July 31, 2004

it's a rainy saturday around here. and i am thankful it is because a) i love rainy days, one can sit back and just chill, and b) we've been promised rain for quite some time now but only got one night of hard rain for the past couple of weeks and the heat has just turned up a notch. this should cool things down. at least temporarily.

went grocery shopping this morning. also got a new t-shirt for work (but i gotta take it back and get a medium one instead. a tiny bit too big on me). and i got these:

trina - diamond princess
chingy - jackpot
snoop dog - paid tha cost to be da bo$$

the first two obviously come from the "right thurr" remix, which i love, and it was really cheap (i'm not expecting much from it but i'm happy i got the remix now. today's buys were mostly geared towards the hip hop mix i wanna make). i've been aware of Trina for a while now but her stint on that remix is what did it for me. i had to scramble to find the Snoop album, though. and paid for it. but whatever, i wanted it. came this close to getting the new Tragically Hip album but i chickened out, telling myself there was no hurry, that i could get it another day.

oh! i almost got this Athens 2004 cd compilation. why, you ask? well, first off, because it's got a Timbaland/Kiley Dean song, for christ's sake! and it also has the Moby/Public Enemy track (anyone know if this is the release it was done for?). but the store i saw it at was selling it for $18.99. a bit too much for a couple of songs. the first store i visited might have it for way less than that. (oh yeah; i just looked it up on the Future Shop website and they got it for $14.99 :) i might get it next week. might. ha. the more i read about it the more i learn. profits from this cd are apparently going to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.)

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July 30, 2004

it's friday!! :) haha! the week actually went by faster than expected. i don't know why but by wednesday i felt like it was still tuesday :) last night after work (midnight) i finally went out jogging a little. i've felt somewhat like a couch potato this week and yesterday was the worse because i woke up tired and with a headache. took it to me at work too. that's the worse. so i quickly went out running after work and almost went to sleep right after. so this morning i fially wake up later than 8 (10 am) and am feeling really good. i'm now doing laundry, the sun is out (the heat is gonna start in on us today). turned on the a/c. everything is good around here :)

i haven't watched last night's Big Brother yet. gonna read the recaps instead to see who was voted out (although the feeling in the house has been kinda obvious for the past day or so; unless the Meatheads were playing everyone, but i don't think they're that good.) and who got HOH.

aw, goddamn. what? The Village is out today? dammit. we only have a french copy. dammit. oh well, we still have The Bourne Supremacy if the roommate changes her mind for sunday evening.

today i might finally do a mix cd. my hip hop 'anthems' - "oops, oh my", "stand up", "cop that shit", "yeah!", etc.

btw, The Daily Show seems to have been energized by going out to Boston this week. they're really good. i can't wait to see them do the Republican Convention next week, though :)

John Kerry: "I want an America that relies on its own ingenuity and innovation -- not the Saudi royal family." did he really fuckin' say that???!? i'm seriously impressed. i haven't heard the speech yet but according to Kos it was a surprisingly powerful speech. thank god. he sure can drone on, but then there's his other kind of speeches that i witnessed this summer where he just cuts you down with perfection. i'm so happy it seems to have been that kind of speech last night :) don't forget, there's a Daily Show tonight (or at least, John said so last night).

np: avril lavigne, let go

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July 29, 2004

the BB5 feed recaps have taken over my life.

i dreamt Michael Stipe proposed to me during a birthday party for me :) he was so sweet, shaking and looking very nervous while trying to get out what he'd planned to tell me :P anyway. i was incredibly touched and moved, but i had to tell him i wasn't ready (and probably not gay yet).

