April 30, 2003


any war blogger out there following 24 at all???

shit. i just watched the last two episodes and, although some of it is kinda getting mundane, they're just pushing it to the limits when it comes to the main storyline (about the president and the war). wow.

makes me proud to be a fan of the show.

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the Colorado Rockies' reliever Todd Jones wouldn't want a 'gay guy' on his team.

"It's got nothing to do with me being scared. That's the problem: All these people say he's got all these rights. Yeah, he's got rights or whatever, but he shouldn't walk around proud."

he "shouldn't be proud".
now that's a great idea.

[ thanks to thomas at oh, manchester for the link ]

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April 28, 2003


Happy Birthday, Saddam!


things have been kinda weird and strange these past few days. a friend of mine went to this psychic/tarot card reader and got some strange news, indeed. she brought a picture of me so the psychic could tell her some stuff about my future. seems i'm gonna meet the woman of my dreams in august. great news. so that's over with.

but then a wrench is thrown into the proceedings - seems we've met already. yep. and i know who it (supposedly) is. and she knows. we agreed to let things go their course and if things happen, they happen; and if not, they don't. we won't force anything because a psychic said so (although, she did get a lot of stuff right about my friend without any help whatsoever from her). but that's one big-ass nuclear bomb to drop on two unsuspecting(?) friends who do have an uncanny chemistry going between the two of them, and who have been wrestling with confused romantic feelings about one another for the past couple of weeks.

so things have been kinda weird and crazy ever since. people get scared. people get confused. etc, etc.

weird couple of days, indeed.

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April 25, 2003


they are delusional!

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April 23, 2003


the Boss chimes in with his two cents on the whole Dixie Chicks debacle.


Moby - 4/23/2003 - Question for You.

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April 22, 2003


i'm back.

back from spending easter weekend in ottawa with my family (aunts, uncles, and cousins). it'd been a long-ass time since i last saw most of them - a couple of years, at least - and it was good to finally spend some time with my family.

i was also able to do some cd shopping in ottawa with my 17-year-old cousin and a friend of hers. that was cool. i thought they'd be all excited and bored and shit, but no, they were really cool. they let me go through any music store i wanted and look through every alley possible. that was nice. they were also shopping for clothes for themselves.

so that was nice.

i also played NHL 2003 on the Gamecube with my 13-year-old cousin quite a bit. that was nice. we would play until midnight every night. cool and a lot of fun.

so that's it.


question - why have my latest blogger archives not been working for the past few weeks?

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April 14, 2003


JEAN CHAREST, leader of the Liberal Party, has been elected as Quebec's new Prime Minister.

and it feels good.
not necessarily because i like Charest, but because i, as a proud canadian, truly despised the ideas of the separatist movement of the Quebec Party.

it's a funny thing, it's as if a weight has been lifted off my back. now we know that at least for the next four years, we won't have a referendum on whether we want to separate from Canada or not. that was an eight-year weight coming at the front of a twenty year freight train.

it feels good to finally be let out and at least be able to breathe a little.

oh, and of course Jean Charest is from my riding.
so there's a little pride in that too.
i never had a prime minister representing my city before.

over and out.

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today is the day we're choosing our next government. hopefully we'll get a new one that doesn't wanna hold referendums every 4 years to see if we want to leave Canada like the one currently in power.

the present government launched the elections campaign a mere 33 days ago, amidst the u.s. invasion of iraq, and now we have to choose who will govern the next four years. not the best way to go about such a big decision on their part.

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April 12, 2003


is it only me or are the children getting worse and worse as actors? after watching the first film i thought some of them were not up to par but give 'em time to grow and they'll do just fine by the second one. but no! i just watched the second film and it looked even lazier than the first! where in the first i wrote it up to getting their footing on thie series, i just can't figure this one out. just totally lazy.

and i'm holding chris columbus responsible for this. i mean, how can you have made such stellar classics as mrs. doubtfire and bicentennial man and not be held accountable for some bland directing? as i've said before - his films have no style or personality. he just shoots the script and leaves it at that, it seems, with the two harry potter movies.
i'm so looking forward to the third one. alfonso cuaron should get the series its first really good film. and you can be sure i'll go see that film the first week of its release.

but i find it appalling that such a major film like this one is getting such shoddy acting - from the three lead actors, no less. and i loved rupert grint (ron weasley) in the first film. even he dropped down a notch in this film. i really can't believe that they couldn't get better takes than these. and daniel radcliffe (harry potter) just mugs his way through the whole fuckin film again. that's not engaging acting. i think you can actually see him think about which expression to put on in way too many scenes.

