October 31, 2003

hmm. this quote
A friend of mine told me Karl Marx' theory that in order to commit a crime, you must make your victim your enemy. You justify crime after crime by making more people your enemy until you're left alone. You're isolated in a world you've decided is entirely against you.

is from chuck palahniuk. that's from the backstory on lullaby - link from sarah hatter.
but i thought it made for a nice description of the bush administration's foreign policy (or absolute lack thereof).

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okay. so last night i come back from work and find the vcr turned on. i check the tape and no, there's no friends/scrubs/will & grace. seems the roommate forgot (again) to turn the vcr off so it could tape the shows. i asked the roommate about it but since she was not-quite awake/asleep, she didn't seem to fazed by it. fuck her. i was pissed. but then i saw this spot on tv and almost wet myself. i actually ran out to the roommate's bedroom to wake her up and told her about the good news (ps. she didn't care. she was asleep at this point. lol. fuck her, she forgot to turn the vcr off :)

canada's getting the daily show with jon stewart on cable!!!!
i'll finally be able to enjoy what i've always believed to be "the" show for me!

ctv's got it at midnight monday (night/tuesday morning) through thursday (night/friday morning) starting next week.

i couldn't believe this!! haha!! woohoo!!
how happy am i??? happy enough to have forgotten about the roommate not turning off the vcr last night :)

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October 30, 2003

okay. i was looking up a post of mine to make sure tonight was the night chuck palahniuk was gonna be on conan.
and it is.

then i saw who the other guest was gonna be (apparently conan only has two guests tonight).

quentin fuckin tarantino!

tell your friends.

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"These killers torture and behead their victims while acting, or claiming to act, in the name of God. But murder has no home in any religious faith."

george w bush, october 18, 2003.

chilling, isn't it?

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i'm still feeling a little bit sleepy this morning so this post will mostly be news-driven.

make sure you go to the bathroom first.
the lord of the rings: return of the king is apparently 210 minutes long...

that's 3 hours and 30 fuckin' minutes!!

europe always gets the cool dvd treatments.
roger avary - the french "killing zoe" director's cut dvd is going to be awesome!

ah, but wait... go read the post for some cool news for north america (and make sure you bookmark roger's journal. he's one brilliantly interesting motherfucker).

nice. nigel godrich produced and is now mixing the new beta band album.

oh, okay. this is where i tell you guys about the most perfect musical moment in history.
go listen to the rza's "crane" and tell me it's not the most perfect thing you've ever heard (those perfectly slow, vulnerable moans...).
off the kill bill soundtrack (and it's so well used in the film). and even though the thing is only a minute long i could listen to it for a whole day and still want more. damn.

a last one before i send this off - should i get into mojave 3?
i've never really read up much on them, always noticed them out of the corner of my eye, but frank makes a compelling case.

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October 29, 2003

kate nailed it - tarantino's brilliance is his ability to put the fun back in the movie experience.

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has anyone out here seen akira?
i just watched it. very cool.
of course i'm 14 years late, but what can you do, really?

i just wanted to know if there are any anime fans out there? i really dug akira (who, btw, is/was so our generation's 2001) and i've been meaning to get into anime a little bit more. i need your suggestions.
what i liked was the frank miller-esque style of down and dirty human struggle type of thing. any good suggestions? :)

of course there can be demons and all of that but i really want your best picks for now.

(hmm. just had an amazing thought -- i'd love to see frank miller write an episode of 24 :)

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October 28, 2003

how dreamy is the rufus album?
very (and since i'm not gay, i rarely get the urge to use the term "dreamy", so there's got to be something there; or maybe rufus is just turning me gay, i dunno).

i've yet to buy the actual album (i've been listening to the roommate's cd) but i can easily spot well over 5 or 6 incredibly cool songs on it already. and the lyrics. wow. some classic lines have already been spotted. it's still about love. this time it's more about letting go of the dream of love, i'd say - i know it sounds like a reviewer's soundbyte, but it's not, it actually comes more out of the arrangements and the overall atmosphere than the actual lyrics.

even though there's no new ground being broken here i can safely say i really like this album a lot. rufus has a way of easily nudging his way into your heart, it seems. this one doesn't feel force, or have the cabaret of the previous two albums. less poppy, more dreamy. yep. it all comes back to that :)


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a little advice: never drink iced tea before sitting down a commercial-free episode of 24. lol
you'll be swearing at yourself for doing it during the last 20 minutes of the show :)

so without further ado...

24: day 3, 1 pm

well, hum ... yeah. well, i dunno. lol

// feel free to talk about any spoilers in the comments section //

so, fans who've yet to see the episode - you've been warned.

i'll collect my spoiler-filled thoughts in the comments section. thank you for listening.

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damn. hot damn.

now i'm fuckin excited about tonight's season premiere of 24. make sure you watch, okay?
watch 24.
tonight on fox, 9pm. thank you.

damn. the roommate knows something i don't about it. lol
i fuckin hate that. but i also don't wanna know until i see the episode :)

frank from chromewaves.net made me giddy about tonight's premiere with only about 10 words.

and the dark side says:
Thumping the lectern with his finger, Bush said, "We should never forget the lessons of Sept. 11. The terrorists will strike." They will not only strike targets in Baghdad, he added, saying "they will strike America, too."

whoa, there, pretty boy!
even though this crap was totally approved by your handlers, you might regret not taking a few minutes out to read the dang thing before spewing crap like this in public. this'll probably end up being another uss lincoln, 16-word, or "imminent threat" moment for ya, dude.

even though a lot of people will actually believe the crap bush and company are throwing at them, it does feel good to actually see the one-trick pony desperately trying to hold on.

ps. they're a hundred times more likely to strike now that your administration has been constantly pissing off nation after nation after nation (sometimes even a bunch in only one day - congrats) in the past year and a half, you dumbass.

self-fulfilling prophecy, dude.
sometimes those are even brought on consciously...

can't wait to see that 9/11 report. if the administration actually decides to let the commission see anything about what happened, that is.

god it's frustrating as all fuckin hell, isn't it?

