October 31, 2006

after months and months and months -- i finally sold my 1995 VW Golf today! :D
this is such a relief. i wasn't getting any calls these past few weeks, even when i kept dropping the price and paying for saturday ads in the paper. a guy came to check it out saturday. he was really interested. i got under my asking price but i didn't want to hold on to it through the winter and have it not be worth anything come springtime. i'm alright with the price. it's definitely a HUGE relief. i'll start realizing it in a few days. i just got back from finishing the deal. hallelujah :)

have a great day.

Sens vs Habs tonight on Sportsnet East and RDS.

10:11 PM

...and the Habs won 4-2 against the Sens :D after a scoreless period, Higgins finally got things going with a beautiful short-handed goal, and almost scored a second one 15 seconds later with another turnover at the Ottawa blue line. things got out of hand with a couple of minutes left to the game with Montreal scoring twice in a matter of minutes. good news is the Koivu line was able to move around a lot more than on saturday night against the Leafs, but the greatest news was the new Kovalev-Samsonov-Perezhogin which looked spectacular and incredibly comfortable with each other already after playing a few shifts together on saturday (watch that Samsonov pass for the Kovalev goal).

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October 29, 2006

is apparently upon us.

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October 28, 2006

Toronto 5 Montreal 4 SO

another saturday Habs-Leafs matchup that has to be decided in a shootout. the Habs lost this won. but what a story! first off, Samsonov, who was demoted to the fourth line this week so that ocach guy Carboneau could spark the second line, scores two beautiful goals for Montreal, after being beaten by the Leafs and trailing 4-2 after 50 minutes. not only that, he also scores on the first Montreal shootout try. what a game it was. Aebischer was spectacular. the Habs were weak and outplayed for most of the first two periods (as usual against Toronto), but damn did they come back strong. we got a point! :)

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October 27, 2006

Montreal 3 Boston 2

Andrei Markov scored with a second left in the game to give the Habs the win over the Bruins tonight! this never happens to us! it's always the other team (usually Toronto, which we are playing tomorrow night) who score in the last seconds of the game. what a refreshing option this was. especially because we weren't working Tim Thomas around that time. Markov got the puck and was face to face with Thomas. lol. he just stood there with the puck for what felt like 3 seconds and then shot and the puck went between Thomas' arm and body to go in the net. wow. it just took me by surprise. so unexpected. i think it took me a second or two before realizing we'd just won :) what a strange game that was. turnovers all around, strange reffing, Bruins players trying to take Kovalev's knees out, Kovalev getting a game misconduct for not believing the player wasn't getting called for it, Rivet telling the ref to Fuck Off after a call and getting four minutes for it. a fun game :) and -- Huet finally got a solid game down. good for him. he hasn't been playing enough games this year since Aebischer has been outstanding, but tonight he showed the brilliance of Huet 2005-06. (ps. thank god we came out on top tonight.)

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October 22, 2006

"The Sabres are playing well right now," Niinimaa told reporters at Sunday's practice. "But they are going to lose a game, and it's going to be on Monday."
- Janne Niinima, TSN.ca

:) i love it.

btw, Warren Beatty's Reds just came out in a spiffy two-disc special edition, and although it's nowhere to be found on the site, Future Shop has it for $15.99 (Amazon.ca had the lowest price prior to this find at $16.49 :)

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October 21, 2006

meant to post this earlier but Blogger wasn't available - the Habs came back from a 3-0 first period beatdown to blow Colorado 8 to fucking 5 !!! now, if you know Montreal, they can take a lead but lose it in the third, but they never come back from losing. it never happens. but to be down 3-0 and come back strong like tonight... that was a great game. the Avalanche were flying, scoring on Aebischer, but then during the 2nd period, the Habs managed to score back everytime Colorado got one goal, and little by little the game was tied. and then Montreal began having a field day ... on Théodore ! this was Theo's first game back after being finally traded last season. having quickly become a saviour, he got a weird 2-3 month stretch last fall where any shot on him could go in. there were also the off-ice antics (and being 'caught' out with Paris Hilton with his wife and newborn child waiting at home). the fans quickly became aggravated by the young goalie and he was finally traded. tonight was his return, and it looked like mighty Jose was having his sweet revenge... that must've been a hell of a night to sit through tonight. to be fair, this was a high-scoring type of game anyway. you can't blame the goalies. this was a team game. and the Habs sure showed themselves that they're able to come back from behind. one hell of a game for Habs fans.

