July 27, 2006

Friendster / Libra:
" When you catch a glimpse of your potential future, don't fret. Just embrace it. "
i like that idea. hopefully it could come in the form of a romance...? :) thanks.

BB7 | been über-busy these past few days watching the feeds. holy damn hell, how much more time-consuming can this show get??? but a lot of fun. a lot.

i also took out my father's old Miami Vice soundtrack :) (ah, nostalgia... :) 80's adult contemporary has a way of bringing me back to my childhood.) i took it with me in the car to listen to because a) it's been ages since i listened to it, and b) there's a good chance i might see the Michael Mann flick this weekend (going down to Montreal sunday to catch Clerks II with a friend; Miami Vice might also interest him).

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July 26, 2006

it's really not a good sign that i'm still looking at reviews and holding back on getting Pharrell's In My Mind, even a day after its release.

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July 24, 2006

okay. here you go. i hope you're having a great monday morning. i'm gonna try and take advantage of the sun while it's still out (supposed to rain like crazy this week). so Colin Farrell gets heckled by a lady Dessarae Bradford on the Jay Leno show. someone on The Superficial found her myspace, but one click and you are directed to a note reading "this profile is undergoing routine maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience! " yeah. right. but if you're a little crafty you can find the cached version of her myspace (thanks, Google!), which has a link to her (team of lawyers'?) website. (here's her alternate myspace, complete with the Colin Farrell Is My Bitch song, and a nice photo of the girl.)

iPod War. nothing more to say.
i am fuel, you are friends*

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July 23, 2006

Darren Aronofsky did you a favour and injected the hard drugs directly into the film for ya.

BB7 | ohmygod. the food comp is hilarious. play along with the sexual innuendos :) especially Boogie&Diane. wow. too funny :)

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July 21, 2006

BB7 | CBS tackles the Mr & Mrs Smith issue with a collection of allusions on the parts of the hamsters - and Jase & Diane. nice. btw, Jase and Diane had a brief conversation that alluded to the secret alliance last night. this looks for real. (fuck. how much more annoying can the CBS streams be? and why the fuck aren't they working yet??)

hilarious comment of the day:

Kay: "Howie, I've decided that when I get married, I'm going to have you killed."
Howie: "So am I not invited to the wedding?"
Kay: "Howie, you're not invited to my life."

pretty funny letter to Luke Wilson courtesy of Steely Dan.

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July 20, 2006

BB7 | Erika should've taken Nakomis off the Block and Kaysar should've then put up Boogie.

Diane vs Boogie, not much of a contest (especially compared to Nak vs Boogie, which would've been dicier because Nak is one of the smartest person in there) - thus, you get Boogie out. and as Marcellus so brilliantly pointed out, you still keep the biggest target in the house (Will). but no. somehow, everyone who had power this week got shit-scared and did nothing.

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July 16, 2006

Paul Dinello, USA 2005

YOU WHORE!!! okay, now, let's get straight to it. are you a fan of Strangers With Candy, the series? yes--come on in. no--do yourself a favour and go rent the tv series. now. Colbert, Dinello, and Sedaris did something wonderful in adapting the cult tv series for the big screen - they made it a prequel. this way, people who haven't heard of it can watch and enjoy it, and the fans get some juicy backstory to their favorite characters. they pulled off the story without dumbing the series down. not everyone will go with the humor (my radar for their comedy has been shot, thanks to the hilarious series, so i can't see where the line is anymore), but those who do will find an enjoyable 97 minutes of their time filled with hilarity and punchlines. it's an extended episodes. but a fun one. part of my feelings for this film were influenced by the screening i attended tonight in Montreal (the Canadian Premiere !). in attendance were Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello, which made the experience worth driving 90 minutes to Montreal, on my own, for (and they also stayed for an unannounced, brief post-screening Q&A). seeing the film with fans was essential to me, so this screening was perfect beyond belief. but the thing is, Just For Laughs didn't seem to even promote it beyond their website. of course people started lining up outside the venue an hour before showtime. i was thankful to see other fans there. but once inside, i saw that the theatre was only mildly filled. the centre aisle was well filled-out, and the audience reactions were cheerful and generous, but i couldn't help feel a bit bad for Amy and Paul who'd come all the way to Montreal for this thing. there. quasi-rant over:) now, what about the film, you ask. everyone's back, the story line is as classic as any corny movie could be but it's so well-handled that everything runs as smoothy as the series did. it's still HIL-arious and un-PC as ever. these guys are alone in treading this territory. no one has even dared follow them down the road to gleeful desecration as this team plays with. if you're a fan of the series, fear not - Colbert, Dinello, and Amy haven't screwed the pooch. on the contrary, they still had more of these wonderful stories to tell. you will not be disappointed. as for newcomers - please don't embarass yourselves and abstain; there's also a third category: the curious - enjoy this film. everyone is spectacular in it (and no fake cries like Stephen can--really happy they used it for the film:) a special ps goes to Amy Sedaris for another grand performance as the one-and-only Jerri Blank. here's (blindly) hoping there's even more of Jerri in the near future. and a special, extra special note goes to David Pasquesi, aka Stew the Meat Man, who did an outstanding job, actually raising the bar on his performance for the film. huge thumbs up all around.

