March 28, 2007

NY Rangers 4 Montreal 6

and the Habs manage to get another win in this most crucial time of the NHL season (with 5 games to go to win a playoff spot). wow. an amazing 5-goal streak at the beginning of the second period put the Habs on top of the Rangers who'd managed to score 2 in the first. the offensive pressure was just there tonight for the Canadiens. a great game. almost playoff type of hockey. it's getting there :) and thankfully, all the teams that needed to lose to help us out lost tonight!! (thank you, Toronto, for taking care of Carolina :) i'm still alright with them not making the playoffs this year (we might not know until the very last game in 10 days against the Leafs in Toronto), but right now, it's exciting hockey we're seeing from our team.

omg--expect this to be up on Tim's blog in a matter of minute: Shirley for PETA.
ps. hadn't realized other artists had done the same kind of pictures for PETA before.

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March 27, 2007

i've ordered myself the 2 Million Dollar Home. :)
we'll see if i can get it before the weekend. hope hope.

(btw, i didn't go with the 3 Million because i just realized i can't put lenses on my S3, only adapters. i have no idea how longer they can make my lense but i assume not that much. if i ever do choose to go that 'professional'.)

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March 25, 2007

Washington 1 Montreal 4

wow. i'm happy to see the work ethic stick with each consecutive game now. even through our spectacular start of the season, the players never worked as consistently as they are now. seemed to be some trouble keeping things up but this is inspiring. and my star, Alex Kovalev, is taking matters into his own hands (playoff time is ahead) with two goals. he's obviously turned the rockets on this past week and it's a wonderful time to be a Habs fans. we're mounting quite a little comeback here.

Olie Kolzig talks Carey Price in a great little interview that took place yesterday in Montreal. the Washington goalie is one of the owners of Price's Western Hockey League Tri-City Americans.

Win Butler/The A.V. Club interview. Win and i, like, totally have the same favorite movie-of-all-time (ie. Brazil)!

on the heels of buying my Canon Powershot S3IS the other week (starting to get some shots in; getting accustomed, both back to photography and this camera), i now need a camera bag. i just found this great line from Crumpler. looking into it a bit more, they got a canadian site. right now i've almost settled on their 2 Million Dollar Home. looks good. not too pricey. and it seems to fit the S3 like a glove. anyone have any suggestions for such a bag? i just want to be able to carry the camera around with an extra set of batteries. i don't need anything too big or professional for now.

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March 23, 2007

Montreal 6 Boston 3

wow. they came back in the third period from a 3-1 deficit to win the game. and then put extra nails in Boston's coffin! :) love the outcome. let's see this confidence continue with some consistency on saturday night against the Caps.

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March 19, 2007

SNL - homerun edition:
Jason Sudeikis, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Bill Hader / Chris Rock

(via popbytes)

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March 18, 2007

Christopher Nolan, usa uk 2006

is anyone else as confused as i am? (as well as entirely enraptured. obviously.)

(cannot reveal anything.)

i just had to dock a few points off just for not having a more grandiose reveal at the end. although i spent almost all of the film in complete ignorance, the pieces did make themselves a bit obvious towards the end, just before the big reveal. too bad. up until that point, the tension was held up high. Nolan masterfully juggled a few storylines while still keeping it rather simple. Christian Bale was fantastic as Bowden, being both enigmatic and wonderfully charismatic. he held my attention everytime he appeared on-screen. and Bowie as Tesla was just too good :) end of story. i'm just glad they didn't have the ending be a hundred little Hugh Jackmans running around. but up to that point? solid filmmaking from Christopher Nolan, who's leading the pack of original and unique filmmakers.

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Toronto 2 Montreal 3 (SO)

!!!!! the Habs beat the Maple Leafs. hadn't seen that in a while. and as usual, it took a shootout to decide who got the 2 points in the standings. Andrei Kostitsyn shone up to his talent. the guy is amazing to watch. so now we're deadlocked in 9th (11th) place with the Islanders having two games more to play than us and Toronto one more game left to play. but we're tied in 9th right now and that's what's important :) i still don't think this team can be turned around quickly enough for a long playoff run. but it's fun to see them get things right. hadn't experienced that in a while.

