September 22, 2007

my brother left for Western Canada about 8 years ago and never left. he visited us every other year or so. my mom even flew once to visit him a couple of years back. i never did. so we've been planning my visit since last year but things never gelled for one reason or another. well, the day is finally upon us, my friends :D the gf and i are leaving the Montreal airport monday morning (early monday morning) for a 9-10 day vacation to beautiful Nelson, BC :) we'll be arriving in Vancouver where my brother and his gf are gonna come pick us up (after a 7-hour drive, no less), so while we're there, we thought we'd stay to visit the beautiful city for a bit and stay the night :) (we got an awesome deal through an acquaintance of my gf's. we were gonna stay at a cheap motel; why pay for more when you're only sleeping a night? but this deal was just too good to pass up. check it out.) everything's ordered, paid and confirmed :) we are ready for one fine-ass vacation :) time to really disconnect from the daily grind. (i went to BC twice in my life - once to Salmo, BC, for an exchange student thing 15 years ago; Salmo happens to be a half-hour's drive from my brother's, so i think we'll swing by and check out the town; and then almost exactly 9 years ago i won a Musique Plus contest to go see Garbage play in Vancouver and got a 4-day hotel stay out of it. i am so looking forward to seeing that part of the country again. with my brother and his gf, no less.) wish me luck. (i put a shitload of canadian bands on my iPod for the flight over :) (btw, i'll still be checking my emails a few times a week so i won't be too far off :)

ps. guess who'll be in Vancouver the one night we'll be there? The Smashing Pumpkins ! :) but we'll be too pooped out of our minds to even attend a fucking show. hopefully they'll at least be staying at our hotel that night :)

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September 20, 2007

oh yeah, the devil won and his spawn got off very lightly on the Finale, me thinks.
check 6togo for your post BB coverage. some good stuff, there. now let's hope BB changes things up and gets out of this fucking mess for next year.
Who in the game do you hope never to see again?

Daniele: Amber, Dustin and Jen.
Dick: Everybody in the house.

nice. take the money and run, you fucking moron. can we not see his face ever again, please? don't bring him back for next year's Finale. what an ass.

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September 14, 2007

who the fuck cares by now, right?
at least CBS had the guts to edit in how horrible Dick is and how bratty and whiny Daniele can be. so kudos to them for making the last couple of weeks at least watchable, editing-wise.

i wholeheartedly agree with this assessment of Daniele's character regarding the money. i don't believe she was as happy to get to the Final Two with her father as to get that much closer to the money. the Of note paragraph actually warms my heart. a lot. :)

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September 11, 2007

September 10, 2007

shouldn't Dick have a penalty nom now (like Jen but they can't have a Penalty Vote now with the final HOH) that he admitted to trying to violate the BB rules by getting a coded letter from his son? i wouldn't expect BB to do anything with this info (although they know about it) but how could you not do anything? please kick him the fuck out. what he's doing is he's trying to steal half a million dollars now.

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September 07, 2007

not that i liked Eric. have been loathing him since he joined the Dick&Daniele of trashing other houseguests behind their backs. spineless twit. but i so wanted him to stay and kick D&D's ass last night. Jameka is the only interesting one left for me. thankfully, there's only a week or two left to this game.

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September 06, 2007

what the hell is a lockdown good for if you're gonna let players go outside? now Dick somehow has the notion that there might be a Double Eviction tonight. now, where did he get that idea? fuckers. hopefully this will somehow find its way onto tonight's show (although it's highly doubtful). the show hasn't been known for its fairplay this season. especially when it comes to Dick. fuckers.

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