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July 15, 2006

witness my horoscope for today -- the day i'm driving down to Montreal to check out Strangers with Candy:
Saturday Jul 15, 2006

Travel somewhere different. It will revitalize you and encourage creative ideas that can turn into something lucrative. Love, romance, passion and intrigue are highlighted today.
i'm spent. but the work week's over -- yessss.

BB7 | god i am so much in love with James working with the Jedi this season. it's like a new twist on an old favorite, but instead of cheapening it, it only makes it even sweeter! :) it's nice to see him opening up and working with someone (especially the S6; couldn't have chosen a better team). wow. loving Janey and Kaysar's logic for putting up Diane and Nakomis. these guys are putting a lot of work into it. they even have the Veto Competition covered! can't wait to see how it all plays out. ps. props for Canada at 8:34 pm from Nak & Kaysar.

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July 14, 2006

what up, Kaysar !!
i swear i had a hunch he'd get it this week. although it's a bit early. he was successfully flying under the radar so far, studying the other Hammies, Nakomis is too smart a p;layer not to put him up so he did good. the only way he can get through this week unscathed is if he does the house's work and gets a consensus on who to vote out. this way he doesn't put a target on his back and they get another threat out of the house. ps. glad to see Ali, and not Danielle, go.

ahhh. i'm loving this James/Kaysar exchange. hopefully they work together on this.

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July 13, 2006

ohmyfrickinggod. Bob (Gainey) finally does the unthinkable and acquires, not one, but two players - on the same day! and just like that -BAM- Sergei Samsonov is now a Hab, and he's reunited with Kovalev ! ohmyfrickinggod, indeed :) i'm kinda sad to see Zednik go, but i was also hoping he'd find a good fit sometime soon. he's been hurting since the McLaren hit. although there was a major improvement in his game this past season. slowly but surely, it did look like he was on his way back. we also got Mike Johnson. never heard of him but his stats are impressive (and 6'2 ??! oh yeah! :) and he's a much need RW. people seem to be as excited as i am about the Samsonov signing. Kovalev and Samsonov on the same line. yummm. can we skip to October already? :) and this, on the day the NHL unveils the new schedule :) this season is gonna be a hell of a lot of fun to watch!

anyone on the Strangers bandwagon? no? anyone?
here's the greatest, most accurate, quote on Amy, courtesy of Stephen Colbert:
"She's an idiot savant—and her savant is making faces."
i'm getting revved up for the film on saturday. i wasn't sure at first, since i'm going on my own, but if it's packed with Strangers fans (which it should be since the showing is not overly-promoted (thank god), this should be special indeed :)

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July 12, 2006

oh my god. with last night's episode of BB7, i'm already starting to fall for Dr Will. lol :P
i've followed him a bit through the feeds (btw, i missed his BB season so this is my first exposure to the Evil Doctor), and knew how scheming and calculating he could be, but this was my first major exposure to his fucking charm! i love him :) (i still want James, Kaysar, and Janie to win, though, of course. but please keep Will on as long as possible for entertainment purposes.)