Zach Braff/Garden State blog. almost heaven. [ catchdubs ]

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July 28, 2004

the days this week are gonna be mighty redundant. doing laundry today. getting some groceries. i should also get a couple of t-shirts for work; tore up a bit of my Mogwai tee friday. sorry, but i'm still obsessed with BB5 and its live feed recaps :) and the Democratic Convention (although, i can't watch the live coverage and, aside from some awesome speeches, it's all a big infomercial anyway, so there ain't gonna be much detailing. and i guess Bush is keeping it quiet this week). and also there's gonna be work. i'm also getting a handful of good dvd's this week (Zatoichi 1, Ballad of a Soldier, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Dario Argento's Opera, and hopefully Port of Shadows) so the weekend should be fun. Hellboy is also out and i now have a new release i seriously wanna rent.

so ... BB5: this is too good. wow. i haven't watched last night's episode but this week is turning out to be the week so far. this un-freakin-believable. you gotta see this shit. wow. i so want Adria and Natalie to both come in the house. hee. the guys believe they have the numbers in check but wait 'till Natalie enters the house :P gotta see the expression on their faces. lol :)

Obama rocked! enough said. i just hope moderates and conservatives were watching 'cause they now have an alternative in the newly-minted DNC.

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July 26, 2004

the Democratic Convention is on! and now that the White House used Tom Ridge last week (or two weeks ago? i don't know, the media's still talking about it) to scare the nation and erase the Edwards nomination (i don't think they have anything else, or would have the balls to do anything else right now), what's left to divert the American people's attention from watching what the other party has to offer? seriously, if you have to go that low to 'win' an election, maybe you should be doing something else with your life. Bill Clinton speaks tonight at 10. i guess they could find a drowned puppy somewhere until then. remember all those polls, and the RNC, saying taxpayers didn't know who John Kerry was or what he stood for? remember how the RNC was using this to dirty his name up? remember how the media never paid an ounce of attention to him, instead opting towards poll-analysis and earsay from RNC heads? i ain't sweating it. this is John Kerry's week. he has a week to introduce himself to the American people. a week. and from what i've seen of him, he's one mean motherfucker when talking live. the people will know. let the love-fest (and watch the Repubs) begin!

update, 12:50 pm: CBC Newsworld interviewed Michael Moore from the Democratic Convention. he's got his ID. he's also got one for next week's Republican Convention :) nice. mentioned something about bringing twenty-five bodyguards :) (Fahrenheit 9/11 broke through the $100 million mark?? wow. Moby informed me the other week that Bush only got his cozy Crawford ranch back in '99. i'd never heard that before. on the advice of Karl Rove. it would be great if news organizations mentioned that everytime they talked about Crawford, uh?)

the BB5 veto ceremony (the veto competition took place saturday afternoon, i believe, but will only air tomorrow night on tv) will take place at 2 pm today.

so last night i watched Fiend Without a Face. a good film. though i must stop feasting at the start of a film. i always end up dozing off after an hour and try to keep my eyes open enough to make it to the end. but it was good. and story unfolds in Winthorp(fictional?), Manitoba, so that was cool. even cooler after i learned that the film was not American but British. weird. the acting can be a bit corny but it remains a lot of fun. and the effects of the 'creatures' are some surprisingly cool and gross.

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July 25, 2004

lazy normal sunday. re-watched a couple of episodes of BB5 with the roommate. read recaps of what happened today in the house. drama. veto was won today but we won't get to see it until tuesday night. i like reading what happens in the house over watching the shows on tv. the episodes feel more like best-of's now. the transcripts seem like real life (which, duh, it is). almost got some Airwalks today but they were $50 instead of the $30 my friend told me the other week. i don't need shoes too badly right now (i would've gotten them only because they were cheap. they looked good for $30 shoes, but not at $50) so i left them there. i'll shop for shoes this fall. the used bins were nice to me today; i finally got around to getting the first two items, i've been meaning to go back to get them for a few weeks now:

obie trice - cheers
g unit - beg for mercy
nas - god's son
k-os - exit (2nd edition, bonus tracks)

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July 24, 2004

my day today:

late night/morning.

going to bed around 3:30 - 4 am because of the BB5 live feed recaps (i believe it's showing in my writing today). i'm now officially hooked. i wake up around 10:30 am. late enough for me. then i read what the hamsters have been up to this morning. tonight's episode will be the first one i know what will happen. i'm excited, though, because i'll see what the recappers have been talking about :) after i get off the net i notice that it's still cool and chilly outside and decide to turn off the roommate's a/c (which we'd set up only yesterday) and open all the windows. no humidity, the air has that crisp spring smell.


