May 31, 2006

24 - Season Finale

another stunning denouement to the season. i don't know why but they seem to have a knack to write these season-enders, don't they? as soon as Jack and Logan got into that helicopter i was like, wtf??? (of course they had to bring it down within 10 minutes.) but the whole plan was brilliantly devious. there's too much stuff to talk about here. i was both impressed and satisfied. from the writing to the tension to the acting (First Lady Jean Smart, i love you) everything was, as always, top-notch for the finale. what a way to cap off a season. nobody does it ike the writers of 24. and the chinese twist/cliffhanger? awesome:) although, the yakuza-wannabes didn't scare me much (the fist-pumping ones, not the leader from season 4 - "Did you really think that we would forget?" HA!! fucking brilliant!). (Jack's closed up eye did scare me, though. they fucking beat his ass up. makeup artists haven't found a way to make these credible most of the time but this one was awesome. even on close ups!) that's it. i can't wait till next season. hopefully it doesn't take Jack 2 hours to get out of China. i want Jack to be stuck there for at least three-quarter of the season, and on his own for at least a third. make it worthwhile. thank you:) oops. almost forgot - Chloe's ex-husband? i was like, wtf? who will this be? but nope. never saw him (nor heard of him, i think). but damn if that was one of the most charming cameos ever! he wooed me with only a handful of lines. kudos to you, sir.

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May 30, 2006

wow. after Gwen gave birth to Kingston on Friday and Angelina to Shiloh on Saturday, my cousin's girlfriend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Gabrielle Saturday :D the stars really were all lined up and ready this weekend:)

okay, okay. i'd been ignoring it since last week 'cause i thought what can be funny about a fan's trailer edit? but the 10 Things I Hate About Commandments is fucking hilarious. go. these trailers are so spot-on, it's crazy. love 'em.

Jackass: Number Two (brilliant) is coming our way. YAY. trailers on the site. they've only got a couple of pics up but already it looks like they got new sick (re: brilliant) ideas.

awesome pics of Topher Grace as Eddie Brock and Toby's black Spidey suit from the set of Spider-Man 3.

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May 29, 2006

GABAL | aka The Wig
Won Shin-yeon, South Korea 2005

forget about the crappy english title (and its alternate is Scary Hair:). forget the premise of a possessed wig. director Won Shin-yeon creates a great little atmospheric tale of two sisters coping with one's deteriorating health due to cancer. the film focuses more on the sisters' emotional relationship than on following the j-horror genre, and is all the richer for it. disturbing imagery does rock you, though, and superbly so, just enough to keep you on your toes. a laughable premise handled with so much grace that you never once question the story (okay, the title card's cgi is awful) and kudos to the filmmakers for foregoing cheesy cgi effects, thus keeping things rather creepy. same goes for the acting, there's nothing overly-dramatic about it, especially from Chae Min-seo as Su-Hyeon, the sister afflicted with the cancer, who is at times scary but mostly makes us sympathize with her because of the very real effects of her sickness. some have commented on the ending, how it wants to tie up all the loose ends. sure it does. but it didn't bother me as much as it did others. this is a nice little film, made even more impressive because it's the feature film debut from it's (young?) director. masterfully done.

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May 28, 2006

summer's here. for fuck's sake. i hate it when it gets too hot and sticky. we've been lucky enough that it hasn't hit us sooner this year. but here it is. i think i might be able to avoid the real summer heat before i move into my mom's house. i got the whole basement as an apartment so it'll be cool all summer long:) i don't wanna have to get the ac out before the move. too much hassle.

anyway. i went running again :) glad i did too. i was amazed to find that the knee flared up a bit, and after 10 minutes of running. last time it only took 5. but i was just feeling it and it didn't get worse. only a small reminder, nothing more. yay :) almost entirely healed. anyway. The Verve's A Storm In Heaven was my companion during my run (and subsequent hour-long walk. wanted to enjoy the sun while i was used to the heat:) it was the perfect album to just get away. did the job. even i got both albums that came before Urban Hymns (after that album blew up, that is), i hadn't paid enough attention to them over the years. dunno why but i got the idea to put them on my iPod today. anyway... here's what i found: my ears perked up when The Verve's Butterfly came on. why? it's so fucking close to Radiohead's 2000 I Might Be Wrong - a full 7 years before!! listen to the opening riff. The Verve's is slower, and sure it's not the same, but they're eerily similar. such a fucking close brother, it's amazing.

owned. period.

