to think that the season is actually ending? very weird for me. of course when you think back on it the story swerved into all kinds of directions. this is the messiest one yet. but. there is a plan. there must be. and think -- in 9 weeks we'll have a brand-new cliffhanger to hold on to and be amazed by :)

keep the faith, i say.

as always, i look forward to reading your thoughts and comments. post 'em here.

my thoughts :: well. this was a good one. the script and characters were more in tune with the previous seasons, thankfully. first thing i noticed was the music. great job by Sean once again. Michelle was actually the lead in this one and what a lead she made. holding her own against a roomful of panicked guests. and that last scene with her was intense! and the Palmer story actually also held itself quite well. but i would've loved it if Palmer had told Sherry hadn't been with him. but he did let her loose at the end and that's that. good one. i love how the "bad guy" took control of the country there at the end but i would've loved to have had a little taste of what his demands will be. but i think we're back on track. and, if i'm not mistaken, they introduced a new director to the series. a great job he did.

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last night, Jon Stewart announced this week's guests for The Daily Show.
and it's one eye-opening lineup, let me tell you. here's what you missed if you weren't watching:

tuesday - Richard fuckin' Clarke
wednesday - Karen Hughes
thursday - Johnny Knoxville

great lineup capped off by Knoxville whom i simply adore.

btw, tonight's a great night to have Clarke on -- the Bush White House decided to let Condi Rice testify publicly and under oath. now let's hope the questions are good.

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March 29, 2004

okay. so i'm sitting here, browsing the web in between shows and i stumble upon this lovely canuck rock picture. we're not seriously proud about most big-name imports, but this pic is so gorgeous that it does make my heart go pathump-pump. a bit :)

update: it's now officially my msn messenger pic :)

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i'm posting this now because i just read about it but hopefully everyone will remember to tune in next saturday:

Host: Donald Trump; musical guest: Toots and the Maytals (featuring Bootsy Collins, The Roots, Ben Harper and Jack Johnson)

that's one giant-ass band right there!

tape the show and skip the Donald. that band is so worth it.

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March 28, 2004

woohoo!! the Montreal Canadiens are in the playoffs!
we needed at least one point and we got it last night against the Bruins.
what an intense game it became, though. wow. and bad officiating. really bad.
i hope Fraser doesn't think he can come call a game in Montreal anytime soon.

btw, people need to lay off Kovalev. he's played a year with the sucky Rangers. give him some time to adjust, for christ's sake. i like what i'm seeing now. imagine what he'll be able to do come playoff time with Ribeiro and Ryder. come on, folks.

and nice move by Jason Ward on the penalty shot!
i gave up on the kid a long time ago. i don't believe he should still be in the lineup. but what a fucking move on Raycroft.

Boston played ugly last night. and i have a feeling we're gonna be playing them again this year. if so, someone needs to take care of Green before he can take our team out. the officials sure as hell don't call him on anything.

and thank god Begin wasn't hurt too much. we need him.

even though we lost the last three games, i actually thought we're getting better with each game.

we lost in overtime but we got our spot in the playoffs! yay.

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March 27, 2004

'morning all.
nothing much to report just yet. the day looks dreary again. i don't mind it. things are rather calm around here.

Noam Chomsky has a blog.
thanks to chromewaves for the tip.


and the best thing about this morning is this: Throne of Blood has been shipped to me :)
that's after about a day of not having any titles on my list available and trying to find a solution. so last night after work i scrambled another four titles to my list. this morning i come online and what do i find? yep. one of the titles will be on its way :)

i love that.
thanks, Mark :)


uh, tonight the Montreal will meet Boston. the Habs are gonna try to show us they can still play after those two awful losses this week. but i'm not worried much. games against the Bruins are always great fun and the players always get involved (which was not the case for most of the last two games; during which they were sleeping). they're saying Brisebois might be back for tonight. that's a good thing. can't wait to get Souray back, though. wow. and maybe coach Julien is finally done with shuffling the lines. that would be great. keep Kovalev with Ribeiro and Ryder, and leave Perreault up with Zednick and Koivu. done. you've got a winning team if you do.