feeling sleepy. have to go to the grocery store but i've yet to shower. don't feel like it. i decide to take a nap on the couch in the living room with Mogwai's Rock Action playing. somehow this album is perfect for this and i rediscover it's many splendors. the cat jumps on top of me and decides to nap with me :) good music. the roommate's dad stops by, waking me up from my half-sleep. i'm able to go back to my nap. the roommate calls and wakes me up. i've had enough and get up and get ready. groceries are bought. done. toothpaste and a new toothbrush are also purchased (finally). roommate drops by with her boyfriend and off they go for dinner at her aunt's. i read some more BB5. nothing much happened while i was gone.

tonight i'm gonna watch Fiend Without a Face.

something that occured to me during my nap: is there a gay thing going on in male friendships? maybe it's BB5's Four Horsemen who're fucking with my brain on this but how corny is it to be like, as an adult, go to a guy acquaintance and be like, 'i wanna spend time with you and be friends' :) seriously. as a kid, that's nothing. kids run around and hook up with everyone. but as an adult, how the hell do you approach the possibility of a new friendship? that weirded me out.

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July 23, 2004

it's friday. only one evening of work left. tonight. yup. but i'm gonna be working with someone i don't really know or care to know. i will get by.

Big Brother 5 last night. eviction night. Lori was sent off. that's the best of a bad situation for me as i didn't wanna see Karen or Lori go out but Lori did make it known earlier in the week she wanted out (but then retracted her comments by going to every single person in the house and telling them she didn't wanna go). good episode. Karen is still in the house. in my BB5 love this week i finally stumlbed upon the Big Brother Live Feed Recaps. i have been hooked on this thing. people are writting down almost everything that goes on beyond the shows. very cool. gives you another angle on the house. there's a lot more playing and excitement going on that the measly three episodes we get each week. can't wait to see who Drew puts up for nomination tomorrow night (hope of the Four Horsemen falling apart has gotten a boost, thanks to Diane talking about the Scott & Jase show, and Drew and Cowboy starting to wake up to that fact). hopefully my girls and my boy are safe. looks like Drew wants Holly out. he won't break the Horsemen alliance this week so i'm hoping for Marvin to go up, even though i'm liking him more and more (thanks to the Holly nomination last week, going against Jase's girl). things are getting interesting now.

update, 2:27 pm: can't wait to watch tomorrow night's episode. food competition. you can already go read the recaps to see what they've won or lost. i can't wait to see what happens tonight :P it has potential to be really good.

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July 21, 2004

gotta run to get ready for work but i gotta post this before i go:

those of you who want a head-start on ruining the next season of 24 for yourselves, go right ahead. i only read the first two sentences and stopped there. too promising to get spoiled more than that. hopefully this (the bit i read) pans out for real.

Miramax will be crapping Jersey Girl on your hands september 7th. details inside. i want to see the film (it never came to my city on its short theatrical run), and i will love it, but that cover has got to go. "a new comedy by Kevin Smith"? and a quote by Larry King? hello third-rate straight-to-video comedy.

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another Big Brother 5 episode last night and, even though it didn't go the way i would've wanted it to (they've now put up two of my girls up against each other), it's getting more excellent as the house grows smaller and more intense (Karen doing impressions of the guys was seriously hilarious. her personality is starting to come through, as is Nakomis', secretly not going along with the boys). i do think Lori will go, seeing as how she wanted to leave fifteen minutes ago, and was only staying for Karen and Will. no big deal. too bad they're getting rid of a girl, though, and i hate seeing Lori leave, but it's still manageable. and now they've (temporarily) got Nakomis on their side. remember when i said never count on Scott & Jase to not go lower? well, last night we had an episode so it was time for Scott to show us why he's King Ass in this house by arrogantly marching into conversations and insulting players (in this instance making Diane cry). dude, it's too early in the game. the girls alliance win one HOH and you guys are toast. i do have hope for little girl alliance. it's looking like Drew can be persuaded to switch in about two weeks. oh, and Adria somehow manages to barge her way into Scott & Jase meetings. lol. even while they tell her they don't trust her enough. she just laughs it off and stays with the boys :) good girl. ooh, and Jase ticked off Marvin by using the veto on his two nomination choices :P great. seriously, the sparks are about. to. fly.

