July 02, 2004

today's our day off from the July 1st festivities. but i'm working tonight. last day of my first week back. nice. the week went by quickly, actually. i had fun.

so this weekend, like everyone else, i'll most probably be rocking me some Spider-Man 2. i'll also watch some of the discs i've received this week. working 4 pm - midnight, monday through friday, sucks up your movie-watching routine like crazy.

oh, anyone wants to recommend the new Cure album? or not. lemme know. heard the single once and it did not impress me. but i can't judge on one chance listen.

i'll finally post about the Paige Davis mini-controversy (so two days ago, really, though) because the pics are way better this time.

"warrior part 2" is definitely the standout track on the Lloyd Banks album. my head turns everytime it starts.

np: lloyd banks, the hunger for more

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