July 13, 2006

ohmyfrickinggod. Bob (Gainey) finally does the unthinkable and acquires, not one, but two players - on the same day! and just like that -BAM- Sergei Samsonov is now a Hab, and he's reunited with Kovalev ! ohmyfrickinggod, indeed :) i'm kinda sad to see Zednik go, but i was also hoping he'd find a good fit sometime soon. he's been hurting since the McLaren hit. although there was a major improvement in his game this past season. slowly but surely, it did look like he was on his way back. we also got Mike Johnson. never heard of him but his stats are impressive (and 6'2 ??! oh yeah! :) and he's a much need RW. people seem to be as excited as i am about the Samsonov signing. Kovalev and Samsonov on the same line. yummm. can we skip to October already? :) and this, on the day the NHL unveils the new schedule :) this season is gonna be a hell of a lot of fun to watch!

anyone on the Strangers bandwagon? no? anyone?
here's the greatest, most accurate, quote on Amy, courtesy of Stephen Colbert:
"She's an idiot savant—and her savant is making faces."
i'm getting revved up for the film on saturday. i wasn't sure at first, since i'm going on my own, but if it's packed with Strangers fans (which it should be since the showing is not overly-promoted (thank god), this should be special indeed :)

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