President Bush threw out his peace president line a few months ago. but now it seems he officially doesn't want to be the War Presidenttm anymore :( and that now "we're marching to peace". lol. fuckin' hilarious. now that is a major flip-flop, and one i think most americans will be able to laugh at. he's been saying he's a war president for way too long, and too proudly, for this to be a blogosphere laugh only. let's see if CNN has the guts to play that peace president speech and comment on it today :)

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July 19, 2004

i didn't wanna bump my Diary of a Chambermaid post but i just had to do a quick write-up:

the Garbage Fan Site tells us HMV is taking pre-orders on the fourth album with an october 6 release date. we'll see how long that date holds but it's cool to finally get a date up. speaking of Garbage, they've got a new section up on their site: links. and it's not a bunch of Geocities webpages from 1996 either, it's sites and charities they like and endorse. i've wanted to mention this a few times but never did: their site also has an "elections '04 -- don't throw away your vote. use it" banner up :) nice. one of the links they put up is Move On.

Driving in Montreal. great post. seriously accurate. i love driving in Montreal. i'm of the "it's actually one of the safest places to drive if you know how to do it" way of thinking. [ montreal city weblog ]

have a good night. my four-day work week starts tomorrow. not too bad.

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Diary of a Chambermaid by Luis Buñuel, 1964 ; the criterion collection

i just watched this film tonight and i was pleasantly surprised by it. see, i was scared it would be a bit stiff. i don't like these kinds of films that are set around aristocracy. i don't care much for them. but this one wasn't about class or status. Jeanne Moreau is not a victim even if her employers look down on her or lust after her. she's the subversive one in this film. there's nothing austere or oppressive about her status and Buñuel doesn't seem to care much about commenting on the upper class (except for the latent fetishism, and even then, Buñuel doesn't seem too interested to use that to nail the aristocracy too hard. it's just there). this one plays more like a Henri-George Clouzot thriller. the film is more straightforward than what Buñuel's other films would be (from what i read) so it's more conventional but it's still got some amazing performances (especially Jeanne Moreau), really cool, unobtrusive camera-work, and a good story. oh, and through all that dark and twisted sickness, the film is actually quite funny! ha. who knew, right? it's actually much, much lighter than what you would think a Buñuel film would be. and the lush black and white cinematography was breathtaking. whoa. what a transfer from Criterion. beautiful. i seriously recommended this film to anyone interested in older french thrillers. [ 8.5 ]

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July 18, 2004

Big Brother 5: Mike's gone, which gave Scott another good chance to show us his mighty assedness. the gaydar also went up a few notches last night (it's hitting the ceiling right now) with Scott taking a bath with cowboy Mike and the whole thing is somehow eluding the whole bandana team (Drew's cool, though. i see him swinging to the girls and/or Will soon). Holly is quickly becoming my favorite female player ... along with Lori, though. hopefully the girls and Will will figure out a way to make the guys hate someone else before the vote thursday night. Marvin's nomination speech was cool. he was nervous as all hell, though. i totally dug how he made Jase, and especially Scott, sweat it the fuck out. check out the repercussions on tuesday's show, though. mark my words. Scott is way too narcissistic and insecure to let this go by. this will be good. maybe he can even start some shit up between him and Marvin and end up on the nomination block after one of the girl's gets the veto :) that would be cool. ooh, something else i just thought about -- Jase is gonna pissed Marvin put Holly up. 1. because he put the only girl willing to flirt with him up, and 2. because he insinuated that Jase was being played - by Holly, no less, in front of everyone. that's gotta hurt a bandana guy's inflated ego. tuesday's show should have some fireworks. hopefully. i don't know how Marvin thought this one out but if he did it so he'd light a small warning fire under the two guys' butts, he's one smart motherfucker. i seriously loved how Scott sweated it out during the ceremony. lol. i think it started immediately when his name hadn't come out after the first two keys :) i also liked seeing how much Will was affected by the chicken game and the Jase-Scott sore loser name-calling streak. you think they're complete asses ...but then another episode airs to show you just how much depth's left to be dug. and their idiotic selves can't help but oblige.