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cnn.com - bush: attacks won't intimidate u.s.:
"It is dangerous in Iraq because there are some who believe that we are soft"

so now it's "dangerous" in iraq? make up your mind, will ya?

in other, lighter, news - i just went jogging again. whew! i actually held myself to my secret plan. happy about that. and today i took a different route than the usual one around the neighborhood. i actually went way out (for me) today and ran longer than before (not much, but it's still longer). very happy i did it 'cause it always takes me a shitload of motivation to actually go out and do it.

that's it.

montreal got rammed 5-0 last night. let's hope they get their pride back for tonight's game against the boston bruins (which always makes for great bloody games).

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so, according to bush's logic, things must've been going amazingly well for the u.s. on september 11th 2001, uh?

and it looks like the big guy's finally telling the truth now; to bad it looks like he's not seeing from the same angle as we are:
"The more successful we are on the ground, the more these killers will react."

whew. who knew having a president who doesn't know how to run a country was gonna be a good thing, uh? you guys are lucky. i guess we (canada) should expect some kind of terrorist bombing to start soon, then; 'cause... you know... we also love freedom.

and i'm finally glad to know who's to blame for those terrorist attacks in iraq. thank you, u.s. government.
the flypaper strategy/line is kind of an arrogant, self-serving, and mostly just flat-out sorry excuse which points out the administration's total lack of care for the iraqi people. i'll say this again - how many attacks do you know of that happened on u.s. soil in the past decade aside from september 11th? me - none that i know of. so, the bush administration's excuse of it's better to fight them over there than over here is crap. the terrorists weren't gonna fight us over here, it now seems. they're flocking to iraq because it's closer. but don't believe the administration's line about them not coming over here if they want to. no terrorist planning a major attack in the u.s. has dropped his plans in order to go fight some foot soldiers in iraq, believe you me.

and about that "success" they've been talking about - i'd like to point out that schools and most hospitals never closed during the war, so the u.s. is not as responsible for the "great successes" it hasn't been able to shut up about these past few weeks.

just keep yapping, you dumb fucks. elections are coming.

speaking of which, i just saw this in moby's latest journal entry.
he's just announced a moveon.org contest he's part of (check the list of celebrity judges; moby's really not in bad company). the context involves creating a 30-second tv ad on 'the truth about george bush' that will be aired before bush's january state of the union address.

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October 27, 2003

i have the next two days off. a treat.
and the roommate works days and has a few classes during the evenings. perfect. time to catch up on movies and hockey games.

it's been pouring today, relentlessly so since yesterday evening, actually. and it won't stop until tomorrow. so it's a perfect couple of days off for me.

i thought i'd watch two of my free dvdflix movies today, but things never turn out exactly the way you planned them; or they were just poorly planned.

so i watched over half of sam peckinpah's the wild bunch and i just had to turn it off. i mean, of course it's a fuckin majestic rainy day so i really shouldn't expected to be able to sit through a 2-and-a-half hours outlaw movie. and aside from a couple of moments i really didn't get into the film. it bored me. so i'm giving up on it.

tonight i was planning on watching jaws but i'm nixing that in favor of the canadiens vs flyers game. that should be good.
i'm getting spoiled, two habs games in two nights i'm not working. damn.

i don't have anything in particular i wanted to share, just this weird, out of time type of day it's been.

ps. i've also been listening to buck 65's talkin' honky blues. and i'm really liking it. i'd been meaning to get some of his stuff before but this is my first time listening to an album of his. damn good stuff. it's weird too 'cause it's like all the song kind of meld into one another. it makes an actual album. you can't really pinpoint where one stops and the next one starts if you're not paying close attention. i like that. i also his dirty mix of bluesy hip-hop. love his voice. love his lyrics.

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billmon takes on what can only be called the "little darkies" argument arrogant nations seem to take, trying to dispel any enemy victory, making them look infantile and retarded. but -- billmon's right, it doesn't help the u.s. that the "insurgents" (i'm still wary of using this term but i don't have anything better for now) managed to do what they did last sunday morning at the al-rasheed hotel with backyard rocket launchers. it makes you look even stupider, if you ask me.

then check out the update he posted on that story.
it's getting to be like gilliam's brazil; the u.s. is putting up billboards telling iraqis it's getting better. lol

can't wait to see the "jobs are coming" billboards in the u.s.

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holy fuckin' crap, batman! chuck palahniuk's gonna on conan this thursday.
and apparently not a repeat - yay!

triumph the insult comic dog is slated to make an appearance tuesday night.

and for those of you who like their seasons of 24 with a little bit of spoilers, kiefer's gonna be on letterman tonight (monday).

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October 26, 2003

ah, there we go.

i saw this on the cnn news ticker an hour ago, didn't much news of this in the blogworld this afternoon, googled it and now i found it online:

yahoo news - jury awards 70$m against halliburton

of course this has nothing to do with iraq (but a chink in the monolithan armor nonetheless) but the law recognized that halli does use some pretty dirty tricks from time to time:
A jury has awarded $70 million to a Houston man who claimed that Halliburton and another oil company cheated him out of the chance to develop an oil field in Kazakhstan in the late 1990s.