WHAT?? Gwen and Gavin give birth to a baby boy!!
wtf's up with this weekend?? congrats all around.

Eric Rohmer - Six Moral Tales (The Criterion Collection)
Kicking and Screaming (The Criterion Collection) Noah Baumbach 1995
Seduced and Abandoned (The Criterion Collection) Pietro Germi 1964

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May 27, 2006

we're going to the FINALS!!!
the Edmonton Oilers capped the Conference Finals series against Anaheim tonight, with a harrowing end to the series, getting penalties called every other minute (especially gutsy was killing off a 6-on-3). i hadn't watched a hockey game since the Habs were eliminated weeks ago. i was able to catch this one halfway through the second period and it was a hell of a fun game to watch.

ps. wow. it feels weird putting this in with the Oilers' magnificient win tonight but:

Angelina gave birth to her and Brad's baby girl! congratulations to all.

pps. alright! a handsome surprise, that. (i was expecting Kenobi but he came in a very close second.)
neurotic me |

You are Lando Calrissian

Tall, dark, and handsome.
Not much seems to bother you.
Maybe because you're so smooth.
You truly belong with us here in the clouds.

Lando Calrissian 73%
Obi-Wan Kenobi 70%
Yoda 68%

amongst the general tepid reception films have gotten at Cannes this year, it's surprising-yet-truly-inspiring to hear that Clerks II got a huge fucking standing ovation!! i can't wait for this now.

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May 26, 2006

Clerks II clip. on sequels.
(as with X-Men 3 (if you're even going), stay till the end.)

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May 24, 2006

yay. i'm happy to report that we're now down to the final two hours of the season :)

i took the evening off work so i could start making boxes and move things to my mom's house this afternoon. got the first batch up and ready to put into my car.

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May 23, 2006

it's Phil's birthday!!

ps. oh, i have not watched episodes 21-22 of 24 yet. that should come tomorrow. as for the two-hour Season Finale, that should come later this week. thanks for understanding :)

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May 22, 2006

wow. so the 90-minute Family Guy Season Finale last night was the Stewie DVD? kinda lame. well, us fans got to see it months ago so that's cool but lame because the last new episode we'll see until next season was last week.

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May 21, 2006

ps. i called her up earlier today and left her a message :) said she could call me if she wanted to.

pps. oh, this is so stupid - the MPAA rejected the Road to Guantanamo poster because ...the image was not appropriate for children. a guy, handcuffed, with a burlap bag over his head. yep. come the fuck on. that's just tame. and compare it to any horror movie poster with blood and violence on it and it's silly. that's just shady. can they get the original artwork back up for the dvd release? does the MPAA have jurisdiction over video releases as well? i don't care. i'm not expecting too much from this Big Government (come on, you know they had their hands all up the MPAA's ass for this ever since the film was announced). love the original artwork. come to think of it... they only resized the image to a shot of the handcuffed hands... so, the offending part was the burlap sack...? seriously? not a man in handcuffs. but the fact that he had a bag on his head? hmm. okay...

6:53 PM

well...she called me back:) and we talked for 67 minutes! we quickly got our normal groove back. not to say there were fireworks; there weren't. but we're cool now. i told her why i've been so pissed at her and been ignoring her at (which, btw, she couldn't figure out why. seems letting me know she was destined to live isolated in the countryside wasn't a slap on my face. whatever.) i told her my peace. we got up to speed on what we'd missed over the past two weeks (she found out she was pregnant a month ago so she's been busy lately). she's coming to the Radiohead show in three weeks. i'm happy about that. she'd actually told herself to maybe get used to the idea that she wasn't going, though. lol:) i wouldn't have been able to keep it up to the show. oh, you know what? that first week of our not talking to each other? she'd called and left a message once to see if i would be picking her up for work since i hadn't called. now, i seriously don't remember that call. first thought that came to my mind was that the roommate deleted it. now, i don't know. maybe i did get the message but decided i wasn't picking her up? (she has her own car anyway.) could be but i truly don't remember a call from her. oh well. so, yeah. we patched things up. nothing major. at least the drama's out of the way (although, i must say that i was having a great time ignoring her, pissed as i was:) and now the Radiohead show's back on.