i seriously don't get all the media semi-frenzy over the 9/11 report of Al-Qaeda operatives getting a free pass though Iran's borders. of course it's news, but they make it sound like the big smoking gun, complete with a new enemy of the US. how come are they all so hell-bent on glossing over the Saudi connection all over again?? i mean, where are these Al-Qaeda ops coming from??? who had something to do with the 9/11 attacks? for god's sake. they're all sheep.

just saw Allan Nicholls on PBS. i didn't know him but the host introduced him as a composer/actor/director/etc who got his big break on Robert Altman's Nashville. and -- he lives in North Hatley. that's 15 minutes from here :) i just looked up his filmography and it's quite impressive. Altman really loves him; he's been the 2nd unit or assistant director for a lot of his films (and also on all of Tim Robbins' films, including the transcendent Dead Man Walking).

Jimmy Chamberlain has a site! there's only one page on there but he makes the most of it by talking about his upcoming solo album (who knew?). [ Siva ]

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July 17, 2004

i managed to finally get my ass out and to the stores. the heat's starting to be felt. but i kicked myself out the door because i knew it would be done (the groceries) and i'd be done with it. grabbed me some music:

jadakiss - kiss tha game goodbye
jadakiss - kiss of death
the roots - the tipping point

the two new releases were extremely cheap too. that's always good. i saw the beginning of the video for The Roots' "don't say nuthin" a couple of days ago (my first time hearing the song). it only took me five seconds to know i'd finally be getting the album.

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oh god i hate the new Blogger. god!! what the fuck are they thinking over there?? it's getting insanely more complicated and childish to just publish a post.

what the fuck is happening? you've heard about Iraq Prime Minister Iyad Allawi apparently
killing six prisoners last week. but now Australian Greens leader Bob Brown is saying this man helped put Saddam Hussein in power. and the US and Australia knew about this man's past. again -- what the fuck is happening??

my work week is finally over :) it actually got easier as the week went by so that wasn't so bad after all but i'm glad the motherfuckin' weekend is finally upon us. and i took monday off so i got three days off. hurrah. i got some shopping to do, a few (good) movies to watch, and the roommate is away camping until next wednesday. i'm set. against my better judgement i actually let the cat sleep with me last night. but, lo and behold, she didn't even disturb me one bit. and i actually got up at around 10 am, which was a cool surprise. i think i'm the one who woke her up :) the weekend is starting out well :)

i gotta post about this one: hilarious Cheney poker game transcript. (is this the Joe Schmo Show? ...anyone?)

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July 15, 2004

John Kerry is speaking at the NAACP Convention Bush snubbed and he's actually quite impressive. the speech hits hard at everything and defines his values. here's the John Kerry i wanna see on the news. people don't know John Kerry but that's because of the War in Iraq and the Bush flubs coverage overshadows him. things will change as the election heats up. i'm surprised CNN is running this thing in its entirety. good for them. hopefully people will pay attention and quickly see that this is a man who knows what he's doing. it's impressive.

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July 14, 2004

i just got my Big Brother 5 fix. last night's episode was another good one as it quickly gets weirder and weirder. the Jase/Scott "friendship" is quickly revealing itself to be yet another incredibly gay union that only two ultra macho guys can be totally unaware of (and are they aware of just how idiotic they are when they reveal their motivations in the diary room??). i just found TVGASM, a tv blog -- their Big Brother rants are so worth your time. hilariousy spot-on. go check 'em out.