and don't get me started about moaning myrtle (played by shirley henderson). one of the great disappointments of the film. a laughable interpretation when she should've been truly scary, depressed, and mean-spirited. she looked like some kid who won a contest in a mall to appear in a film. too bad they cast her in such a pivotal role. and i have a feeling they couldn't get an actress and this girl is just some assistant they picked from the crew (no way! ohmygod, she's got a long list of film credits. fuck me).

and most of the special effects scenes still look way too much like composite shots.

ps. the snake was cool, though.

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April 11, 2003


fuck me sideways - Follow Me Around is BACK, folks!

go check it out now, and then let beryl know how happy you are, you fuckin ingrate.



you all need to go read this article by william saletan over at slant.

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April 10, 2003


quote from a post over at daily kos today:

Mehdi al-Aibi Mansur, a Shi'ite merchant, said he was glad Saddam's era was over, but warned against a U.S. occupation.

"People are no longer afraid," he said. "People will not be afraid to rise up against the Americans."

time for the mass media to stop showing that image of the hussein statue coming down. that was one public square, for god's sake. the 'official' part of the war is not over. and after that you'll have to deal with every iraqi citizen who doesn't like being invaded and occupied, and then the citizens who thought bush said the country would be theirs. but bush forgot to mention how much time that would actually be. and hussein's still at large, as far as we know. the u.s. can't really claim victory. i mean, wasn't saddam the bad guy they were going after? well? shit, man. they still don't have osama. i guess the us forces are good at fighting big video game wars and crushing tiny, tired armies. but they're also pretty good at making the prime monsters run away.

oh, and lest we forget, these two 'foes' were friends of the administration.
and they still haven't 'found' them.
is a pattern forming?

i'm disgusted by the bush administration.

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April 09, 2003


last night i caught Zed on cbc.
zed is an indie/underground culture show that started, what, well over a year ago with no buzz or promotion. you have to know it's there to know it even exists. very cool and quiet type of show. it airs on weeknights around 11:30 or so. they have short films, live band performances, poetry readings, etc etc. but last night it was a best-of last year show, i think. they asked different crew departments of the show to choose a favorite short, artist, live performance, etc.

but when i caught the show, they started to show a short, Jonah Kaplan's hilarious Stalker Guilt Syndrome.
go watch it. now. every guy should be able relate. ha. very funny and true.
i don't know if girls know about this or not.
well, now you do.

(incidentially, i first heard about jonah kaplan only three days ago. it was for an interview he did with spike jonze that was posted over at AtomFilms, so that's why i stayed and watched it.)

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April 08, 2003


guys, the towelheads comments were meant to show the ignorance of the soldiers, not their superiority.

even the allies are baffled by their stupidity. ha. good for them.

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would someone please tell my why finding chemical suits in iraq is such a big fuckin deal already???

the US has done this twice already - reporting chemical suits being found in a school a few weeks ago and then finding some more today.

what does this mean exactly, sirs?

doesn't having protective gear one of the crucial points of war? doesn't the US/coalition have chemical suits??

and they keep showing these old suits (that were seemingly left behind everywhere) on tv all day and making it seem like this big find. but i didn't hear one reporter actually say anything about its implications. not even once.

why not?
why is it imnportant that i see these old chemical suits day in and day out?
you wouldn't want me to believe that having chemical suits means that the iraqis also had (and if they haven't used their biochemical weapons by now, i honestly don't see what they're still waiting for) biochemical weapons.

but, show it enough and maybe people will think it means that; but also make sure you don't say anything about its implications because you could get in trouble again if you don't actually find these biochemical weapons.
(but show it nonetheless...)

just another propaganda tool...

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April 06, 2003



switched on the Juno Awards (the canadian music awards) just in time to be feel pride in my country at actually giving Eminem a much-deserved award for the eminem show (of course, this category may represent record sales, though; i'm not sure). of course, he wasn't actually there but he did send a taped message. he was wearing a 50 Cent shirt (always working 24/7 for the Shady empire) and actually gave a nice thank you message. but what i loved most was that he said 'fuckin' in his little speech and no one edited it out. ha.

did i tell ever tell you how much i love this fuckin country?
i really do. more and more every day.