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March 25, 2004

well, this is what i'm at looking at today. the perfect day, actually, for either Dawn of the Dead or I Spit on Your Grave.

and tonight the Montreal Canadiens are hosting the Ottawa Senators. i expect them to rebound tonight after yesterday's god-awful performance. i believe they will.

it's the perfect day for being lazy and feeling comforted.


thanks to Bush, gays can now be fired from the federal workforce for being gay.
is this for real??? is this guy crazy? what the fuck is happening down there???!
are you guys living in a bubble?? whatthefuck!

get his ass outta there!!

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March 24, 2004

well, Buffalo beat Montreal silly.
but they earned it because they wanted it more than the Habs did.

the Canadiens showed up for most of the first period, but then forgot they were playing a game and only made an effort in the last four minutes of the third period to let Ryder score his goal.

hopefully this will whip them back to reality for their game against Ottawa tomorrow night. that's gonna be the big one. glad i'll have the night off for that :)


before the game i actually managed to finally sit down and watch Douglas Sirk's ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS tonight. a big feat considering that a) i had to finish it by 7:30 pm. i like to start my movies as late as possible. don't know why, and b) i wasn't expecting much from the film. i know it's a classic and all but i was a bit apprehensive about it. i thought it would be too melodramatic, 1950's clean cut-style.

again, i can't go into it too much because it'd take me more than that single viewing to be able to talk in detail about the film, but i can say that i was pleasantly surprised by how much i enjoyed the film. it even made me want to rent Far from Heaven again (even though i can barely remember more than one scene from the film). and i will also point out Jane Wyman's performance as one surprising turn. Sirk gives her the space to let her character breathe and reflect all she needs to. it feels as if we're witnessing this woman's struggle from the inside. the film is also backed by tremendous cinematography work. some of it (Rock Hudson backlit by the big window) is just breathtaking.

another notch in the wonderful Criterion belt.

update: i just watched the Criterion extras on the disc, and wow. i'm blown away and i want to watch the film all over again to see the details and delve deeper into the movie. especially noteworthy are the Fassbinder essays on six of Sirk's films. fascinating read (and funny!). just wanted to throw that in.

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ohmyfrickingod. yep, it's that cool!
Days before beginning production on the Dimension drama "Sin City," Rodriguez resigned his DGA membership so that he could co-direct with Frank Miller

i recently read about Robert directing Sin City and that was cool news. but that he's getting Frank Miller to direct it with him is simply amazing and brilliant!!

[ from heart murmur ]

ugh. this might be the second most disturbing kissing pics. ever. it's a fucking close second to the whole David Gest nightmare.
take it away, George.
(and you've got some explaining to do.)

what's on for tonight?
Canadiens vs Sabres

also, before or after the game, i should finally sit down and watch the new Dawn of the Dead disc. i've only seen the film once, years ago and can barely remember more than a few glimpses of the film. should be fun.
(i also have Criterion's All that Heaven Allows disc but i'm in no hurry to sit down for that one. tomorrow. then i can finally send them back and get another batch. yay.)

it's a beautiful day out, i should take a walk or something.
see ya all soon.

i'm watching the 9/11 Commission on CNN and it hits me right off the bat: Richard Clarke could be played by Jeff Richards!! it'd be perfect. Clarke even does the Drunk Girl squinty-eye thing when he's making a point. ha! dang. this weekend's episode is a repeat. with all the 9/11 Commission thing going on i bet they're hitting themselves right now.

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March 23, 2004

well, i'm back.

i would love to talk about my uncle but it seems both personal and kinda hard to describe the great time we all had this weekend (it sounds weird to have fun at a funeral but we seem to manage just that everytime). so i'm gonna keep that post for another time when i feel i can better describe our weekend. (i also caught up with my dvd rentals and watched two Criterion titles (look on the right) but i'm not gonna comment much on them because they're classics and i feel they'd deserve much more time from me, and so i'd feel i'd failed them in some way. although, i can highly recommend Rififi. what an outstanding film even taken out of the place it holds in heist movie history. a superb film.)

in other news -- albums were purchased this weekend in Ottawa:

Azure Ray - Hold On Love
Peaches - Fatherfucker
Electric Six - Fire
Ludacris - Back for the First Time

these weren't my top choices but they were albums i wanted to get to down the road. also, i remembered that i got a discount card from Record Runner (hey, you can order online from them now!) the last time i was there. i checked it and yes, i only had three albums left to buy to get a free one. that's why i went.

and today was the first great day of the year for new releases (Eek-a-Mouse, Iron & Wine, Muse) and i snatched up some pretty decent cd's:

