August 30, 2006

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart presenting at the Emmy Awards. (check out some of the audience enjoying this - Harrison Ford, Dennis Haysbert, and , i think, Donald Sutherland :)

have a great day.

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August 27, 2006

dudes, it's raining like crazy this evening. i like that. the sky is dark and the rain can be heard on the windows from time to time. these are the best circumstances under which to watch a movie; which i shall finally do tonight. for some reason, i've had weeks and weeks where i could take in a film but i always end up milling about on the internets or watching the BB feeds. speaking of which...

BB7 | Erika took the secure route (and thank god for that). hopefully Janelle still has her eyes wide open. Boogie inserts an ignorant anti-Muslim view while 'mocking' Kaysar. the usually calm Erika unknowingly shows her ugly side (ugly to ugly, that is) by being strangely arrogant and condescending towards Chicken George, telling him that he and her have !AN ALLIANCE!. for some reason, she's starting to lose her mind. go Janelle :) ps. i was seriously hating Will for the despicable way he was playing this season, but i've turned a corner recently. i don't know why. maybe because he's taken Janelle under his wing this past week. i think the only season i hadn't watched before was Season 2. the Evil Dr. Will season. i'd heard about it, of course, but never saw it. these caps make me feel all funny inside. as if i'm watching a younger version of Dr Lecter during his first stab at BB. the experience is not there, but you can still see the brilliance and the madness in his playing. ...awesome! :) (having said that, no one will ever make me like Boogie. now that's a waste of a human being.)

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August 23, 2006

we had relatives over this weekend for a surprise birthday celebration for my mom. i had a chance to revisit the UK Office with one of my cousins. well, now this pops up. they're so gonna do a third series :P

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August 21, 2006

ate too much. too late. had relatives over the for weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday. invited them all as a surprise :) she didn't have a clue and loved it. yay. also watched the UK Office with a cousin (she loves the US version and fell hard for this one; that was fun), swam in the cold pool, and slept in the folding camper(?), me on one bed and my uncle and one cousin in the other bed at the front of the camper while rain poured down on top. it was actually quite beautiful. had the brilliant idea to take my iPod with me so i was listening to some great songs as i lay semi-awake in there :) it was nice.

love this horoscope (and i believe it, as things have started flowing in that direction recently--and thank god they have. it's great when things go as smoothly and effortlessly in that department :)

This week: 21/08/2006-27/08/2006
Take charge! As the week begins, others look to you to take the lead - even if it's just to pick a few fancy dance steps. From Wednesday afternoon and on through Friday, you can expect to be exceptionally perceptive. You're always ready to lend a sympathetic ear, of course, but that's even truer right now. This weekend, you're a veritable magnet for affection and admiration. Nobody can resist your easygoing charms, so expect a momentous weekend, whether you're happily coupled or free and flirting.
and this one too:
You're Christopher Columbus on Monday. You're leading ships full of people towards an exciting discovery. How you came to be the leader you're not exactly sure, but you tend to fall into leadership roles rather smoothly on a regular basis. Tuesday and Wednesday, the big picture is clear to you. The details? Someone else will handle those. Thursday and Friday, some celebrating is in order. In a social situation, take a passive role. Let someone else be the life of the party. Listen up, and what you learn may amaze you. Saturday and Sunday are super days: romantic, beautiful and busy (in a good way).

Kal Penn just signed up for 24? alright. i like him and he should fit right in, but i'm not sure about the whole Muslim/mosque angle - again. maybe someone fucked up and his role is pure speculation, because how many times can they sidestep the obvious China thread now? i want a Chinese/24 Prison Break goddammit. we need to shake things up. for the record, i do believe this'll be the year we get away from terrorist plots (crossing my fingers).

BB7 | Janelle is gonna need some serious detoxing after what Mr. Blinky is putting her through. she's brainwashed. i really hope James' efforts to go back to her are genuine. they could wreck havoc together in that house.

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August 18, 2006

this should be the most popular page this weekend (note -- so people know what they're getting into as it seems this film hasn't been screened yet and it's opening day and all. just saying).

"I see that you've chosen a life of celibacy with that haircut."
James, BB7

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August 17, 2006

not dead. just not enough time in the day (even my sleep has been cut down by a couple of hours every night). talk to you all soon.

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August 11, 2006

BB7 | sad to see Kaysar leave. but he did say he felt out of it this year. it explains the depression he was in a few weeks back. hating James right now. i wasn't before but he left Kaysar way too early. he could've opened up to him and helped him out more before the replacement nominations were made. pulling for Janie and Howie (yeah, i'm back to loving Janie again :)

why do i always feel, work wise, that thursdays are like fridays, recently? true.