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May 20, 2006

okay. i think it's time to vent a little.
exactly two weeks ago today (i'm still on friday time), i called the ex and asked her if she wanted to go see MI3 with me over the weekend. as usual, she was very noncommital, leaving it open for a 'we'll see; i'll call you sunday'. i don't want to wait until the last minute to know if someone's coming with me or not, so i pressed a bit more. we argued about needing stuff planned vs letting things come. i said, 'if we do it that way you know we'll never go'. she started dating this guy back in december. since then i've nagged and nagged about having a movie night. once. for the past 5 months. it's yet to happen. and i'm not holding my breath. then i thought about it - i tape 24's and watch them a day or two later with her because i got her hooked on the show. good enough. a couple of times, i even waited a week to watch the episodes with her because she 'was busy'. i also got four tickets to one of the two Radiohead shows in June. i'm bringing the ex-roommate, her boyfriend ...and thought of bringing the ex since she's never really been to an official live show and she loves Radiohead. this was perfect. the venue is also a 3,000 seater. how good of a friend am i? seriously. i told her i even had to twist her fucking arm so we could get 45 minutes a week together. she said, 'well, we see each other at work'. right. great fucking friendship that creates. from hanging out every fucking day -even after our breakup- to seeing each other at work. i pressed her again. she said she had a boyfriend now (it'd been 5 months, mind you) and that she didn't really have time... and that our friendship didn't really have a purpose now. sweet. how about that motherfucker? so she's the kind of person who drops her friends when she gets a boyfriend. nice. didn't think people did that after they got out of high school. i was pissed and insulted. after 5 or ten minutes of arguing and pressing her, i finally got the truth out of her. she didn't have time to see me. when the fuck were you going to tell 'cause you sure never did during the past 5 months i was bending over backwards to accomodate your fucking ass. she was sheepish about it. as though this was what was done. you let stuff happen and let it ride. somehow, people are gonna find out on their own. and you don't have to confront them.

so that was the big drama two weeks ago.
what's happened since then? throughout our relationship and friendship i've been the one going back to her when we fought and patching things up because she... she doesn't like confrontations. when she's hurt or sad she closes up and 'everything's fine' (it's way worse than just girl stuff. it's sad). i've confronted her about this and she says she works things out on her own. wow. great. good way to create a fucking relationship. she usually came back and acted as if nothing had happened. i hated it. i got so fed up with it that i told her a couple of times that she'd have to pull her weight; that i wasn't gonna do all the work. and what happens now? i ignore her at work. if she wants to approach me, fine. i'll talk. but i'm not going up to her. and you can see that she wants to talk to me. but she never does because i don't go to her first! you can't just hurt someone and then expect things to be okay. you have to talk things through.

i haven't talked to her. i'm waiting for her to come to me. would you believe that we've worked together 4, 5 days a week for the past two weeks and that she hasn't ask to talk to me? not. one. fucking. time. and i see her looking my way. but i have a feeling she'd rather forget about it and act as if nothing happened than confront me.

am i an idiot??

i could let this go on all through summer and i wouldn't care. but here's the kicker: we've got the Radiohead show in 3 weeks... :) she hasn't paid me or anything. but i want her to see the show. i'm that kind of guy. but right now i'm fucking pissed at her. and it's getting worse each day she passes up the chance to patch things up. and she will have to at least make a fucking effort to come to me. you know what the sad thing is? i think she wrote that show off instead of having to talk things through.

that's it. i just had to vent. i would call her up right now and tell her i think it's shitty the way she's acting but it's late.

should i call her up tomorrow?
do i let the show pass? (i'd have a fucking hard time talking about the show in front of her afterwards. not for fear of retaliation, just feeling shitty about not taking her to such a once-in-a-lifetime experience. but i also can't go with her if i'm pissed at her.)

let me know. there's not a lot of time left. thanks :)

ps. here's what my Friendster Horoscope says for Saturday:
The phone tag must stop! Pick up the phone, make the call and get in some laughs.