N*E*R*D - Fly or Die
Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz - Kings of Crunk (canada, 2cd)
Ludacris - Chicken -n- Beer

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March 19, 2004

well, well, well. i haven't been blogging much this week. no reason why. i guess i just didn't have any remotely interesting to write about.

so here's a short progress report:

this past week, aside from working, i've been listening to a lot of new albums (for me) and most were pretty amazing.

in an hour i'm leaving for ottawa to go to my uncle's funeral. i've been through this before but i still feel weird about going up to his family. mostly because what can you say, really? nothing. you can offer your sympathies, which i'll do, but even that feels a bit .. weak. anyway. at least i'll be there for them. for whatever that's worth.

i'm coming back sunday evening.

have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves.

and if you're ottawa, try to spot me :)

in other news, another reason Kerry is just cooler than Bush.

finally someone explains to the Americans how Zapatero's decision to take his troops out of Iraq doesn't mean the terrorists have won. at all.

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March 15, 2004

well, there's not much happening today in the world (aside from Spain kicking one of Bush's close allies in the nuts - thank you, Spain. the U.S. should be next) or in my life (day off #1 of 2).

the Kill Bill Vol. 2 tracklisting is up. the soundtrack hits stores april 13th.

i received Rififi (criterion collection) through my online dvd rental place this afternoon :) double-yay. we're back in business, baby!
i should be watching that tonight since the roommate is so graciously staying at her boyrfriend's apartment. which also means i'll be able to send it right back out tomorrow so i can get as quick a turnaround as possible (i still have three other dvd's coming in on that initial batch, though).

ha! even through the storm of a very controversial election, Vladimir Putin still has the ability to drop one right on the Bushies. solid.

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March 14, 2004

thanks to the montreal city weblog for pointing out two very positive Toronto articles about the buzzworthy Canadiens, on the day the Leafs come to play Montreal, from The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star.

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March 13, 2004

looks like this is nothing-to-say saturday.
hence, the barely-news items that'll be posted throughout the day.

::. remember to watch the Ben Affleck/N*E*R*D SNL episode tonight.
i swear to god it'll be worth it.

::. atrios brings us the canadian government's view of the run-up to the Iraq invasion and their stand against the U.S. powerhouse.

makes me proud.

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March 12, 2004


okay. so for the past two weeks or so we've know Ben Affleck was gonna be hosting Saturday Night Live tomorrow night.

i love the guy and i'll be taping that episode for sure. he's incredibly funny and he can poke fun at himself better than anyone else (and hopefully a Kevin Smith cameo is also in the works. i mean, hell, this is for Jersey, Girl, right?).

i've been trying to find out who the musical guest was gonna be for the past week or so and not even the NBC site had a clue.

well, that all changed (today?). i just checked their site out a few minutes ago and the musical act for tomorrow's SNL are gonna be

yep :)

this is a fucking hail mary. hell yes.

thank you, SNL.
all your crappy choices this past season were worth it for this one show.

. . . . . . .

okay. sigh.
you guys pretty much already knew Andy Roddick was kind of a dick, right?
well, here's further proof. and if you look at his eyes, you can see he's looking straight at the camera.
good going, asshole.

and Mandy -- dump his lame ass.

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March 11, 2004

well, it's gonna be Florida vs Montreal tonight and it's my night off from work :) and just when i thought things couldn't get better Kovalev will be making his second debut tonight and i just read that Garon will be in the nets! nothing could make this better (although, i don't like Dagenais being sidelined. leave him with Ribeiro, for fuck's sake.)

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March 09, 2004

last night i watched Neil LaBute's THE SHAPE OF THINGS, which was of course based on one of his plays and supposedly employs the same actors who inhabited these characters on stage. this fact helps make these performances be deeper and more intricate.

as a whole it feels and sounds as if you're sitting in a theater watching a play. the acting and staging also helps this feeling. and i would say i liked that, the exchanges felt lively and as if they actually had something to say. it's not something you see everyday in film. but there were times when it made things a bit too static and "hip". a bit too cerebral.

but there is a force in this play and when it hits it hits you with full force. kudos to the team for that.

i think the only LaBute work i'd been exposed to was Nurse Betty. and i didn't go for that one bit. maybe i missed the boat when i saw it. i dunno. but i gotta say that this play is a solid piece of work. every word seems to have been weighed and thought through a hundred times and it feels great to know that you're in the hands of a person (LaBute) who understands his work. i really appreciated that about the film.