Halliburton said it plans to request that the jury award, which has not been entered as a final judgment, be reduced or eliminated, the Houston Chronicle reported Saturday.

lol. that's nice.

now this was back in 1997. wanna risk a guess about who was the ceo back then?

here's a nice little warm and fuzzy quote from mr. cheney:

"The problem is that the good Lord didn't see fit to always put oil and gas resources where there are democratic governments"

amen to that.

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wow. i just wanted to add this tonight, before i went in the shower and then off to sleepy sleepyland.

this one line from billmon just struck a fuckin creepy chord in me:
"It looks like they almost got Wolfowitz"

click on the text for the full article about saturday's major //major// attack in iraq.

ps. if you didn't know already, things are going great in iraq.

ooh, and when you're finished with that continue on to billmon's excellent "juggling cover ups".
this is excellent news, indeed.

have a good night.

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October 25, 2003

well, the roommate and i got ourselves two rufus tickets during yesterday's pre-sale for the friday show. i wanted to get them quick 'cause the friday show is gonna be the first one to sellout. hopefully more star-sightings like last time.

for those of you in canada, rufus'll be appearing on christiane charette en direct tomorrow afternoon (radio-canada; 2:30 pm).

well, the dvdflix movies got here a lot faster than expected. i got them yesterday afternoon. that's 3 days, and they're out in b.c.

hopefully i'll be able to watch at least two of them before tuesday and thus send them back fast enough so i can get a 2nd batch before the two-week trial is over.

nothing much to write about this morning. i woke up with a damn headache again. i must work out more. i like to go out jogging but it's gotten a lot colder these past two weeks. but tomorrow it's supposed to get warmer so i'll go out tomorrow.

aside from that, i'm working this weekend but i have monday and tuesday off. heaven...

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October 24, 2003

"movies of myself..."

well, mom's gift to me was a cool cheque, which i didn't spend last night only because i needed to come home right away. but i did spend a big chunk of it (and one of the roommate's gift certificates) this morning.

here's what i got:

the adventures of indiana jones - the complete dvd movie collection (how confusion can one title get?)
basement jaxx - kish kash (finally. but i'm gonna take it back, spend that money on the 28 days later dvd (widescreen; most stores have the damn full screen edition), and get the basement jaxx album at this other store with my other gift certificate. there)
buck 65 - talkin' honky blues (very cheap; thus the reason i got it this morning and not next week)
the rapture - echoes (also very cheap)

fyi - rufus wainwright's north american tour dates have been announced and there's a pre-sale going on today for some of them if you have the cd (including a two-night stint in montreal; which i'll be going to. write me if you're thinking of going :)

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October 22, 2003

and the winner is...

who'd'a thunk it, right?

yep. tonight the roommate celebrated my birthday.
we watched hours 4 to 6 am of the second season of 24 - only two remaining and the roommate still doesn't know if her heart can take it.

then it was time for my gifts.

what she got me:

two 15-dollar certificates at the two best record stores in town (archambault and future shop). very cool. will come in handy for me - most probably tomorrow - basement jaxx, rza, peaches, ...

and then i wanted to guess the third gift. it was a cd. and after about 5 minutes of her playing with me i opened my eyes to see a jacques brel 2cd compilation. wtf? i mean, i like him as much as the next guy she said i'd mentioned the artist before. never have about brel. sorry. but, nah, she was kidding. she bought it for herself.

then she gave me the real gift cd. i asked (again) if it had a little (parental advisory) square in the corner. she said yes and i knew immediately.

kill bill vol. 1 :D

and yes, it has the whistling song. i had this song in my head last friday for about 2 hours at work. lol. told the roommate that and she told me she'd had it in her head at the football game last saturday :)

it also has some of the best musical cues in the movie. damn it's good.

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i'm changing gears here. that's why the new post.

i don't know why but i've had the song "who we be" playing in my head for the past couple of days. i swore i would find out who it's from as it's catchy as hell (must've heard it on a show this weekend).

well... the search is over, boys. dmx is the one. and anyone who follows this pitiful little blog o' mine knows that i just got three of his albums this weekend. hurrah for me.

it's on the great depression.

i cannot get over how good jay-z's vol.3... life and times of s. carter is. damn!

at the time i only got it because i wanted to get some jay-z cd's and coming across 'em in used record stores was a rare treat (i had to buy the two blueprint albums at normal music stores). i never thought i'd fall for this one, though. i was definitely only getting it because timbaland did a song for it, and, to a lesser extent, it was jay-z.

it's so good it feels like it came from another time, a place where albums were not 75% filler and posturing. of course there's some posturing here but it doesn't come off as boasting as much as jay telling his truth. i dunno. maybe that's just jay-z's way (i'm just a jay-z neophyte right now). it's laidback, "s. carter" has got to be the coolest hip-hop song to use a "child". damn, it's not a child at all, but amil, a female rapper. so, is she supposed to play a child in the song? i saw it as jay-z talking to his kid. okay, okay. now that i know it's a girl i guess i can hear it. but since the song's called "s. carter" i've always thought his son was also named sean carter, see.
anyway, no one's ever done it as clever or fun as this one.

this came out in '99! i'm damned impressed.

i've been playing it for a day or two now.
haven't listened to anything else.

