March 18, 2007

Christopher Nolan, usa uk 2006

is anyone else as confused as i am? (as well as entirely enraptured. obviously.)

(cannot reveal anything.)

i just had to dock a few points off just for not having a more grandiose reveal at the end. although i spent almost all of the film in complete ignorance, the pieces did make themselves a bit obvious towards the end, just before the big reveal. too bad. up until that point, the tension was held up high. Nolan masterfully juggled a few storylines while still keeping it rather simple. Christian Bale was fantastic as Bowden, being both enigmatic and wonderfully charismatic. he held my attention everytime he appeared on-screen. and Bowie as Tesla was just too good :) end of story. i'm just glad they didn't have the ending be a hundred little Hugh Jackmans running around. but up to that point? solid filmmaking from Christopher Nolan, who's leading the pack of original and unique filmmakers.

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