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October 17, 2006

The Daily Show has Amy Sedaris tonight.
oh shit, John Ashcroft is tomorrow night's guest! i thought that was last night and he'd somehow backed out. alright. that's gonna be a weird interview. save for that one awkward question, Jon'll be all nice and kind to his guest, whom i consider one of the biggest hawkish shits of this world. Ashcroft must have a book to promote. but in the meantime - Amy Sedaris. tonight :) enjoy.

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October 16, 2006

i only noticed this last night while watching The Amazing Race (great episode! who knew booking a flight could be as suspenseful as to fill a great twenty minutes of tv) - CTV has the Nin9 on tuesdays !! a full day before the american broadcast. hell yeah. i'm liking this season's CTV. they started out airing Studio 60 twenty-four hours before the US broadcast, and now this. my top two favorite new shows of the season.

we got it!! The Hour's George Stroumboulopoulos' interview with Saku Koivu conducted after the saturday game against the Leafs.

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October 15, 2006

the weekend is coming to an end (and i'm actually gonna go to bed at a relatively civil time tonight!). i'm pretty happy happy about mine. quiet but relaxing. and i got to take out two books i'd been waiting for.

check out Moby's list of musical collaborations on his blog (no direct link - scroll down to the Oct 11, 2006 post).
he's a sentence that held me breathless for a few seconds (and still kinda is as my mind is trying to wrap itself around the idea):
" played 'heroes' in my living room with david bowie "
try to top that :) (damn.)
and with that, have a good night.

omg **warning: hockey fans (or goosebump fans:) only** someone got the Montreal Canadiens' home opener player presentation to YouTube! this was a beauty. (ps. the mix is horrible. this was taken from RDS. CBC has better, cleaner sound. the crowd was going wild. i think the RDS guys are plugged directly into the announcer's mic *shakes head*. the crowd's way too quiet on this mix. anyway--turn up your speakers and try to imagine the whole thing;) it starts out nicely enough with the new assistant coaches Doug Jarvis and Kirk Muller (ex-Hab players). but check out as Carbonneau is officially presented as Head Coach for the first time to the hometown crowd (01:11/07:26). it's also worth staying for the players. try to see who the favorites are:) (although, nix that reaction on Souray. kinda mindboggling, really. they must've had a girl take her top off at the same time to get a cheer like that.)
chills, i tells ya !

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October 14, 2006

Sens - Habs

and Kovalev is playing tonight:)


... can we trade Souray now?

Sens 2 Habs 1 / 1st Intermission


oh well.

the Sens win the shootout. the Habs didn't play all that well tonight. i'm really happy for Samsonov, though. he got the tie goal with less than 4 minutes to go in the game. his first as a Hab and in front of the fans during the home opener. nice one. he looked happy and it was a great play (gonna try to link to video of it later on when it pops up). we're 6 points out of 8 this season. not too shabby :) oh, and we need to trade Souray. he can't play the puck, can't fight his way off the boards with the puck, and creates turnovers every damn game. if you wanna get to our goalie, your quickest route is on the right side of the our D.

on the positive side - i know where they're filming this film with Susan Sarandon, Gabriel Byrne, Max von Sydow, Christopher Plummer, and Roy Dupuis. the imdb doesn't even have it up yet (only the Pro version does, apparently). and i know where they're staying : ) and Susan Sarandon's one of the sweetest person we could ever meet (yay!). 'nough said. was told not to say a word about it;)

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October 12, 2006

LMAO. this one's hilarious. Air Kovalev :)
speaking of the Habs - they won 3-1 last night against the Flyers :) and what a great game it was. glad i taped it so i could watch it for myself after work.

ps. the Nin9 is still awesome. and still so much potential left to explore.