Rachel Weisz' and Paul Rudd's characters are the leads in this story but the chemistry was weird -- this had something to do with Rudd not fully playing it as a film actor, (although there is charm in his "theatrical" performance) which came out as awkward a couple of times. of course it was done as a theatrical film so i'm sure a lot of it was intended, but you gotta adjust for that.

the cinematography was cool. of course it helped that this film comes from theater since the set decoration is always carefully done. it translated very well to film.

i'd give this film about a 75% enjoyment rate.

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Spalding Gray's body was found in the East River.

. . . . . . .

in other, less morbid news, the Montreal Canadiens won another one. they found a way. this one was 5-2 against Anaheim.

i can't believe this. it wasn't a blow-out or anything (but it was definitely better than their game against L.A. saturday night). they were pretty much outplayed and outgunned in the first period but they got back a bit more by the second and third (and the Ducks seemed to have given up by then). and thank god this road trip is over because they looked tired as they just followed the puck around during the first half of the game. great, opportunistic plays (and a Zednik who still manages to find ways to score. thank you, Zed) made this an Habs game, though. it's finally time to rest. whew!

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March 08, 2004

well, my uncle passed away this weekend. that was quick. doctors said he had two to four weeks to go but this was fast. so i'm not too bummed out about it, the worse was the news that he was dying. that was sad. funeral's in two weeks. gotta get some pants and a nice, clean shirt this week.

in other news, the Canadiens are actually playing tonight. i thought they were playing tomorrow. this is great news as i'm not working tonight. so yay. and they're playing at 10:30 eastern too, which is cool 'cause the roommate will be in bed by then and i'll be able to watch the whole game :)

read that they might put Garon back in front of the net for a 2nd time in two games. i'd love that.
and i'm trying to find out if Kovalev will be back tonight. ::crossing my fingers::

okay. so as of right now, Kovalev is still day-to-day. he's gonna play thursday for sure but let's hope we see him back tonight :)

ha. hilarious (and enlightening) discussion on the similarities between Jim Caviazel and Jesus, and also the origins of the Christ's name over at Counterspin.

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March 07, 2004

nothing much happened today.

but i did finish the Robert Rodriguez commentary on the Spy KIDS 3D disc, though. it went by like ::that::. been a while since i last sat through a commentary.

i also added a skin to my Winamp player -- the amazingly cool Nucleo_NLog_v2G skin. i liked to play my cd's with the computer's cd player program, but today i've been kinda swinging the way of the Winamp a little, thanks to the excellent sound (anyone know how to get the player not to cut songs off between songs? it's not too noticeable but the cd player didn't do that). been fooling around with the equalizer, and Petey Pablo's excellent album (which i'm now getting into) is a good way to do this with.

i also downloaded more than a few wallpapers for the computer -- now i'm rockin' with the beautiful "The Two on the Moon". (i'd been cruising with a Butch Vig/Duke Erikson picture for way too long.) btw, anyone know how to turn off the background color on the icon text on my desktop (windows 98) so the wallpaper shows through? thanks.

i've been wanting to rent School of Rock but see, they released it in two separate version - widescreen and full screen. so yeah, stores are not stocking the widescreen version as much as the ugly-ass full screen. so. i spent the weekend not finding available copies of the widescreen. i had to settle for these, though:

The Shape of Things (Neil LaBute)
Together (Chen Kaige)

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Ben Affleck will host next week's Saturday Night Live!!
yay for that. cue the Boston sketch, for sure.

nothing about the musical guest for now.

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March 06, 2004

SPY KIDS 3D: GAME OVER :: Robert Rodriguez :: 2003

wow. Robert Rodriguez is one creative motherfucker!
one of the very select few in hollywood who sincerely gives a crap about actually making movies.

this time the film focuses on the kids as they try to make their way out of a video game (a compilation of the games we grew up with). 3d has been done before. Robert doesn't revolutionize the technology. but what he does by working with 3d is make you enter a world where, when you get used to the fucked-up 3d vision (and there's no "picture quality" to talk about, really, when you're looking through red and cyan glasses), you get the feeling of living in a dream, a place where you can fly and do anything you want. the set pieces give you that immersed feeling.

the film is definitely not perfect, but Robert's contagious creativity, the always excellent performances by the leads, and a slew of cameos make this one compact joyride. there is no condescending, no fake characterization. this is a film by kids and for kids - and for adults who still have a kid left in them. Robert definitely hasn't lost touch with his inner child and it's a wonderful ride going along with these kids.

definitely worth a rental (for the experiment, and also for Robert's latest installment of his "ten minute film school").