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it's weird to write today since i'm constantly reminded of elliott smith's death.
i didn't read the news, i mean, just saw the title and stopped there. it kinda has a way of stopping you in your tracks, really. i didn't know he'd killed himself.

apparently, there was only "a single stab wound to the chest".


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at 12:35 am, some years ago, i was born :)

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wow, i'd fuckin hate being chaka kahn these days.

here it is - the nra 19-page blacklist of very dangerous anti-gun celebrities and national associations.

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ooh, i found another canadian dvd rental service. this one's dvdflix.ca, based out of b.c., apparently.
and they have a two-week free trial, which is the only thing i'm interested in because i'm faithful to rentadvd that way.

i signed up yesterday morning because i somehow managed to find a lot of cool non-criterion titles. wrote down 15 titles and waited. and waited. and waited. checked back all day. nothing.

but then i checked last night from work, hoping, and i got something!

here are my first three (free) titles:

akira (special edition)
the wild bunch (director's cut)
jaws (25th anniversary collector's edition)

elliott smith dead at 34?

i didn't even own a single one of his album but this is pretty devastating news.

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October 21, 2003

and there ya go.
the schwarzenegger camp announces it will settle pending lawsuits against the california electricity cartel. this a mere 3 days after being voted as the next governor of california.

read greg palast's excellent "told'ya so"

how much clearer can you get, really?

i hope this gets picked up by cnn. i hope the residents of california make a fuckin fuss about this.
this is the reason california was in the red. this is why the recall was put in place. this is why they put schwarzenegger in.

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whoa! just saw the highlight reel from last night's canadiens/wings game. they really should leave riberio and zednik together (btw,m i dunno who's playing center on that line but if they can keep those two together when koivu comes back, we'll have one hell of a beehive first line). wow. anybody see that fuckin goal? and even cooler - did anybody see zednik's reaction, after the goal, to ribeiro's poss? lol. awesome.

somebody should hunt that picture down.

ps. it's cool to see zednik with the 'a' on his jersey (this is the first time, right?).
and i didn't know he'd been the caps' captain during his rookie season.

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am i the only one who didn't know that the original mix steve albini did for in utero is not what we've been listening to all along? the label (geffen?) got scott litt to redo it. wtf??

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this is what you get for being greedy in hockey and let your ego take over your career.
detroit red wings goaltender curtis joseph was assigned to grand rapids of the american hockey league on monday.

see, like raymond bourque a few years back, joseph asked to be traded to a team who could win the much-coveted stanley cup. i never liked this way of thinking. what's the fuckin point? of course the stanley cup is the ultimate prize in hockey. but that's not the fucking goal. it's like playing with a loaded dice. what's the fuckin point? there's no challenge. i understand wanting to win a stanley cup before you go, but shit, that's just the most artificial way to do it. the only point is being able to put that on your stats sheet. i always thought that was a fuckin lazy way to go about it and i've always lost respect for those who did. and now joseph is just fuckin getting what he deserves.

in other news, congrats to montreal for winning another one last. 2-1 against detroit. i didn't see the game but on paper it looks like the habs had to fight their way out of a sure loss.

oh yeah! we got our first snow last night!!!
as we were coming out of work at midnight it was raining like hell. but then, as we were walking to our cars, it started look a little bit like a combination of rain and wet snow. i wasn't even at my car when it changed to full-blown snow. it's still there this morning but it's raining now. only the grass is slightly covered. the streets are just wet. don't worry, this ain't the start of winter just yet. we'll be getting much mroe rain before that. it's way too fuckin early for that. shit, it's the day before my birthday. how fucked is that?

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October 20, 2003

ah, there. the wishlist is fixed (there ain't no prenatal yoga on my fuckin list!).

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counterspin has a really interesting article about bush snubbing prime minister chretien (again, apparently) at the apec summit.

i want some democrat candidates to put this in their arsenal. he's snubbing the fuckin leader of the neighboring country. he still hasn't learned.

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October 19, 2003

i gotta say, i'm really liking this blackout edition a lot. a low-key, midnight blue-ish thing. i like it.

what did i wanna say? well, not too much since nothing major really happened today - a bunchload of groceries (cool, it's been a while since the last good one happened), doing laundry, the dishes. oh, and i actually went back out and got the right cd for the ghostface album, and i got the dmx debut. yay. i'm fine. money's a bit low but, hey, it'll be alright :)

anyone see president bush in a ceremony today in ...china? dunno. but it's on his trip out there.
he's given, as everyone is, a glass with something in it. he actually waits behind the main guy, waits for him to take a sip and then he takes one - a tiny shitty one. lol. dumbass.

it's on cnn all day today. of course that's not their focus but the image is run every 15 minutes or so.

i've been seeing andre 3000's video for "hey ya" on musique plus all day today. it's actually this week's buzzclip. very cool.

aw, shit. i never download any wallpapers of any kind (i've had this balck & white picture of butch and duke in the studio for about a year now) but i went ahead and made sure i downloaded the outkast solo/group wallpapers. very cool.

about that dre video. i was thinking -- where's big boi's video (which i just learned is "the way you move")? i know it's out there but it's not getting any airplay. or not as much as dre's, anyway.
and of course the andre vid is credited to "outkast", 'cause, you know, how can you find an andre 3000 cd in stores anyway? but, i would've liked it if they'd credited it both the group and then andre, for those out there in la-la land who don't know that it's not actually a new outkast cd.