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bon 14 Juillet aux amis français!

hello. what the fuck was i blogging about before? damn. i want to have something more to blog about. and i'm also back to working monday through friday, which makes it more of a challenge to find interesting things to talk about.

anyone can recommend (or not) the new Roots album?

have i mentioned we got the good news that our boss is not coming back a long, long time (so, probably never)? yep. our big boss gave us the good news on friday. nice.

the days are grey and cloudy this week. i may be able to watch Under the Roofs of Paris during the day (i work in the evenings) if this holds up, though.

see? nothing too interesting happens when you're working. i'm looking forward to the weekend :)

ps. the new allmusic kinda really sucks. it wants to be too cool and complex-looking (and what the fuck's wrong with the no-pointer links?). but at least it made me download the new Mozilla.

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July 12, 2004

wow. i think i slept for ten hours straight. and i woke up up at 10 am. i haven't done that for ages! woohoo! this rocks. i usually wake up around 8 this summer. for some reason. this one feels good.

so yesterday i did go to the used record stores (and a couple of real music stores). here's what i got (the first four are used finds):

yo la tengo - little honda
jad fair & yo la tengo - strange but true
rza as bobby digital - digital bullet (limited edition, bonus tracks)
garth brooks - the chase (the limited series)
sparklehorse - distorted ghost ep
aaliyah - aaliyah
fabolous - street dreams

i'm pretty happy about the used finds but they'd somehow misplaced the one cd i was going there for, Yo La Tengo's Painful, so i couldn't get it. dammit. gonna check up on them every other week. i also left a couple of cd's there. i was getting enough. oh, and finding the RZA's Digital Bullet was a true surprise! not only did i find that particular album but when i got home and checked it out on the internet its number didn't match the explicit lyrics number on allmusic. very weird. i was getting a bit worried even though mine had the explicit tag on it. checked out the clean version number. nope. not that either. cool. maybe i had a canadian version. also, the online cover everyone had was on the back of the case on mine. but i checked up the Wu-Tang site ... and it informed me i had the limited edition of the album :P very cool. mine has two bonus tracks on it. what are the chances of me finding a) this album in a used record store, and b) the fuckin' limited edition i'd never even heard about! very cool. thank you dude who sold it to them :)

oh, last night we finally did see Spider-Man 2 :) but i wanna gather my thoughts about it before committing them to the cyberworld (not that my feelings about it are that complicated; i actually have not one single negative comment to make about the film! it was a joyride almost 98% of the whole way.

okay. so the work week starts again tonight. urgh. the weekend went by way too fast.

Richard Dreyfuss is mighty pissed. and rightly so. blow job, blow job, blow job. there, i said it. these guys are idiots. get them out of office next november -- please!!!

np: yo la tengo, genius + love = yo la tengo (disc two)

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July 11, 2004

light posting is still in effect, it seems. no reason, really. there's just not that much happening. or i'm just not into it this week.

right now i'm looking up info on Yo La Tengo (wow. "speeding motorcycle" is playing right now - and it's excellent! it starts out as a radio call-in thing but then Georgia sings while a guitar strums along down in front. precious). i'm planning on going back to the (close-to-shady) used record store this afternoon and cleaning out their Yo La collection that's been sitting there gathering dust since last fall. but since they're mostly older albums/singles i wanted to make sure i got the right ones and not fall for cheesy compilations or poor albums (which, according to the allmusic ratings, is impossible). then i'm gonna swing by the real record store and snatch up Summer Sun.

the evening will finally see the roommate and i going to see Spider-Man 2. yeah, we're the last ones. but i'm still very much excited about it. the first one was really cool and lotsa fun, but it was marred by a rather pedestrian ending (the fight in the cemetary with the plastic Green Goblin). but Sam Raimi (and Tobey Maguire) know how to do this. i'm not scared.

np: yo la tengo, genius + love = yo la tengo

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July 09, 2004

happy friday, everyone. we made it.

boy is Hotmail feeling the heat from gmail! look for a very generous upgrade real soon ...
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As a valued MSN Hotmail Member, we want you to know that there are some exciting changes coming soon to your account that will help you do more, receive more and store more than ever before. And it's FREE.