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March 04, 2004

after not getting any news from the ex in the past couple of weeks i decided i'd write to her. but before i could i stumbled upon her msn messenger. but i had to go and she was not responding to my questions right away. then a few minutes later the phone rings and it's her voice :) it's been a while. and it hit me how much i missed her voice. and she missed me too. ahh :)

so it was sweet to get to talk to her again.

that's it.

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oh my god. this is so shocking, so stunning, so brilliant! lol
i totally missed this yesterday -- the Montreal Canadiens actually moved on the trading front and nabbed themselves the incredibly talented Alexei Kovalev.

this surprised the hell outta me. of course they were looking around for at least one big player, but to actually get kovalev is amazing. we don't do that, other teams do. we usually get draft picks and bit players. this is so cool for the team. he was supposed to play last night but i couldn't watch the game so i don't know who he's playing with. gonna see saturday night. it's gonna be good :)

because of the looming lock-out next season, though, this is sadly a playoff trade. hopefully there'll be a season next fall and Montreal will re-sign the player. it's just too good to be true :) this team is picking up speed. all hail mr Bob Gainey.

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March 03, 2004

well, John Kerry is the 2004 Democratic Nominee for President of the United States.

he has a serious job choosing his Vice-President.
since Bush started hitting him i haven't felt he's been really good at deflecting the attacks too much.

the fight is about to start.

congrats to Kerry. i'm happy he's the nominee but let's see where this goes. hopefully the democrats can show some spine this time and win the goddamn country back.
good luck to all!

. . . . . . .

The Lord of the Ring cast and crew give much, much love to's oscar bash.

these people actually love their fans for real.
so cool.

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March 02, 2004

well, i was in montreal today. my friend was going to see her boyfriend who's been in the hospital for the past month or so. and she didn't wanna drive alone in the montreal traffic. so i went along and saw a couple of films.

because i'm tired from my day i can't muster any kind of creativity so here are some quick reviews of the films i've seen in the last 24 hours.

MATCHSTICK MEN :: Ridley Scott :: 2003

smaller film from Ridley. couldn't tell you how it's a Ridley film, though. and the screenplay kinda loses it towards the end. and Nic Cage kinda plays his quirks a little bit too funny for my tastes. but -- there are amazing qualities hidden in this film. first - Alison Lohman. i actually found out today that she was not a 14 year-old girl for real. she was 21 when she made this film. i know i'm not being original but she is one amazing actress. consider White Oleander to be rented real soon. the other big performance comes from, no surprises here, Sam Rockwell. and it even feels as though he's being underused. he's so alive, his scenes look as if they were adlibbed. Nicolas Cage is also very good but playing those "quirks" for kinda-laughs didn't endear him to me in this film.

THE DREAMERS :: Bernardo Bertolucci :: 2003

my mind was not blown. sadly. because i was ready for it. i was ready to be transported, ready to be in love, ready for the sensualty. maybe it's not that kind of film. or maybe it is and i just didn't go into it right. i mean loads of reviewers found it awe-inspiring.

although not the main point, the film is erotic and sensual. in a raw way. and i loved that about the film. i would've wanted more, though. and more of a drunken feeling.

and i would like to tell Bertolucci that if he wanted Leonardo DiCaprio then to cast him and not Michael Pitt. after the middle of the film i could see Pitt, but before that it was Leo from The Beach all along.

there are other themes running through the film, though - cinema, for one. and as such, i would recommend this one for lovers of cinema. (others please refrain.)

OSAMA :: Siddiq Barmak :: 2003

what to say.
first off, i don't know a thing about Afghanistan. and that sucked. i felt like i couldn't get everything that was in that film because i didn't know enough about the culture other than the burkas. and that's just a caricature of daily Afghan life, i'm sure.

but, that being said, i thoroughly enjoyed this film. i went through it, most of it, like a child being led. a refreshing experience. and i've heard that the actors were all non-professionals. is that true? if it is true, then they blew me away.

and kudos to the lead, Marina Golbahari. she was around 12-13 when she did this film and she's a fucking natural.
go see this film (it's actually not about Bin Laden :) rent it when it comes out. do what you can to experience a little bit more of these people's lives than what we are shown on tv.

a striking and breathtaking tale.