Finalize tentative plans with a friend today. This marathon-length game of phone tag needs to come to an end. Take out your calendar and book a date today
:) i haven't been playing phone tag with her but that's weirdly close, isn't it?

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May 19, 2006

The Unit has been renewed for a second season !!!
i can't tell you how happy that makes me. i just got back to watching the remaining episodes of the first (13 episode-)season this week and i reconfirmed my love for this show. every episode is an outstanding hour i wouldn't have spent otherwise. i was just wondering/hoping if it would be picked up since i hadn't heard a thing about it or its ratings this season. hurrah.

oops. Rob Corddry also got a show. hopefully it's better than it looks, though.

holy shit, someone has done it! i got a similar idea last year but this is even cooler!
Kevin Smith recorded a commentary for Clerks II that you'll be able to download when the flick hits theaters this summer so you can listen to it on your iPod of your choice in the fucking theater... :P now that is the definition of awesome.
(oh, btw, my idea was wishing i could download original language tracks of films in theaters so i could go and watch them here even if they were dubbed. that would be great but, as i said, Kevin's thing is just cooler :)
uh...won't people listening to the commentary be laughing -in the theater- where there might not be jokes in the actual film, thus creating a (really) fucked up audience experience? lol. expect drunken fights because of this.

Criterion's edition of Dazed and Confused has a DTS track! awesome:)
(oh. they really went with the stylized C for Criterion...ugh. i am NOT digging it AT ALL. wow. please go back to the original design. thank you.)

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May 18, 2006

don't buy the original Star Wars trilogy when it comes out on dvd this fall.

shit. they killed the book.

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May 17, 2006

Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford gives credit to the Habs(!).
it's always fun hearing perspectives from someone outside the team/city. but the positive ones are most pleasing :)

wow. Elbow frontman Guy Garvey makes a public plea to Radiohead to sign with his Skinny Dog Records :)

damn. and here i was, all excited about seeing The Da Vinci Code this weekend.
i'm hoping it's kinda good but i didn't like the news that Ron Howard was helming the project (not to mention that Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Lost In Space, and A Beautiful Mind's Akiva Goldsman was translating the dense book for the film). hopefully they haven't taken out the heart of Dan Brown's work. loved the book. hopefully the 'too talky' comments came from people who haven't read the book. gonna wait for book-to-films opinions before letting this one go.

OMG! Colin Farrell + Ewan McGregor to play brothers in Woody Allen's 2007 Summer Project!!

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May 16, 2006

hmm. new tv seasons come and go with the blandness of According To Jim repeats. but Fall 2006 looks like it has a few shows that might just stick.

the Nine
24's Kim Raver, Kitchen Confidential's Owain Yeoman, Go's Scott Wolf.
Six Degrees | JJ Abrams!
Crazy/Beautiful's Jay Hernandez, The Recruit's Bridget Moynahan, Arlington Road's Hope Davis, Dying Young/Singles' Campbell Scott.

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip | Aaron Sorkin, Thomas Schlamme!
Bradley Whitford, Matthew Perry --and AMANDA PEET!!!
fuck. wow. Matthew Perry making a change in his career with this one-hour Aaron Sorkin drama. now if Sorkin's writing's up to par, i'm definitely watching this. Nathan Corddry...!!!!!!
Andy Barker, P.I. (mid-season replacement)
Andy Richter, Arrested Development's Tony Hale :D

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May 15, 2006

last night's Season Finale of Survivor was a really good one. tense, funny, touching. and although Aras won the million dollars and he was my second pick of the Final Three (Terry is the obvious Survivor this season), it was basically down to two freeloaders. Danielle, who, according to the ever-present monkey-boy Shane, relies on her daddy and boyfriend, was asked what her strategy was during the show. her reply? she was gonna align herself with the right people. hmm. yeah. so they'd carry you to the Finals? like Cirie, she was responsible for a couple of very important castoffs, and did win the hardest challenge (imo) of them all in the end, but that's not what i'd call outwitting people. you're still mooching, dear. as for Aras, i think it was made more than clear by Shane that he was a broke freeloader (give me the million, then, because i'm broke. help me help me. please!! yep. great line, ass). he was the second toughest Survivor this season (i'd say Cirie was a very close third), but Terry was the obvious choice since 5 weeks ago. (you think he's bitter about it? ha:)

"i love The Money Pit."

yep. XL Recordings are gonna release Thom Yorke's The eraser July 10/11.
wow. the site has opened up. a lot of cool pdf files. a lot of work has already gone into it. check it out.