REASON #430:

they gave Tom Cochrane (our version of don henley) the lifetime achievement award or something like that; well, in Canada when someone incorporates a 'peace, not war' sentiment he gets a standing ovation and a roundful of cheers and applause. another reason why i love this country so much.


Alanis Morissette just won the Best Producer award.
i'd noticed the guy sitting beside her when she got up to get to the stage. it looked like an actor i've liked for a while but nah, couldn't be. well, it was him! she thanked her 'partner, Ryan Reynolds'! fuck me. that's who i thought it looked like but the guy was all suited-up and not acting silly so i wasn't sure. but it was him. he looked good and at peace with himself, and he has Alanis. damn him.


this afternoon i actually rounded up my cd's from all over the house and gave a reason for the bookshelves to exist like they once had. i also took time out to do a recount of all my cd's and make sure how many i really had (i keep a detailed list in case my apartment ever gets raided).

felt great to actually take time out and go through every album and give them their place.
now i'd need another bookcase, though.

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April 05, 2003


they're being arrogant enough to do this out in the open and i'll bet this war/invasion still won't be about the oil.

LONDON (Reuters) - Iraqi exiles and senior U.S. officials agreed on Saturday that international oil companies should take a leading post-war role in reviving Iraq's oil industry, delegates to a policy meeting told Reuters.

[ thanks to daily kos for the text ]

yep. wanna bet the first in line to 'buy' this oil is the US?
talk about stealing oil right from under the french and russian (legal and official) noses while still calling this the liberation of iraqi citizens, uh?
bomb a country, then declare that the oil will be the main resource to rebuild it and be the first in line to buy it and thus 'liberate' these poor souls. that makes sense. wanna bet they drew up this plan on a napkin?

god bless.

i can't wait for the day when i see this kind of news reported on the major networks in the US.


btw, i just watched the last two episodes of 24; how close to reality is this show?? shit-hot close. i couldn't believe what i was seeing. falsified information leads to a country declaring war on the middle east (with the hidden agenda of getting their oil)? yep. that's pretty much fiction out here.
the only difference is that in 24 there's a nuclear bomb smuggled onto american soil that leads to this declaration of war. not so with the current war.
question - on the show, the (fictional, ha) president is manipulated without his knowledge into declaring war on another country; could bush have been led astray by the people in his administration?
that's an angle i never thought of before.
but huge thanks and admiration to the cool cool folks working on 24 for having the balls to make this the main storyline this year (and shown on fox, of all stations!).

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this is for those of you who believe in CNN, NBC, and FOX NEWS; here are the reasons why we are not, in anyway, shape, or form, even close to a victory (but expect the bush administration to declare victory very soon; and then only giving reports of small groups of "saddam loyalists" terrorizing the US-owned government and being dealt with very swiftly. all will be good. yeah, those small clusters of saddam loyalists will actually turn out to be pissed-off iraqi citizens. see, you don't invade a country, declare victory, put in a new regime in and expect the citizens to actually respect and adore you, do you? well, the bush administration sure seems to).

please read. this is important but seems to be getting no coverage whatsoever in the major US media but is still basic stuff people should know about - and that the bush administration should've at least envisioned years ago but seemed to have failed to (once again, the most basic stuff eludes them. all hail emperor bush).

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April 04, 2003


i forgot to mention this yesterday but since it was payday i, obviously, had to go out and make the rounds of the used record stores and continue going down my (hopelessly growing) list of albums to get.

here's what i got:

[ used ]
+ 2pac - me against the world
+ joni mitchell - turbulent indigo
+ d12 - devils night

[ new ]
+ dr. dre - 2001
+ the white stripes - elephant


lyrics of the day:
"Give me crack and anal sex"

leonard cohen - the future

he's the best.


two days ago i decided i would download the newest version of netscape since mine (version 3.5, i think) just kept crashing due to its crap handling of javascripts. so i get to the netscape downloads section and what do i find? netscape 7.0 is out! already? i never thought they'd come up with a new version this fast. but they did, so i tried it. and boy am i happy i took the time to download the whole thing (an hour and fifty minutes with on slow 28.8 connection). i've been so enjoying working with it and going to sites i didn't have access to before.

that's it.
and please don't think i'm a netscape shill (is that a real word?) or anything; i'm not.
i just wanted to share new stuff with you and this is one i've been having fun with.

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April 03, 2003


"Democracy is coming
to the U.S.A.
to the U.S.A."

leonard cohen - democracy (the future, 1992)

how cool do you think it felt to hear this?

