August 07, 2006

BB7 | Will is the biggest hypocrite of them all. he keeps throwing Marcellus under the bus for kissing HOH ass from week to week. well, Dr Will, your ass has been steadily hanging out in the HOH room for the past two weeks now. what do you wanna say about that? (and i've never seen Dr Will be on the defensive or feeling weak, but when he was talking with Danielle in the HOH room, even though he was throwing names, trying to feel the situation, and schmooze Dani, you could see fear in his eyes! it was so weird. and then you've got Boogie acting all scared when she's around them in the hottub. they fear her. that's a good thing. i hope she's sees that they're playing her as well.) and, Will, i guess your ass doesn't wanna go home anymore since i haven't even heard you mention it once in the past three weeks. too bad the other House GUests aren't picking up on that and kicking your ass out. James is backing himself into a corner again this year, playing two, three sides. he seems more loyal to Dani, since he's mostly relaying information to her and not taking what she's saying outside the HOH room. but he's also really good with the S6. i haven't seen post-Veto comp action. i really hope James and the S6 realize they can save Kaysar by having James call out Will to Dani. that's the only scenario i see that could work to keep Kaysar in the game (is she unwilling to put him up now? it's not clear anymore, pre-Veto comp). but that's my best case scenario. pleasepleaseplease, James! help Kaysar out! he could do it. he has it in him.

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