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March 17, 2007

Happy (40th) Birthday, Billy Corgan!

in hockey news, the Habs lost 6-3 against the Pens last night. the full-on effort was there for at least a period and a half. the fifth goal sealed our faith, though. we're battling the Leafs at the Bell Centre tonight (7PM, CBC/RDS). this should be a great game.

update: KOVALEV IS IN tonight!!!
wow. great news. hopefully, Carbo still keeps the youth movement intact (where the hell do you put Kovalev??). Murray should easily sit this one out.

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March 14, 2007

New York Islanders 3 Montreal 5

Alex Kovalev sat the game out burdened with a case of vertigo probably caused by the flu that sidelined him earlier this month, but the little that couldn't anymore could last night and came back from 2-0 to win the game 5-3 against the Islanders. it was finally a beauty to watch as the puck went in after hard work and some much needed energy. it was fun being a Habs fan again. they gave us hope last night (not for a playoff run - i'm alright with them even not even making them. let's face it, as of right now, even if they did get in, i wouldn't expect them to play more than 5 or 6 games).

i may get to that 300 review at some point (i would love to put my feelings into words but it's such a slippery, and yes--subtle, experience that for now i can't see myself doing it justice). but i'll say this, though - i feel the film is getting an unfair treatment from the people who are describing it as simply being a dumb violent flick. those reviews made my confidence falter before seeing the film. but i'm glad i still went because there is heart, content, and character everywhere in this flick, thanks to Frank Miller's pen and Zack Snyder's mighty direction. no idea why the detractors aren't seeing it. but it's there. // i'm the first one to check out of a film if there's even an ounce of stupidity in its storytelling.

oh, crap - Universal might remake Bong Joon-ho's eeeeexcellent The Host ... goddammit. btw, i saw the original's poster in the lobby of the theater this weekend while seeing 300. so somebody picked it up for North American distribution. right? this, just as i received the original's dvd friday :)

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March 10, 2007

i'm not dead. i just finally ordered something last weekend. it's something i'd read up on months ago, i spent those months watching its price drop (slightly) but never pulling the trigger on it. well, last weekend it got too good. as good as i never thought i'd see it. so i did it. i spent all week tracking my baby's movement online all the way home :)

it is the Canon Powershot S3 IS.
last summer i started to feel the itch to get back into taking pictures again. i did so, off and on, with my father's reliable 35mm yeeeears ago. but stopped at one point. then it stopped working. that's when my brother mailed it back to me last year. lol. anyway. the camera was always around $499CDN. trying to pay off my credit card, i was gonna wait for a price drop. it never dropped much below $450. but last weekend i stumbled upon a great deal over at Mostly Digital. $399CDN. free shipping. after seeing their stock go from 3 to 1 in an afternoon i decided to jump in. i also tracked down a 1GB 150x memory card and some NiMH batteries and charger. i was a bit adamant to order it because i hadn't planned to buy it right now but the price was just too good to pass up. i'd never see it as low. as for the camera, as i said, i did extensive research on it months ago so i was confident i was getting an excellent point-and-shoot camera. no fears about it. and so far, i'm getting more and more excited by it.

so that's pretty much what's been happening with me lately.
oh, i also managed to wrangle a couple of friends from work for a last-minute plan to go catch 300 at the IMAX in Montreal tomorrow evening :) really psyched about that. once i knew the trip was a possibility, there was no way i was gonna see this film other than in IMAX :) i'm even more surprised this plan got done because a) my plans rarely follow through, and b) this was done and sealed thursday afternoon. anyway, i'll let you know how it goes :) (great little EW interview with Frank Miller > jürgen fauth’s muckworld.)

the Habs just (barely) won 4-3 against St-Louis. thank you once again, mr Kovalev. let the naysayers figure this one out :)
(here's a great pic of the mighty Kovalev after scoring his winning goal. check out the St-Louis kid at the right ;)

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March 06, 2007

okay. now if you don't watch canadian tv, more precisely, Radio-Canada, you are missing one of the best shows on television (now in its second season) Les Invincibles. and why would you be interested in such a show? well, last night, and against all things probable in the known universe, the show (more precisely, last week's recap) was introduced by none other than a dish-washing sir Frank Black. :) now how f---ing cool is that?? :)

update - and they had the fucking balls to end the episode with a beautiful cover from Kim Bingham (musical supervisor for the show) of Where Is My Mind !!!

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