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May 14, 2006

Woody Allen, UK USA Luxembourg 2005

what i thought was a romantic comedy turned out to be something much more elegant, tragic, and filled with life. and also finally sees Woody, after so many fruitless years, strike good old dramatic gold again. i don't have a clue what the difference in execution is between this and, say, Melinda and Melinda. all i know is that the latter was trying too hard to be a Woody Allen movie without all the usual suspects (again, maybe that was the point but it didn't work for me). but this one, although it does rethread some of Woody's familiar themes of infidelity and love, also feels fresh. Woody's script is in fine form, lean and precise. and the execution? a spectacular lead performance from Jonathan Rhys Meyers. although still quiet and reserved, Woody and Jonathan made sure that Chris Wilton was a full-fledged character and not just some pouty performance - which was fun to see from such a brooding performer (from what i've seen). Jonathan creates a charming, funny, formal character that is just getting his feet wet in an unfamiliar environment. the brooding is used to complement the twists and turns in Woody story but you never feel he falls back on it. by the way, the arc these characters take (over at least a year) are tremendous and very palpable. it's these tiny touches that make Woody such an interesting director to follow. Chris's growing ease within the family, while still clinging to that last piece of intimacy, was one of many interesting details i took away from Jonathan's performance. Scarlett Johansson started out bugging me by giving nothing in her first couple of scenes and pretending it was sexy (i don't care for it when she does this) so i thought, alright, here we go again. i was about to write her off when she began to open up and light the fucking screen. her and Jonathan were a brilliant match (seriously, no pun) to carry this film. (alright! she's in the next Woody Allen film as well:) as i said, Woody's film, although not single-minded at all, is a lean one, so there's not a whole lot left to talk about without revealing the plot. of course there's some other stuff happening (i could point to my glee at seeing Ewen Bremner again) but the rest is all Woody's fine dialogue working like a charm again. as is pointed out in the film (set in beautiful/moody London), the piece works like an opera. it's a cheerfully sweet Woody Allen movie but with a thornier, more dramatic reality about love and passion. although it is dealt with in a moodier manner than usual, the film is never depressing. everything's kept afloat by Woody's fine observations on the human character. watching the film, i also got a strong sense that Woody was finally in a good place in his life. he's seen his share of darkness, and failed attempts at successful moviemaking, but he doesn't seem bitter about it (or crippled by it) anymore. he is finally able to take a clean, clear look at it from the other side. and that is what makes up the most entertaining Woody Allen films.

ps. after being on the fence about him for so many years (uneven wooden performances don't help), i think it is needless to say that, with this film, i am now sold on Jonathan Rhys Meyers. here's a cool interview with him from the June 2006 Premiere magazine.

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May 12, 2006

well, good morning to you too! :)
how are you doing? i'm doing alright. it's friday, after all :)

Metric makes up a one-day music fest for Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal; and out of four artists to bring along, actually hits three on the fucking head for me: Fiery Furnaces, Secret Machines, and Electric Six!!
Rock Snob |

cute. which reminds me - where the fuck is the Pillsbury doughboy?

outstanding Star Wars footage !! for real!!!
where the hell did they dig these up??

how can you not love Kiefer?

OHMYGOD -- Thom has an album out this summer!
i was wondering what that Eraser site he linked to earlier this week was about.

oh, this is just too funny :)
four-time world K-1 champion (kickboxing) Ernesto Hoost's appearance on a japanese tv show.

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May 10, 2006

Phil Selway's mother has passed away. heartfelt sympathies.