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the blackout edition!
tell me what you think about this new design. i kinda like the black-on-black action going on.

okay. i just did something really crass.

see, it's my birthday this week (wednesday, to be really specific). so i was thinking, since i like getting gifts and free stuff and shit, why not ask, uh?
so, i just did a quick wishlist on amazon.ca (prices in canadian dollars). a permanent link will stay on the left.


please do not feel obligated at all by this amazingly creepy request. it was an half-assed idea to begin with. i thought it up while i was waking up way too early this morning, so keep this in mind. only the super-rich should go ahead with the operation.


if you're feeling generous, go ahead. i ain't gonna stop ya :)

thank you.

well, in other news the grandpa bush/hitler link has finally been given the greenlight to hit the collective media fan. let's see if they know how to do their jobs.

story thanks to counterspin central.

well, last night before dozing to sleepyland, i was going through the ton of new (used) cd's i got and found that the ghostface killah cd wasn't in the case. they gave me the wrong cd. so, today i'm gonna go back and get the good cd, and ...get dmx' debut album that i saw but left there yesterday.

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October 18, 2003

bah, okay, since it's been kind of a slow news day for me, so let's kick it.

toronto managed to get their confidence back and beat the crap out of the canadiens.
the final score says 1-0 but trust me when i say the leafs held up the habs pretty nicely all the way through. a somewhat boring game interspersed with some really intense moments. at times, it kinda felt like the playoffs were near.

well, this afternoon i finally went out like i'd planned to. it's never an easy task when i have the day off.

the local used record stores had something for me. a lot of good-looking somethings for me. so much so that i had to leave some there 'cause my finances are gonna be tight until the next pay; but it always hurts a little when you have to leave an album at a used record store 'cause you never know if you'll ever see it again.

nonetheless, here's the stuff i managed to snag up:

eve - scorpion
dmx - flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood
dmx - the great depression
ghostface killah - supreme clientele
mystikal - let's get ready
(such an unexpected neptunes-fest, it's not even funny)
raekwon - immobilarity

so, this should keep me from spending the rest of my milk money till next pay. hopefully.
and i have tons of other albums i've yet to listen to. but see, there's only so many hours in one day.
argh. anyone can relate to that? please share your experience. thank you.

tomorrow i'm gonna do some quick grocery-shopping with the roommate and then we should be watching a bunch of 24 episodes. she has about 7 episodes left in the 2nd season. i think we're gonna be able to make it before the 3rd season starts a week from tuesday. we usually watch between 2 and 4 episodes in one sitting :)

btw, i've yet to see more than 3 seconds of the new season, and i'm so happy about that. last season, i knew what the deal was gonna be going in; but not this season. i wanna go in fresh. it's much more exciting this way.

any blur aficionados in the crowd?
anyone can tell me if this "song 2" japanese tour ep is worth getting?
i saw this at one of the used record stores this afternoon, selling for close to nothing, but i left it there 'cause i wasn't sure (and i was buying way too much shit already).

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October 17, 2003

aw, shit. today is such a rainy, depressing day like you wouldn't believe. not that it's raining, *checks*, it's not; but the mood is gray. and i have a fuckin small-ish headache that's been nagging me ever since i woke up this morning. i haven't quite been able to shake it off yet. and it woulda been nice to go jog a little but damn it's too chilly out. not cold yet. but it's getting there.

i'm thinking of bringing Spiritualized's Let It Come Down (thanks to Lisa and her Top Ten Songs to Make-Out To) in the car to listen to on my way to work but am scared it will further bring me down, given my already extremely sleepy state.

but it's my last day of work, maybe i'll just go for it :)

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October 16, 2003

as everyone knows by now, Radiohead are gonna be on David Letterman friday night. be sure to watch.

btw, they will not be appearing on Conan that same night, as originally reported.

in other news, fellow Garbage fans (and normal music lovers), go read Shirley's new journal entries. she was supposed to take a month off but apparently we're still gonna get the goods. i'm not complaining.

btw, anyone has thoughts on the Distillers album?
Future Shop has it for 9,99$ (cdn) this week and i could be very easily tempted. state your case.

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October 15, 2003

the Road Map to Peace™ is going along nicely in the Middle East.
we're doing a splendid job out there, bringing you peace and whatnot.

what? you're telling me Iraq has nothing to do with the Gaza Strip?
9/11, dude. 9/11.

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October 14, 2003

i'm sorry. i've just been lost in the beautiful world of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill for the past two days.

i saw it for the second time tonight. yep.
that's twice in two days.

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holy fuckin' hell.

i thought Robert Richardson, the guy responsible for the gloriously-yummy cinematography of Kill Bill, was at most, the child of the guy who shot Natural Born Killers 'cause i had that poster up in my room years ago and i remember the dp being a Richardson. well, folks (a few of you must know this by now, but) -- Quentin hired the very same guy who shot the Oliver Stone bloodbath!!

yes, it's him.
wow. (the black and white was totally reminiscent of NBK.)
he's also responsible for 95% of the Oliver Stone films out there.

ps. he's also been shooting the Scorsese Montreal-filmed The Aviator.