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In addition to delivering world-class antivirus protection, you can also look forward to an upgrade in your storage capacity. In fact, you'll receive 125 times your current email storage with the introduction of a 250 MB inbox as well as the ability to send attachments up to 10 MB.

We'd like to thank you for being a valued MSN Hotmail Member and look forward to telling you about more exciting changes to your Hotmail account in the coming months.

We will send an update on when and how these exciting changes will be made to your account within two weeks. Please check your email for this important update.

Thank you, and enjoy the good news.

MSN Hotmail Member Services
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July 08, 2004

hello. there hasn't been much blogging on my part this week, has there? it's mostly because there hasn't been much going on, actually. we're finally down to thursday so my work week is almost over. hurrah for that.

the only worthy news this week was VP John Edwards (a great one). aside from that, nothing. oh, Ken Lay was finally indicted (doesn't he look strangely like Cheney in that pic? i had to look more closely to realize it wasn't dear old mr penguin himself. oh well. one can dream :) what's it been now - 3 years? about frickin time. hopefully CNN covers this. you think they'll even dare mention Bush in the same sentence? nope, don't think so. Larry Flint comes out with his book -- and yes, this is the one that includes the George W Bush abortion story :) the right-wing is gonna be busy this summer.

the Future Shop site finally has those season one tv sets for $30 (including 24). i haven't followed this one but Once Upon a Time in Mexico is now $17.99. rather cheap.

i got a bunch of great dvd's coming my way. hopefully they arrive tomorrow so i can start watching them this weekend (sunday is also the day i'll finally sit down for Spider-Man 2). i'm psyched.

wow. 24 hits it big in Japan and some radio station (i assume) had an all-night marathon (of the first season, i assume) ... and not a single person dropped out ! now that's one addictive show. we already knew that but that's still impressive. people who don't watch this show are so missing out. they have no idea. - link from tvtattle -

so that's pretty much it for now. have a great day. it looks rainy out here. talk to you soon.

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July 06, 2004

Kerry/Edwards 04 !

i totally slept on the announcement. i was online early but then i got too busy checking out various canadian dvd sites for the best prices on the Criterion Rebecca and Notorious sets when the announcement was due (btw, i just learned that the dvdboxoffice.com/Visa 15% off was only available for one purchase. fuck! i was so looking forward to getting a couple more dvd's. i've been unable find anymore coupons (other than their summer sale) for this site; i'd really fall in love if anyone could hook me up with some :)

back to politics. this is the ticket i wanted to see most (aside from the Clark ticket, which would've blown Bush/Cheney out of the water in the foreign policy/security department; but, Kerry can still appoint Wes Clark as his Sec of Defense in advance, thus making it one mighty team. i'm a bit surprised by the Edwards pick, though. i guess they've worked on their chemistry for the past week or so. good pick. let's see how this plays out now that Bush has taken Iraq off the news coverage for a week or two.

go take a look at the cover photo of the two on the Kerry site. it actually gives me hope :) now let's see that Bush/Cheney pic. lol :P

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July 05, 2004

Sidney Crosby's in town! (there hasn't been a top contender like this for ages. he can't be drafted until 2005 but scouts have had their eyes set on him as going #1 in the draft for a few years now, and they're pretty comfortable uttering his name with Gretzky's. yep, he's the next king.) how do i know he's in town? well, my roommate works as a higher-up at Sherwood and Sidney came in this morning to see where his equipment was being made (for some reason; it ain't no pr stunt). very cool. she asked me if i wanted anything signed and i told her to get an NHL puck signed if she could. hopefully he's still there this afternoon.

update, 2:09 pm: well, scratch that autograph thingy. he left before the roommate got there after lunch. a coworker got him to sign a blank piece of paper, though. lol :P strange. i'd never do that. the roommate did say she'd be quicker next time he came in. that's good.

what the fuck's happening with my Big Brother 5 schedule??? the show's starting this week and already we got a confusing schedule. the show will be air tuesday at 9, thursday at 8, and saturday at 9. that's the real schedule. so, for those keeping score at home, here's the real schedule for the first week, according to CBS:

tuesday: 8 pm - 9:30 pm
thursday: 8 pm - 9 pm
saturday: none for the next two weeks, apparently. way to start a season off, CBS!!