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May 08, 2006

J.J. Abrams, USA 2006

there was one review i'd read prior to seeing the film that stuck in my mind and lowered my expectations. it said JJ spent the first hour or so trying to get you to care about these characters (unsuccessfully so) instead of getting on with the action sequences. now, the first couple of scenes (save for the very tense intro into the film) are designed to show you the normal lives of a couple of these characters. but they are not awkward or sappy. they actually brought me back to Alias and Sid's apartment when she has all her friends over. end of story. it lasts a few minutes and that's that. after that, everything kicks into gear and everyone and everything just works like gangbusters! what a fun little (big) ride this was! i would wish the producers, who have expressed interest in getting directors to put their stamp on each and every film, would actually put the director's fucking name above or near the title so people would know who did the films, instead of getting the impression these are Tom Cruise's films. i like the guy (as an action actor) but these are more the directors' styles than Cruise's. here we have JJ Abrams, the imaginative genius behind Felicity, Alias, and Lost. i would like audience to be aware of this, and to notice that he just put Ethan Hunt in the Alias world. and i'm not complaining :) this is what an Alias would be (and i hope it's in Sid's future!!). the film is about family, whether you have blood ties or not. nothing's overstated or sappy, but JJ makes his point poke its head behind all the action. and what action!!! wow. Alias had nothing to be ashamed of on tv, and this film is everything you would expect from the same team. it's big, explosive, and intense! i will note that some of the earlier scenes were a bit frantic so trying to follow who's doing what was kind of a chore, but things even out by the midpoint. now, Tom Cruise -- am i the only one who saw the glaring homosexual undertones in the first act of the film??? they were especially prevalent when Ethan meets with Billy Crudup's John Musgrave. the homosexual innuendos were too obvious. lol. at first i thought JJ was playing it for laughs, but then i realized that no, the scene wasn't even about that. but cinephiles will have a field day dissecting the Tom Cruise-ness :) (the Top Gun shots (the bike, fools), the see Keri Russell as Nicole Kidman, ... ) aside from being an incredibly well-crafted action blockbuster MI3 does something in this film that's just... i won't say what but it was smart as hell. smart writing. JJ also assembled an amazing cast of dramatic actors for this action film. Maggie Q, the only one i wasn't aware of, does a spectacular job making us care for her character without as much 15 lines of dialogue. actually, everyone does splendidly well in this film. the only one that didn't 'shine' per se, is Jonathan Rhys Meyers. he's not bad, really not, he just doesn't pop off the screen like almost everyone else does. same goes for Michelle Monaghan, actually. but at least her character has some interesting stuff to do. Keri Russell made it incredibly easy to care for her spy character. oh, and i almost forgot about him -- what to say of Philip Seymour Hoffman? :) you already saw the cool demeanor in the trailers, and, outside of JJ, his performance was what i was most excited about seeing. and he does a disarming job, using a confident monotone to ground his character and avoid the clichéd villain character. Owen Davian never falters or shows weakness. he's quite menacing in a normal, day-to-day kind of way. it was quite fun to watch the explosive actor reign it all in for a normal character like this. he did play quiet in Capote but he was still peculiar and extroverted enough to warrant Hoffman's excellent mannerisms. here he does very little, but it's all effective. a brilliant, and very capable, villain. the locations in the film are spectacular and incredibly well-used. the script is smart, fun, and funny. the action sequences are tense and outstanding. actually, JJ did something i've rarely seen in action films - the transitions between action sequences and quieter scenes are not abrupt. you usually feel the drop in rhythm when films settle into a slower groove, and i always dread it. i always thought it was inevitable, but i just realized that i never felt it in this film! kudos to JJ and co for pulling that off. if you're a fan of Alias, and haven't seen MI3 yet, run to it. it's an incredibly well-made film and a summer movie that doesn't need you to check your brain at the door. enjoy :)

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May 07, 2006

oh yes. 24. London. (Movie.)

since no one seems to care to go with me this weekend, i'll go catch JJ Abrams' MI3 on my own later this afternoon. i'm not expecting too much, thanks to the first batch of cold water receptions, but i think it should be a pretty successful time at the movie.

i'm just about a month away from moving and i have a lot of things on my plate (changing addresses/emails, packing, planning, telling the roommate when exactly i'm moving:). should be starting these things this week. on top of that, i can't wait to sell my car and get a new one (the 2006 Civic? looks good- a friend of mine just got one and we've been exchanging rides to work. lovely.), but i'm not sure i won't wait until the end of summer for this. although, i would love to get rid of my car already :) might depend on Honda's promotions. i think i saw just a new one tv yesterday. we'll see. so, add a fight with the ex about our friendship (seems she's somehow resigned herself to being friendless sometime soon. great. next time can you please let me know what your plans are? that ain't over but i was still pissed as hell and bummed the fuck out friday at work because of this) and a certain show coming (to which i'm bringing her along). let's just say this is a pretty stressful time. no wonder i went out running 5 times last week. lol:) thank god. have a great day.