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well. i can confirm it now. this saturday, i will be at Montreal's magnificient Imperial theatre to see ... STRANGERS WITH CANDY !!! :)
a full week before it's theatrical release :)
(here's the -kinda edgy- site for the film.)

oh, and who will also be there, you ask?

oh, only Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello, of course ;)

the film will be presented as part of the Montreal Just For Laughs festival. tickets are $9, taxes included. i jumped at the chance. i was gonna go down to Montreal to see the film in two weeks anyway (because i'm sure it's not gonna show here) and it's even cheaper this way! and seeing it with people who are familiar with the series is an essential way to experience the film. but to also have Amy and Paul present the freakin' film, at the Imperial, non less (my favorite movie theatre!), was just something i couldn't miss :) i asked a friend who'd be interested but he can't make it saturday, so i'm going on my own. damn it all to hell. some things are just too perfect to pass up :)
hey, if you're in town saturday night and don't know what to do at 10 pm, please give this a try :)

here's Amy's inspired celebrity playlist.

ps. i purchased the following today:

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July 11, 2006

OOH! did Materazzi call Zidane a terrorist ???
he denies it ("not cultured" enough? come the fuck on), of course, but that would definitely warrant a kick in the face from me, if true.

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July 09, 2006

okay. i figured out why the BB7 hamsters are boring right now. first off, it's the first week. everyone's feeling each other out. but the biggest reason they're all rehashing past seasons and not getting into it right away is this -- they've been here before! in previous seasons, it was all new and exciting. they were watched 24/7 and got on tv. this time, every single one of them has done this for months before. they're used to it. the gears are taking a bit more time to get going. this is their summer home. give it a week or two and it'll get interesting. (btw, Dr Will is constantly singing a song or talking about brand names or people who haven't signed waivers. CBS are obligated to cut the feeds everytime. dunno what the purpose is other than to piss them off, though. his plan to appear bigger than the game might backfire. they're bound to kick his ass for real sometime soon (they did admonish him this weekend but he started anew after keeping quiet for a few hours.)

the Montreal Canadiens are gonna try out 21 prospects this week. the list looks awesome, packed with hugely-promising talents we can't wait to see in the NHL; but the coolest thing? i know a guy in that list ;) i work with his sister on a daily basis. she'll be back in a week, the tryout will be over, so i'll be able to ask her how it went.

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July 08, 2006

Thom Yorke's The Eraser - $9.99 at Future Shop (7/11).

god i love her (and i had no idea she was coming out with her third album already). here's another one i'll have to get next tueday:
Peaches - Impeach My Bush (also on XL). $13.99 at FS.

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July 07, 2006

holyfuck. Montreal arthouse movie theatre Cinéma du Parc is closing at the end of the month! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

this was the movie theatre i would go to everytime i went to Montreal. i was planning on going this month (hoping they'd have Strangers with Candy July 21st). the atmosphere was sublime and the film selection impeccable. i really am saddened by this news. i guess i'll go one last time.

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BB7: All-Stars Season Premiere.

yeah. hmm. that was kinda meh, wasn't it? or maybe i'm just used to reading the live feeds so episodes always feel overly-edited and simplified in comparison. that could be it. (they did have to edit over a week into a 42-minute show.) anyway. Howie = major buzzkill. i can't even get excited when he's on-screen now. it's just not funny anymore. Mike Boogie = who the fuck are you? get out of my tv. oh, and Chicken George? isn't your midlife crisis over by now? those are the three people i don't see in this All-Stars edition. though i have a bad feeling we'll be getting rid of bigger and better players before their asses get handed their walking papers. can't wait to start reading the live feeds again. so much drama, you wouldn't believe :) so much better too. but i'm gonna have to get back into that mode again. it's not easy because it can suck your summer away like *that*. btw, CBS will stream every episode the very next day on their site if you weren't able to catch them on tv. very cool move.

oh, the Emmy nominations also came out today.

24 got the most (with 12?). great to see them back. and rightly so. although i did have problems with Kiefer's performance this season. he was a bit too shrill-all-the-time for me. after a few episodes i just didn't see the point. poeple are not asleep!! Gregory Itzin gets one for President Logan :D couldn't have made me happier. btw, Itzkin = coolest actor ever. ... and Jean Smart !!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh fucking hell--YES!!!!!!!! :D i wasn't dreaming after all. they were so delicious. awesome. (holy shit. psst ...Joel Surnow wants to bring them both back for Season 6... :D go for it, dude. go for it.) great to see dad Donald getting one for Human Trafficking (which i've yet to see). ooh, and Andre Braugher got one for Thief. awesome. love him.