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April 01, 2003

btw, eminem with no beats sounds like crap to me.

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8 MILE (Curtis Hanson, 2002)

and sometimes i even got annoyed by it. damn. and i'm an eminem fan!

the way i experienced this film was like this - a bland script shot with beautiful colors by Rodrigo Prieto (amores perros), but that's pretty much it.

the script by Scott Silver (the mod squad; says everything) is saved only by the rap battles (which i'm sure scott didn't even get to touch). but most of all, i didn't see any kind of direction by Curtis Hanson. it looked like one lazy job to me. sure we get to see some street life, but i couldn't help feeling we were only scratching the surface polish with those scenes; they were too short, polished and to-the-point to feel like anything. and it's like checklist filmmaking (alcoholic mother - check; caring for young daughter/sister - check; the ex - check; cool girl who turns out is cheating on you - check). ask for some depth or some honesty but all you get is mtv news rethreads.
the only cool points i give to the film are the few bits where we actually get an insight into the creative process of coming up with raps. those were done through the music track. dunno if hanson had anything to do with those or if it was just the musical producer, though.

and there's the main event - Eminem (big gripe - why not go with marshall mathers?). the only thing i saw him do was try to look weak, like he was some big loser stuck in a drone life. but the problem is that all those things are telegraphed and em can't even bring some kind of performance to them. he just stares down and tries to look sad. it's a one-dimensional performance. he has no screen presence whatsoever when he's not rapping (btw, was it just me or did the street/demo raps have nothing exceptional about them? they did not lead me to believe that he was such a good rapper (rabbit, not em) that people around him believed in him so much). i couldn't believe in his loser schtick, it only made me feel like he was playing dumb and would be amazing at some point and win the rap battles. so the suspense was nowhere near this script. in the end, he does explode and it blows the shit outta the movie, sure. but did i have to go through ninety bland minutes to see that? hell fuck no.

the film felt like a series of bland scenes edited one after the other with no real purpose or original intent. if you've ever seen rocky, though, you know there will be salvation or a light at the end of the film and all will be good in eminem-land because ... well, because hollywood standards say so. emotionally, though, this film is bone-dry.

don't get me wrong, though, the film is not mediocre; but it's nothing original either.
to say that sylvester stallone did it better than you close to thirty years must really hurt, though.

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well, i'm up already. 9 am. that's what you get when your roommate goes away for two weeks and leaves you with her whiny cat. lol

yesterday i did something i swore i would never do - i actually rented 8 Mile. yes i did. i didn't wanna see in theaters 'cause it looked like the sort of movie your mom would just love and ask you who this nice eminem fellow was. so i swore i wouldn't never see it. i was getting on with my life just fine when yesterday happens with the lack of recent good films on dvd. i'm frantically looking up as many reviews as i can to see if there's anything that could justify my four bucks.

so that's it.
i didn't watch it yesterday as i'd planned because a) i was too tired (again - lack of sleep) and yesterday evening the montreal canadiens were playing one of their final games of the season (and i actually witnessed them win this one 4-0!).

so, i'm about to watch 8 Mile now. i usually watch movies in the evening, but i recently found out that morning can also be a really good movie-watching time.

ps. the dvd looks so flimsy it's sick. for a film that did this well at the box-office, it's quite deceiving.
i'd expected at least a commentary with curtis hanson. but no. only a couple of "featurettes" and a video-that-is-not-lose yourself.


a big thank you to thomas at oh manchester, so much to answer for for mentioning my little blog on his blog late last night. thanks.


oh, funny thing about the war coverage i've been meaning to mention but always forget to - if you look at cnn, nbc, abc, etc, they got their big war logo with "War in Iraq" and "Showdown with Iraq" in big bold letters. turn over to the cbc (canadian broadcasting company) and guess what their slogan is - "Attack on Iraq". yep. as much as the american media is placated by almost-100% pro-war sentiments and coverage, the cbc has actually taken a subtle step towards the truth of this invasion and calling it an attack rather than a war (an illegal war is either an invasion or an attack). i always feel proud when i see that logo. "agression on iraq" or "invasion of iraq" would've been the right titles to use but don't count on that ever happening in north america.
even if it's small and subtle, it's still a significant stand on the issue. i was proud to see someone actually taking stand and not eating out of the bush administation's press releases for once.
and don't think that this means the cbc is anti-american. no way. but this shows that they are more focused on being journalists first than pandering "patriotics".

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