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May 06, 2006

alright. let's see how this rolls...

1. How does the world see you? All I Wanna Do / hidden track - The Way I Be Pimpin' featuring Dr. Dre by Royce Da 5'9"
LOL. right...

2. Will I have a happy life? Where Is Your Heart by Kelly Clarkson
LOL! oh my god. this is turning out to be embarrassing, isn't it? :) actually, i did listen to her album (alright, just Since U Been Gone) this morning while running. hmm. weird choice of song. mostly because i'm actually quite a demonstrative and caring person to the people around me. that could be said by a person who's outside of my circle.

3. What do my friends think of me? You Found Me by Kelly Clarkson Hot Boyz by Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
YAY! lol :P seriously??? thank you, iPod's shuffle option :) how cooler could this have been? not quite right but thanks :)
(got the Kelly Clarkson song first but realized it was because i was checking out her album and it was now selecting songs from it.)

4. Do people secretly lust after me? Rear Moth by Psapp
uh, okay. i'm hoping there are lyrics to illuminate me on this :)

5. How can I make myself happy? Pyramid Song by Radiohead
great song. power of dreams. reflecting on your life. i like this. a lot.

6. What should I do with my life? Dial: Revenge by Mogwai
wow. heavy stuff. the guy is holdong on to painful memories and the phone tells him 'Revenge'. yeah, that's what i'll do with my life. getting dark. somehow, i'm not liking this meme much. lol

7. Will I ever have children? Under A Anvil Tree by Fog

8. What is some good advice for me? Van Tango by Franz Ferdinand
here i the two lines that stuck out to me:
"Watching the girls go by"
"He don't suck up to no-one at all"
alright. i'll live with that. (crappy song, though.)

9. How will I be remembered? Letters Home by Rachel's
LOL. an instrumental. pretty gloomy, but classy at the same time. i like it, just not with that question.

10. What's my signature dancing song? Uckupon by Viktor Vaughn
i do like this being a good hip hop beat.

11. What's my current theme song? Tiger Tattoos by Laura Veirs
i love the beat and laidback melody.

12. What do others think is my current theme song? Brief Description by Atmosphere
nope. nothing.

13. What shall they play at my funeral? Honeybee by Garbage
!!! smoke this, Tim !!! :P

14. What type of men do I like? You Don't Want It by Jean Grae
oh, thankyou thankyou thankyou :P

15. How's my love life? 7 by Rachel's
seeing as this is an instrumental, i'll take that as 7 out of 10, then.

i got some good ones in there. i like tis game. can we play it again? some of these answers were uninspired, though. let me know if you play it.

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May 05, 2006

the Montreal Jazz Fest has announced this summer's lineup. and, once again, it's not too shabby -- actually, it's quite spectacular!! start getting jealous. here are some of the artists involved: Daniel Lanois (with special guest Emmylou Harris), Martha Wainwright, BB King, The Roots, Ani DiFranco!, Brad Mehldau Trio (who i discovered this past year), Buck 65, DJ-fucking-Shadow, Calexico!, Cat Power, Yann Tiersen, The Dears!, Seu Jorge, Etta James, Elvis Costello, ...Christopher O'Riley plays Radiohead! hot damn. isn't that a fucking lineup??

OMFG! anybody watching Unan1mous? nope. had a feeling i was alone. although, to tell you the truth, for the past couple of weeks, i've kinda been hoping it would come to a close already (last episode is actually next week). they've mishandled such a great premise like they didn't care about their show. anyway. there's this sleeze-ass, 'womanizer' guy on the show, Jonathan, right? well, here's what people found out recently - Jonathan (both NSFW) ... dabbled in gay porn :) and i say that with the proudest of smiles. HA! good for him. now if only there was a reunion show with that knowledge sprung on them. that would be majestic.