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July 06, 2006

are you F-ING READY???

reality blurred got the best opening paragraph on the show.
for those of you who don't get the show -- see you all in three months :)


oh, and happy birthday, fucker.

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July 05, 2006


so Big Brother: All-Stars starts airing thursday evening at 8. (be there.)
but, it seems yesterday the feeds went online for about an hour. it was only audio, but it was enough for fans to recognize the houseguests ! :) and a possible twist (didn't read that part, myself).

as i said, holyfuckingshitalmightygod :) enjoy.

Tim, we're in for another exciting summer! :)

ps. Spoilers in the comments.

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July 03, 2006

brilliant promotional push for Thom's The Eraser :)

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July 02, 2006

well, the ex-roommate and i did our final bill tallying this morning. i'm glad it's over because it was kind of hanging over my head a bit because i knew he'd owe me some money on it. last time we'd done it was in January; so we had 6 months-worth of bills to add up. i'd done my part last night so i knew what to expect. we did his part this morning. his girlfriend, though, who would owe me for the rent i was leaving her (i left on the 10th and she moved in on the 17th - leaving her full access to an almost empty apartment to repaint and renovate however the fuck she wanted for an entire week; a week she had taken off work, btw). we hadn't settled on an amount but i trusted her. being a fellow Libra we'd gotten along really well over the years. but--as soon as i asked her this morning if she'd thought of an amount, she closed up on me and said i'd told her to forget it a while back. she seemed pissed that i was going back on my word. the thing is, those words were never uttered. (why the fuck would i piss on over at least a hundred bucks, i have no idea.) the only time we'd talked about it was the first time she knew she would be moving in on the 17th. i didn't have a date yet but she said she'd compensate me for the extra weeks (i said i was looking into moving before July 1st, if possible). she said i told her to forget this when i told her about my official moving date a couple of weeks later. now, i remember that conversation - we talked about keeping the phone and electricity until later dates, etc. she says i don't remember saying to forget the rent and how it was to my advantage to forget. WTF? she knows me. she knows i wouldn't lie or go back on my word like that. i could tell she may have expected a have a fight over this. but why, if i wasn't gonna ask her about it? anyway. her boyfriend felt weird, caught between the two of us again (my relationship with her soured during the last couple of weeks before i moved out - i blogged about it a few weeks ago). the roommate later told me he was happy i stayed calm about it. it was getting weird and tense. i didn't wanna end it on a bitter note so i stayed calm. i felt insulted but it was so surreal that i also took it in stride and found a couple of ways to keep it light. anyway. we'll move on. she'll move on. she did write me a cheque for my part of the remaining two weeks of June because she wanted to get it over with :) nice. before i left, i did go back to say thanks :) the ex-roommate was happy with that and kinda apologized for the girlfriend. i was just disappointed in her. i do believe she heard me saying to forget it, so i'm not holding it against her. but i never said it. as kinda-ugly as it got, i'm really glad that's done and over with now, though. i was a bit stressed about it beforehand.

enjoy the rest of your day.

oh, and i got this at Archambault. during the next week, they're featuring an artist a day that's playing the Montreal Jazz Festival and pricing their latest album at $11.99CDN :)

it's been busy in the NHL since yesterday. UFA deadlines and all. a lot of trades were made and a lot more are still up for grabs.
we were able to figure out the Habs were trying to nab Patrik Elias but he was re-signed by the Devils late last night/early this morning. but check out the link for some cool little inside info on the Elias deal and how he almost became a Hab. very cool. waiting for Gainey to sign someone else. soon would be better :) there's still a lot of cool players left (then we move on to trade season).

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July 01, 2006

Happy CANADA DAY, everyone! :)

enjoy your day (it's actually quite beautiful outside this morning. not a cloud in sight; it's been raining most of the week).

ps. Rick Rubin produced the Dixie Chicks' Taking The Long Way ?????????????????????
that's awesome.

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