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okay. i may write down my comments about Matchstick Men tomorrow or the day after (depending on whether i still have something to say about it then). but right now i just need to write this down.

not even a year ago, an uncle of mine got diagnosed with cancer. he died back in july.
before his death, though, this other uncle of ours - doctor, barely 50, fit and healthy -- also was diagnosed with cancer. but this time it looked like luck was on our side as they seemed to have caught it right before it got time to spread too much. he also knew which doctors to go to since they were pretty much all his friends. good. the first treatment went fine but left a small amount of the cancer (i believe). they then decided to do some chemo around the fall and see if that would eradicate it completely. chances were good. well, tonight i got some bad news from my mom. he's now in terminal condition. something in his blood actually quickened the pace of the disease instead of stopping it like they thought it would. doctors say he has about two to four weeks to live.

now i felt really shitty about this because this man has been really good about keeping fit and staying healthy all his fucking life. and he was diagnosed just last summer, for christ's sake.

but the saddest part of this whole thing are my cousins. they're just under my age and the brightest things you've ever seen. and i feel incredibly sad and torn for them. okay, i lost my dad when i was 16. but that doesn't even compare to this, living with your dad, knowing these are his last weeks ever. it's excruciating.

anyway. i wanted to get this out.
i just asked this other aunt for the family's email or snail mail address so i can at least write to them (seems my aunt doesn't want too many visitors because my uncle's really getting sick. i don't like it but it's her decision).

and i'd just like to ask you to have a thought or a prayer for my two cousins whenever you read this. that would be cool.
thank you and have a good night.

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March 01, 2004

oh shit.

the thought did occur to me when i heard about the upcoming coup a couple of weeks ago.
President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was probably kidnapped by the U.S.

yes, if you were wondering, democracy does work.

i would've at least waited until i got re-elected before starting other coup d'états around the globe, George. this could very well turn out to be another one of those timebombs you keep lighting under your own ass.

or maybe not.
it depends on how CNN and USA Today wanna do this, i guess.

+ update +
as soon as i posted this i watched some tv and CNN had the breaking news about this supposed U.S.-aided coup. complete with a short phone interview with representative Maxine Waters -- who got to name quite a few heads over at the State Department whom she believes might be responsible for this coup. it was quite astonishing to hear her out senior officials like that. i hope someone in the blogosphere took those names down and does a search. this could be big.

of course, Powell denied everything as far as forcefully removing Aristide. but what everyone in the administration kept leaving out was how much choice Aristide was given to sign the resignation papers. time will tell. hopefully sooner than later so they don't have time to erase their tracks if they was U.S involvement in a coup.

btw, bowing down to terrorists -- George W Bush says it's okay now, kids.
+ update +

btw, how many news conferences or interviews has Cheney held since being VP?
the question occured to me this morning. we never see him but the U.S. keeps doing his biddings. shouldn't he have to answer at least a couple of questions first?

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yeah yeah yeah.
i don't want to hear anymore about the Oscars. unless it's in a cynical fashion then i'm all for it.

first off i'm not a fan of nominating one person as best anything in arts. i had my favorites, and i would've been happy for them if they had all won, of course. but being nominated should be the best thing.

with that being said i'm happy Sofia won for Best Original Screenplay.
that was the one i wanted her to win.
i also deeply wanted Bill to win best actor, but oh well.

and the worst thing about it is that Les invasion Barbares won Best Foreign Language Film (does that eliminate foreign english language films? that's stupid). i'm really happy for Denys Arcand. i love the man's films. but all we're gonna hear about today in the quebec media is that win. oh, what -- Return of the King won *all* of its 11 nominations? that's not important.

it began as soon as the nominations were made public and Denys also got a nod for Best Original Screenplay. this foreign film got two nominations. it doesn't happen a lot. City of God got four nominations -- but you barely even heard that more than once here on quebec tv.

i'm happy for the man, but this will be rammed down our throats by the oh-so-insular french-quebec media (btw, i'm a french quebecer).

best moments -- Errol Morris' speach about going down the rabbit hole once again and Sean Penn alluding to the lack of wmd's found in iraq :)

now let's move on, okay?

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