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October 08, 2006

okay. so hot -- The Nine's season premiere. contrary to every other pilot this season (or most seasons), this episode layed evetything out in a timely fashion and wasn't pretentious or self-conscious about its premise. i loved it. the actors do a wonderful job holding it down to a believable day-to-day level (especially Chi McBride and his bank manager glasses). and i loved Tim Daly. no one's arrogant, and as of right now, there's no big evil mastermind behind the plan. good on you, ABC. you did a wonderful job with this one. it's definitely going into the rotation. (btw, why do we always have to have Kim Raver introduced in a state of undress?) the West Wing's Alex Graves directed this episode (and most of the upcoming ones as well). he did a fantastic job keeping everyone on the ball and not letting them fly off into ugly tv-acting-land. that was some great example of refined acting. and quite rare to find that on tv these days.

i'm probably a bit late on this but Jay-Z's coming out of retirement with a new album, entitled Kingdom Come ??? Nov 21. production by Kanye, The Neptunes, Just Blaze, and Timbaland:) collaboration with Chris Martin (i'll assume it's a Tim track).

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October 07, 2006

well, the Habs lost 5-4 last night against the Sabres. first game of the season and from what i understand Montreal played incredibly well for the whole game, except fopr the last 5 minutes where they let Buffalo tie the game at 4. there was no goal in overtime so they went to shootouts where Buffalo scored (thanks again, Bonehead Souray). (apparently Huet was spectacular last night. that's awesome news.) tonight's Habs game is the one i've been looking forward to since it's the first one i'll be able to watch. good news - it's against Toronto. great news - it's on CBC :) love the quality of the broadcast and the announcers on there. a great saturday night (and i can't wait to see the Kovalev-Pleks-Samsonov line in action). GO HABS GO!

it was Thom's birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday, Thom. a fellow Libra :) all these years and i didn't even realize it.

10:10 PM

the Habs, after being overrun for at least half of the game (as usual against the Leafs) take this one out of Toronto's hands by winning it 3-2. this one once again ended with a shootout. that's two in two nights for Montreal. awesome win. (and Alex Kovalev is still a pleasure to watch :) and it was great to see that Montreal rush in the third, with the Koivu line just pressuring the hell out of Toronto for what felt like two straight minutes. anyone who said Koivu would be shaky this season because of his eye injury last spring should be ashamed by now :) he's the one with the most spark. he even has more than he did last season. three out of four points in two nights. i like what i'm seeing.

omg - check out the picture tacked on the top story on the front page of the Canadiens website (here's a direct link when outdated).
that's Steve Bégin laughing at Darcy Tucker :) (alright, maybe just happy - but you'll have to agree that that's a great picture.)

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October 04, 2006

can you be more of an ass, please? (Brett Ratner, director extraordinaire of the impressive Rush Hour series.)

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October 03, 2006


i just found The Office's Lucy Davis (Dawn)!!! Aron Sorkin got her for Studio 60! oh my god.
and Ugly Betty has Ricky Gervais' Extras co-star Ashley Jensen :)
amazing casting, both of them.

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Amanda Peet got married this weekend :(

Beck's The Information comes out tomorrow (technically today). $12.99 at Future Shop. reason to buy it (other than the fact that Nigel Godrich produced it)? CD+DVD (and stickers!!). if i'm not mistaken, at $12.99, that's one amazing buy.

what? Jet are also releasing a new album? (i really dug their debut.) Shine On is (also) out tomorrow.

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October 01, 2006

...and the Habs win 6-5 with a breathtaking third period :)
can't find video highlights for the game (TSN is not sending me my confirmation email) but this is where i'd put the link for it. the last three goals are beauties. btw, Ribeiro's former line, Kovalev and Samsonov centered by Thomas Plekanec, got all 3 Stars last night :P

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