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i've been having a chat on msn messenger with the ex for the past hour or so.

see, she moved out over a month ago to her father's in quebec city. more than two hours away. this was a good move, i thought. not only for her sanity, but also for mine and ours. see, we haven't been together for the past two years, but we managed to remain really good friends. we kept in touch and sometimes saw each other. but the times we saw each other, attraction always took the best of us. always. even when we intended not to act on it, keep it light and friendly, our instincts were always far stronger than our collective will. but it was fun. and no one was hurt in the process.

but see, she's here now. today. she came in town last night to get some stuff back from her old apartment (that she shared with her then-boyfriend). anxiety shot up through my body when i learned that she was here, a mere 10 minutes away by car. i wanted to see her, but, as she also knew because we'd always been lightly flirting through our emails and phone calls, i also didn't wanna see her for that very reason. lol

so, after talking back and forth about it we came to the conclusion that it was better if she didn't come by my place to say hi today. we always have the best of intentions but a mutual attraction this strong is hard to resist.

she is not the girl for me - not mature enough right now, didn't like or know the kind of music i'm deeply into, same goes for films, etc. not my type of girl on that front (and music and films make up a huge chunk of my life/personality). but in the physical sense, i now know what it is to really connect. and i will never settle for less. now i know what real sexy attraction is, what it feels like to really want someone, or feel the need for someone else. this is in our bones. and it's not going away anytime soon.

that was my morning story. i wanted to share.

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October 13, 2003

Girls kick ass.

and that's all i'm gonna say.
now go see the film for yourselves (if you haven't done so already) and come back and talk about it.

ps. seriously -- seriously -- stay away from the comments section if you haven't seen the film. i wouldn't want you to learn anything about the film that could spoil it for you. and i'm pretty sure spoilers are gonna be present once people start talking about it.

i managed to not know anything outside of the casting and the basic storyline and i'm glad i did 'cause... let's just say it helps and leave it at that, okay? :)

thanks and have a safe viewing experience!

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caught in another lie. someone is sending identical letters signed by different soldiers to U.S. newspapers telling them how wonderful it really is in Iraq.

they're getting desperate.
and they keep stumbling around. who ever said Karl Rove was a genius?
i hope someone can link this to the White House. it sure smells like their usual crap.

btw, it was nice to see Rove portrayed on SNL this weekend as the puppetmaster.

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i jogged today.

2nd time in a week. woohoo. i've now become the unstoppable human train.
all shall rejoice.

the cons about running: no motivation whatsoever to actually get my ass outside to do it.
pros: feeling absolutely fantastic, less stress, a sense of lightness no amount of stretching in one's living room or non-cardio exercise can procure, and feeling good about myself after accomplishing this most dreary of tasks.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!
enjoy the free day off.

here's a Stephen Malkmus diary (or a Jicks one, anyway).
scroll down to the 2nd entry to read the one for the Montreal show with Radiohead.

Kyle -- he too was looking for some cool record stores in the city :)

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October 12, 2003

anyone see last night SNL with fuckin' Justin???
i just watched it this morning. of course i knew the dude was tremendous live, but what i never expected was for him to be such a spectacular performer outside of his music. his timing wasn't always right on (re: Robin Gibb, even though his performance as Robin was extremely on) but he had so much life in him (re: Ashton in the punk'd sketch) and a great feel for the situations it was contagious. i laughed through every fucking sketch in the show - a first for the damned bland SNL of the past 3 or 4 years.

awesome. just awesome.

and the live version of "Cry Me a River" was just outta this world. and they could've even dropped the "cry me a river" part and it woulda made the song even better. it's not that often that a great song can be made even greater by actually taking out its chorus. it's a testament to the songwriting skills of my man Tim.

if you haven't seen it, get a tape and watch it.

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October 10, 2003

Kill Bill: Volume 1 is now out.
and yes, what i've been wishing for most for the past year has come true - we got a copy of the film here in town (never a given for any film; much less in english. but we got both an english copy and a french dub). i was ecstatic when i heard the great news last night. i'm psyched.

but then, i stumbled.

The Flick Filosopher:
You know that rude, crude, jerking-off gesture, the one usually accompanied by a rolling of the eyes and an "Oh, pul-leeze!" They invented that for Quentin Tarantino. We might have been able to guess -- from the way he has seemed, over the last decade, to be everywhere doing nothing, like his mere presence, his mere sneezing on a project, was cause for celebration -- how madly in love with himself he is, how much a believer in his own legend he is, but you'd still never be able to imagine how embarrassingly masturbatory Kill Bill is.

i needed some confirmation, even an ounce would do, that there was something to love about the film; i didn't want to be let down so hard the night i'll be seeing the film. and i just "get" Tarantino, so if some people got something out of it i knew i'd be okay and would enjoy the film.

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times:

Kill Bill: Volume 1 shows Quentin Tarantino so effortlessly and brilliantly in command of his technique that he reminds me of a virtuoso violinist racing through "Flight of the Bumble Bee" -- or maybe an accordion prodigy setting a speed record for "Lady of Spain."

Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly:

The film may be bloody, but it's also bloody gorgeous: a grandly fetishized epic of cinematic aggression. It's a tale of vengeance that hinges on Tarantino's love of ferocity as spectacle -- his immersion in action and exploitation, his addiction to the jazzy catharsis of junk-film kicks.

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone:

In Kill Bill, Tarantino brings delicious sin back to movies -- the thrill you get from something down, dirty and dangerous.

Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald:

Self-indulgent, overwrought, shallow and ridiculous. It is also brilliant, a blast of cinematic lunacy and as much of a guilty pleasure as the schlocky movies Tarantino adores.

btw, apparently you have to stay until the closing credits finish rolling. thought i'd mention this 'cause i sure as hell didn't know.

the following items were brought to my attention thanks to the montreal city weblog.

my question has been answered - Robert Lepage plays the central role in his film adaptation of his play, La face cachée de la lune.
i've never seen the play but as everyone who's ever heard of it knows it's a one-man show, first played by Lepage himself for some years. awesome.