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July 04, 2004

alright. i'm only blogging this right now 'cause the feeling is immeasurably strange. i'm not gonna write about Gerry because, frankly, the film, whichever side of the fence you may find yourself falling on, is indescribable at best. but, what i can tell you is this -- i'm feeling weird right now. lol (btw, listening to PJ's new album does not help at all :) it's kind of like feeling stunned from the inside. there's no real reason to feel this way. the film doesn't end on a staggeringly majestic reveal or shocking surprise. my only guess is the overall tone of the film achieves this kind of odd instrospection (what?) that sends you kind of askew on the way out. it's weird. as i said, it's nothing specific about the film. but i'm in some kind of no man's land because of it. lol. (the first time this happened, and what an experience that was, was when i walked out of Natural Born Killers back in '94. and that was in a mall in the middle of the day! it's kind of strange walking out of that movie and feeling detached from other human beings but walking among them at the same time. it was kind of a dreamy, zombie-like atmosphere, unable to understand what or where you were. very strange.)

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hello. the cat is an ass. all she wants to do is wake me up at 7 every morning. happy 4th of July, folks. hopefully you'll also celebrate in november by voting in someone who has your interests at heart. in the meantime, go see Fahrenheit 9/11.

check this out: file-sharing is still very much legal in Canada. while i knew about the first ruling from march [ "The ruling is under appeal and in the meanwhile, as we reported on June 30, Canada's Supreme Court has decided unanimously that ISPs are "intermediaries" who aren't bound by Canadian copyright legislation" ], the second one got absolutely no buzz but is definitely a bit newsworthy (as well as the 'third' one caused by our vote in the federal elections last thursday). check them out and then skip over to the last couple of paragraphs for a look at our new government's views on the matter. here's a hint: it ain't changing for at least the next four years :) our Supreme Court rocks.

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July 03, 2004

nothing much happening today. got woken up by a phone call. the person did not leave a message. i think it's the landlord, who called back later. so this is the weekend, uh? i would've loved to have started it up with some nice sleep. fucked around this afternoon doing nothing, then decided i'd better get my ass in gear and get those groceries or else i'd starve to death. then i gave up and swung by the record store and picked up:

animal collective - sung tongs
the mountain goats - we shall all be healed

i'm about to order some pizza, which i'll eat tonight while watching a film or two (The Honeymoon Killers; and Flesh for Frankenstein if i have the time and i'm still awake by then).

right now, i'm bored out of my mind and hungry as hell.

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July 02, 2004

Marlon Brando is dead.

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today's our day off from the July 1st festivities. but i'm working tonight. last day of my first week back. nice. the week went by quickly, actually. i had fun.

so this weekend, like everyone else, i'll most probably be rocking me some Spider-Man 2. i'll also watch some of the discs i've received this week. working 4 pm - midnight, monday through friday, sucks up your movie-watching routine like crazy.

oh, anyone wants to recommend the new Cure album? or not. lemme know. heard the single once and it did not impress me. but i can't judge on one chance listen.

i'll finally post about the Paige Davis mini-controversy (so two days ago, really, though) because the pics are way better this time.

"warrior part 2" is definitely the standout track on the Lloyd Banks album. my head turns everytime it starts.

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July 01, 2004

happy Canada Day! please enjoy and celebrate with us. and if you're enjoying the official canadian moving day - tough shit, buddy. i'm just happy i'm not moving this year. but by tonight you'll be eating pizza and drinking beer, so chin up.

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