Original Star Wars Trilogy. DVD. September 12th to December 31st, 2006.
(packaged with the 2004 versions, but still. original trilogy!)

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May 04, 2006

wasn't Tom supposed NOT to promote MI3 if Comedy Central/Viacom aired the Isaac Hayes/Scientology episode? just a thought.
btw, i'm still looking forward to MI3 like crazy. looove JJ Abrams' work and he's assembled an amazing cast of actors (and Philip Seymour Hoffman as the bad guy??). this is looking mighty spiffy.

Elijah Wood looking awesome for director Bryan Gunner Cole.

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May 03, 2006

2006 NHL Playoffs

Carolina 2 Montreal 1 OT
Game 6 of 7 - Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

and with that, the Carolina Hurricanes win the First Round series against the Montreal Canadiens. it's sad to see it happen but it had to. the Canes had outrun us in the last 3 games. i'm not angry at the result, or the seemingly soft winning goal. this team gave us an incredible game last night, and gave the Hurricanes a run for their money, making them work their asses off right into overtime. Carolina must've felt shit scared during most of it as the players put an amazing amount of pressure on their defensive zone, creating turnovers like we hadn't done since games 1 and 2, outskating them, driving the net, and hitting everything that moved. there was a lot of heart on the ice last night. and to see Saku there was amazing. the loss wasn't gutwrenching like ity usually is when your team gets eliminated. we knew it was coming. but they went out guns blazing, and that was something we hadn't seen from them on such a consistent basis since the first two games of the series. i won't follow any other series as close as this one, obviously. it's not the same when you don't have as much time invested in the players, the intricacies of the team, or their history. this was my team, and i can't be anything but proud by how they went out last night. now i can wait with a lot of hope and pride for the next season. but now, after a few weeks of rest, will start the most promising time of the season for Bob Gainey's Canadiens - the Off Season. we traded Théodore and got back a large sum of his salary last winter. this is when we get something back :) (Selanne Selanne Selanne! we need a player of his caliber. i believe he's a free agent. and--he's a very close personal friend of Saku Koivu :D now, how amazing would that be to have him and Koivu on the same line? please, Bob, please. and thank you :)

ps. there are a lot of players that came flying out of their shells during this series (maybe they wanted to show Gainey they wanted to stay on the team next season), that are way too exciting, and i want see them back with the Habs sweater next fall (Plekanec, Perezhogin, Zednik (who finally figured out how to play like a leading scorer on the ice), Every Single One of our D (except for Souray, i could do without his boneheadedness but he showed how much of a leader he can be; i'll be a little happy if he gets traded, though), Kovalev and Koivu (obviously), Ryder, Higgins, Huet (like he's going anywhere:), Bonk became an outstanding leader on the ice, Garth Murray was the happiest kid out there last night and i felt he was one of the game's Three Stars, and Bégin) and players i wouldn't mind/hope get traded this summer (Bulis/Ribeiro).

oh, sweetness! the video doesn't go anywhere (same for the song), but i get chills whenever she comes on. and it's always nice to see Shirley.
thanks, Tim.

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May 02, 2006

well that was quick.
the Waste Radiohead Presale for the short North American tour went off without a hitch (although not telling us the time of the presale was kinda shrewd:) at least a lot of the fans stayed up all night. i actually went to bed rather late, set my alarm for 4 then 7, hoping i wouldn't miss the presale. well, folks. i got 4 tickets for the June 11th Montreal show!!! :D i so did not wanna miss them coming (and especially in such a small, and unlikely, venue as the Place des arts). The Black Keys are (apparently) opening up for the band in Montreal. now i know what i'll be listening to tonight at work :)

oh god. i so had to get these. and since the ex-roommate, who's been my show partner for the past, what, 8 years, has her birthday on the 10th, this was so gonna be a surprise gift for her. yay! :)

surprisingly, all of the presales are now sold out. i say surprisingly because i got my tickets for Montreal well over half an hour after the sale started and more than a few dates were still open.

you all have a great day :)

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