May 03, 2006

2006 NHL Playoffs

Carolina 2 Montreal 1 OT
Game 6 of 7 - Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

and with that, the Carolina Hurricanes win the First Round series against the Montreal Canadiens. it's sad to see it happen but it had to. the Canes had outrun us in the last 3 games. i'm not angry at the result, or the seemingly soft winning goal. this team gave us an incredible game last night, and gave the Hurricanes a run for their money, making them work their asses off right into overtime. Carolina must've felt shit scared during most of it as the players put an amazing amount of pressure on their defensive zone, creating turnovers like we hadn't done since games 1 and 2, outskating them, driving the net, and hitting everything that moved. there was a lot of heart on the ice last night. and to see Saku there was amazing. the loss wasn't gutwrenching like ity usually is when your team gets eliminated. we knew it was coming. but they went out guns blazing, and that was something we hadn't seen from them on such a consistent basis since the first two games of the series. i won't follow any other series as close as this one, obviously. it's not the same when you don't have as much time invested in the players, the intricacies of the team, or their history. this was my team, and i can't be anything but proud by how they went out last night. now i can wait with a lot of hope and pride for the next season. but now, after a few weeks of rest, will start the most promising time of the season for Bob Gainey's Canadiens - the Off Season. we traded Théodore and got back a large sum of his salary last winter. this is when we get something back :) (Selanne Selanne Selanne! we need a player of his caliber. i believe he's a free agent. and--he's a very close personal friend of Saku Koivu :D now, how amazing would that be to have him and Koivu on the same line? please, Bob, please. and thank you :)

ps. there are a lot of players that came flying out of their shells during this series (maybe they wanted to show Gainey they wanted to stay on the team next season), that are way too exciting, and i want see them back with the Habs sweater next fall (Plekanec, Perezhogin, Zednik (who finally figured out how to play like a leading scorer on the ice), Every Single One of our D (except for Souray, i could do without his boneheadedness but he showed how much of a leader he can be; i'll be a little happy if he gets traded, though), Kovalev and Koivu (obviously), Ryder, Higgins, Huet (like he's going anywhere:), Bonk became an outstanding leader on the ice, Garth Murray was the happiest kid out there last night and i felt he was one of the game's Three Stars, and Bégin) and players i wouldn't mind/hope get traded this summer (Bulis/Ribeiro).

oh, sweetness! the video doesn't go anywhere (same for the song), but i get chills whenever she comes on. and it's always nice to see Shirley.
thanks, Tim.

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