Naomi Klein is gonna be speaking at McGill University on October 25th.

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October 09, 2003

let the games begin!
the Universal price drop is in effect, folks.
enjoy the benefits.

also, Future Shop kicked off the week with a front page spread stating that they will never have any single cd's over 16,99$ (canadian) (outside of imports and double-disc sets). ever.

this is great news.
enjoy the 11,99$ price tags, folks :) it's an amazing sight.


in other news, the frustratingly Flash-enhanced Timbaland and Magoo site has finally opened.
go take a look.


re: the Arnold/Orrin Hatch ammendment hoping to make foreign-born U.S. citizens eligible for the U.S. Presidency i hastily wrote about this morning.

the piece, by Daily Kos, talks about it being a good thing since the country's an immigrant country anyway. i know. and i'm all for it. but what i'm against is the opportunism that's behind the sudden interest in opening up the Presidency. this is obviously coming up because of Arnold's new line of work. that's what i'm against. why didn't they do it before snice it's such a good thing?

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this is not happening.
this appeared on yesterday's BartCop edition with no link; here's the important text:
I can't believe what I'm reading. A day after Ahnuld gets into office in what has to be California's
biggest practical joke to the United States, I find out that Senator Hatch and the Republican party
wants to change the rules once again, and allow non-native Americans to run for President! This is incredible!

this is not happening. my first thought when i heard Arnold was running for governor of California was that Rove was trying to ease him into the White House. thank god there's that rule stating that you can't be President of the United States if you were not born there. then i thought, 'hat if they change that rule?' but they can't do it after Arnold's been voted in. it's too in-your-face. people are still angry about the vote. people still see this recall/election as a fuckin joke. if true, this needs to be mentioned on every fucking tv show. people will not stand for this.

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October 08, 2003

lol. go read up Tenorman's hilariously fitting find about Arnold.

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My Condolences, California...

you just elected a governor based on his personality and a thirst for change. you just let Bush and his cronies into you wallets.

but there is some great news that will come out of this whole mess - we won't have to watch another smug Arnold interview or movie for the next 3-4 years, at least. so that's great news (i'm not kidding, in the last 10 years, outside of T3, has he done even a so-so film? nope. let's hope we'll be left Arnold-less at the box office for more than a few years (i mean, as low as his box office star was with his last string of movies, a run for governor was all he had going for himself). i hate the motherfucker's films and especially him personally when he does interviews).

California, you just did us a huge favor. sorry you'll have to be run by some Enron-lovin' fool who knows nothing about how to run a government for the next couple of years (it's fascinating (like a train wreck) how much hatred the dude managed to produce in such a short amount of time, uh? kinda like Bush post-9/11).

i'll say it here again: it's not necessarily that Arnold is an actor and has almost no political experience (at least not on a governmental level), or that he has ties to the Bush/Cheney/Enron empire that's butt-fuckin' the U.S. right now (although, that's one pretty scary thought), but ... it's the fucker's love of power. do you think he's doing this because he luuuvs California so much? no way. first, there's the Enron thing, then it's the sexual aggressions and his skirting (no pun intended) of the allegations (he kept mentioning they happened 20-30 years ago. dude, some of the allegations were for 2000) à la Bush. and there's something creepy about a guy who believes groping women's breasts is "playful".

but it's his salivating love of Power that was so disturbing to me. the fucker's twisted and you guys should've realized this more than you did (according to the results of the recall, anyway).

here's who you elected as your governor:
'My relationship to power and authority is that I'm all for it,' he once explained. 'People need somebody to watch over them.... Ninety-five percent of the people in the world need to be told what to do and how to behave.'

Arnold Schwarzenegger

good luck.

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October 06, 2003

Dan Snyder is dead.

the Atlanta Trashers forward passed away from the injuries he suffered last week when teammate/star Dany Heatly crashed the car they were driving in.

this is fuckin' weird. creepy. first off, a National Hockey League player dies; second, Heatly, who was facing charges for the accident, will probably now face some degree of manslaughter as well.

all my wishes go to the Snyder family. a death is never trivial.

and this is so fucked up. a man's life is turned completely upside-down in a matter of seconds. i wouldn't wanna be in Heatly's shoes right now.

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Fun with the Weekend.

okay. i don't know where this quote came from, but thank you, Bartcop for posting it:
"I think that if you are the leader of planet Earth, you should be smarter than me.
You just get the feeling, don't you, in the Oval Office that Cheney is working behind the big desk.
And then off to the right there is a little collapsible card table where George has like airplanes and stuff.
Then every once in a while he looks up and says, 'I've discovered that if I shut my eyes, I can disappear."

Darrel Hammond

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October 05, 2003

i'm sitting here, watching the very under-publicized season premiere of Saturday Night Live (Jack Black; John Mayer) and they just announced that our favorite (or second favorite to you literary types) JT will be both host and musical guest next week. let's just assume right now we'll be seeing Pharrell in some capacity.

speaking of Pharrell - let's give it up to the guys who concocted the Scarface Two-Disc Anniversary DVD premiere down in Puerto Rico last week, uh? club-thumpin' music, money, ass-shakin' dancers ... and Pharrell singing "Frontin'" with Jay-Z. as blown up as premieres have gotten, i gotta say i don't mind this one one bit. it wasn't hyped too much (as far as i know) and it was definitely not done in the usual hollywood style. this was done down in Rico, as far away as possible from the entertainment tonight and access hollywood of this world, and it was geared towards the audience who actually genuinely liked the film, not a pre-targeted 'intended audience' the studios would like to see.

