October 07, 2006

well, the Habs lost 5-4 last night against the Sabres. first game of the season and from what i understand Montreal played incredibly well for the whole game, except fopr the last 5 minutes where they let Buffalo tie the game at 4. there was no goal in overtime so they went to shootouts where Buffalo scored (thanks again, Bonehead Souray). (apparently Huet was spectacular last night. that's awesome news.) tonight's Habs game is the one i've been looking forward to since it's the first one i'll be able to watch. good news - it's against Toronto. great news - it's on CBC :) love the quality of the broadcast and the announcers on there. a great saturday night (and i can't wait to see the Kovalev-Pleks-Samsonov line in action). GO HABS GO!

it was Thom's birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday, Thom. a fellow Libra :) all these years and i didn't even realize it.

10:10 PM

the Habs, after being overrun for at least half of the game (as usual against the Leafs) take this one out of Toronto's hands by winning it 3-2. this one once again ended with a shootout. that's two in two nights for Montreal. awesome win. (and Alex Kovalev is still a pleasure to watch :) and it was great to see that Montreal rush in the third, with the Koivu line just pressuring the hell out of Toronto for what felt like two straight minutes. anyone who said Koivu would be shaky this season because of his eye injury last spring should be ashamed by now :) he's the one with the most spark. he even has more than he did last season. three out of four points in two nights. i like what i'm seeing.

omg - check out the picture tacked on the top story on the front page of the Canadiens website (here's a direct link when outdated).
that's Steve Bégin laughing at Darcy Tucker :) (alright, maybe just happy - but you'll have to agree that that's a great picture.)

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