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August 09, 2006

fairies, dude. fairies !!
(and is this the first time a non-movie trailer dude narrates a trailer? well, if there's one guy i'd love to do it, it's Jack.)

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August 07, 2006

BB7 | Will is the biggest hypocrite of them all. he keeps throwing Marcellus under the bus for kissing HOH ass from week to week. well, Dr Will, your ass has been steadily hanging out in the HOH room for the past two weeks now. what do you wanna say about that? (and i've never seen Dr Will be on the defensive or feeling weak, but when he was talking with Danielle in the HOH room, even though he was throwing names, trying to feel the situation, and schmooze Dani, you could see fear in his eyes! it was so weird. and then you've got Boogie acting all scared when she's around them in the hottub. they fear her. that's a good thing. i hope she's sees that they're playing her as well.) and, Will, i guess your ass doesn't wanna go home anymore since i haven't even heard you mention it once in the past three weeks. too bad the other House GUests aren't picking up on that and kicking your ass out. James is backing himself into a corner again this year, playing two, three sides. he seems more loyal to Dani, since he's mostly relaying information to her and not taking what she's saying outside the HOH room. but he's also really good with the S6. i haven't seen post-Veto comp action. i really hope James and the S6 realize they can save Kaysar by having James call out Will to Dani. that's the only scenario i see that could work to keep Kaysar in the game (is she unwilling to put him up now? it's not clear anymore, pre-Veto comp). but that's my best case scenario. pleasepleaseplease, James! help Kaysar out! he could do it. he has it in him.

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August 05, 2006

i've been a fucking ghost, as far as Blogger is concerned this past month, haven't i? well, you can't really blame me, what with the sun and immediate access to the pool every day :) and then there's BB7. this week has been quiet, after Janelle's erratic/shady nominations and veto process.

BB7 | i've finally caught back up to thursday's show. i'm about to start the HOH comp. no idea who won yet, so shhh on that for now, please. thank you:)

that's about it. the feeds have kept me really busy. i'm trying to give the sun most of my time, though. taking advantage of that this summer. speaking of which, my mom and her boyfriend left this morning (how high school does that sound??!) for an 11-day camping trip :) so anyone in need of some pool activity, please drop by. i've also started looking into getting a digital camera. i'd been checking them out from time to time earlier this year but i really want one for this fall when i go visit my brother out west. and i don't want a flimsy one either just for the trip. i want quality (although not SLR quality just yet - my wallet still needs a bit of catching up if i wanna be able to play at the same level as my tastes are running ;) i've always had an eye for visual art, and i've had some opportunity to take pictures. my dad was an avid photographer. i still have his old Yashica camera (although it's not working); he took it on every trip with us. so yeah, i've always loved taking pictures but i haven't had a chance to experiment or delve as fully into it as i would have liked to. but this trip is the perfect chance to finally get on with this wish, get a good camera and start taking pictures. i've started looking at cameras more seriously this past week, and one of my top choices right now is Canon's Powershot S3 IS (although, if i had the money, or generous friends, i'd go for Canon's Digital Rebel XT SLR in a second). it's a good price and i've been looking at pictures taken with it on Flickr to judge the camera's picture quality and some of the results are simply astounding. this might be it for me.

have a great evening.

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August 01, 2006

hey. haven't been a good blogger lately, have i? well, the BB7 feeds have made sure i had almost no social life this past week. they're fun. maybe a little too much fun as they are addictive as hell :) i had a nice weekend and that's what i wanted to drop a note about. sunday i did something i'd never done in my entire life (nope. not the donkey thing) - i met a 'net friend :) first time in my life. and it was sweet as hell, and it was weird having this person know me without ever having met her in real life. (the wonders of the net.) that's all i wanted to say. i don't feel like going into detail because we didn't do anything flashy. but what we did do was fun and done in style, and i loved it :)

BB7 | Janelle is a fucking dumb bitch. period. she was blindsided big-time. and why can't anyone just ask her why she won't put up Will instead?? doesn't she see Will has stopped saying he was miserable in the house for the past week or so? he's ready to come out. and sequester is where it will all begin. i haven't seen who she put up against Erika yet but i really hope someone talked some sense into her thick, lovelorn skull. come on, Janie! think, dammit! James. this is your time to shine. save the S6! if Janie goes with this plan, i will not feel sorry for her from now until the game ends. this is the dumbest, silliest move ever. and the fact that everyone around is telling her this should be a big enough clue for her to see Will played her. BB, baby, payback. i would now hope that the S6 would scatter and James and Kaysar team up. they've been working really well this season (especially in light of Janelle's dumbass veto logic).
end of rant:)

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