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October 04, 2003

...And the Bomb Drops.

almost. we've got 4 days to make it drop, folks.
please, please, please go read this article and then forward it to as many media sources as you can.
and fast. this is big.
expose the 'Schwarzenegger' plan.

Greg Palast, "Arnold Unplugged - It's hasta la vista to $9 billion if the Governator is selected"

you need a kick in the ass to go read the thing?
It turns out that Schwarzenegger knowingly joined the hush-hush encounter as part of a campaign to sabotage a Davis-Bustamante plan to make Enron and other power pirates then ravaging California pay back the $9 billion in illicit profits they carried off.

This litigation, heading to trial now in Los Angeles, would make the power companies return the $9 billion (...).

It takes real cojones to bring such a suit. Who's the plaintiff taking on the bad guys? Cruz Bustamante, Lieutenant Governor and reluctant leading candidate against Schwarzenegger.

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Seeing Stars on TV

well, i'll be damned!
prepare your vcr's folks, Radiohead were extremely thoughtful (with a little from the show programmers and some good old fashion luck) and have scheduled one amazing night of television history for you:
As reported earlier Radiohead will be on the Conan O'Brien show on October 17th. The band will be on David Lettermans late show that same night. The late shows airs at 11:30pm ET/PT

thanks to At Ease for the very cool tip.
and you know what this means... two different songs :)

ps. that's the night of october 17th, conan's show is technically in the morning of the 18th, for you people who, like myself, can be prone to terribly frustrating vcr errors.

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"It's Me Against the World..."

just a quick post before i go to bed. i just had to mention this.
i happened to stumble across next monday's Time magazine (october 6 2003) at work tonight; and this is the sweet-ass headline that's splashed across the front page, over a suited-up Bush aboard the USS Lincoln:

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October 03, 2003

Give Me your Children.

i gotta say i wholeheartedly agree with Hesiod over at Counterspin that the main disturbing thing about the Arnold admiring Hitler story is not his 'respect' for the man but his weird, Hitler-like relationship with power. i still remember this quote from Arnold:
“My relationship to power and authority is that I’m all for it,” he once explained. “People need somebody to watch over them…Ninety-five percent of the people in the world need to be told what to do and how to behave.”

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October 02, 2003

"And You Want It"

Kelis is back!
not much information available. her 2nd album, Wanderland, was only released in the uk 2 years ago (anyone have a used copy they'd wanna sell me?). but her 3rd is about to drop (latest date i have is next tuesday but not much info is available on it) everywhere.

but you can click on the link above to hear "Milkshake" (although, the only available on the page is the song and a link to the Star Trak site.
but -- Kelis, and the Boys, are back.


in the meantime, Britney has a new album out in a few weeks.

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Oh my God, He Admitted It!

in a press conference that was shown live on CNN, no less.

Arnold Schwarzenegger started his speech by saying don't believe everything you read. he then went on saying that, yes, he's done some questionable things in the past, and yes some of them were done on movie sets. and he was sorry. he never meant to hurt anyone. he 'sincerely' apologized to people he might've hurt. he then went on to 'the future of politics'.

this is another nuclear detonation on the part of the repubs. you don't go on national tv and say that you've done all those horrible things. not 6 days before the recall vote in which you're leading. and, you certainly don't admit to doing those after telling the people in front of you that there are lies being told.

and you certainly don't say the following:
"Yes, I have behaved badly sometimes, yes it is true that I was on rowdy movie sets ... and I have done things I thought were playful that now I recognize that I have offended people"

*now* he recognizes that groping women is wrong???
it takes you a long-ass time to recognize that you disrespected women, doesn't it, Arnold?

but the biggest problem with this last-minute effort, other than it looking a hell of a lot insincere and opportunist at best, is that Arnold said he 'never meant to hurt anyone'. now, doesn't something feel wrong in that statement? groping people, in this case, women, is wrong. whether you meant to hurt the person or not is absolutely irrelevant!

don't let this bozo become your 'champion of women's issues'.

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October 01, 2003

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Monday Leap for Mankind.

it was not a bad day at all yesterday if you were democrat or just plain loved your country. the Bush administration is somehow trapped in some what could be called the beginning of a shitstorm, and it's not looking pretty right now. then if you watched the late night talk shows yesterday, here's what you would've ran across:

Letterman did his usual "George W Bush Joke That's Not Really a Joke" thing, which was funny. ...but then he did another one ...and another ...and another. it must have been four or five in a row. i tell you, the studio audience was laughing every time he was geared a new one up since they usually only do one per night. and they were funny as hell. i thought the idea was a great one when he started doing it, but if he can do more than one a night, that'll be awesome. show the president in all his ignorant glory.

and anybody catch Dean on Leno last night??
i must say, i find him very cold and unsure of himself when he's out doing public appearances. but last night i was just transfixed. he was funny, laidback, and charming as hell. nothing phony about him. he had me, i was laughing and smiling the whole time. and i'm usually very wary of politicians, especially the democrats who can't seem to want to tell us their agenda any more than the republicans do. but he didn't look like a normal presidential candidate last night, he looked like a normal guy who didn't feel the need to hide anything. he was open, honest, and funny. it was a weird combination. he won me over (for last night - i don't have any favorites right since no one is talking about specific details just yet).

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