November 29, 2006

Florida 0 Montreal 1 (SO)

wow. what a game. i'd once taped the game, and even though i kinda had a hunch they'd gone 0-0 further down the game, they still managed to keep me on the edge of my seat. and i'll tell you what impressed me tonight - the Habs played a solid 60 minutes. and it's been a long time. they realized, recently, that they take the 2nd period off. Carbonneau mentioned it to the media after saturday night's lackluster game. tonight, they never stopped skating (although Souray and Rivet have got to learn how not to shoot when someone's skate is right in front of the puck at the blue line) and created some amazing turnovers in the Panthers' zone. i'm really glad for the win (Huet was on fire again) but i'm even more happy about the way they came out and played. let's hope we get some consistency going with thursday's game.

here are the highlights, thanks to TSN. check out Koivu's goal during the shootout (looked more spectacular in real time). here are some great pics of the game.

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November 25, 2006

Robert Altman died on monday and then it was time for french actor Philippe Noiret to call it quits on thursday. this was one hell of a week for film lovers.

Habs won, apparently, last night against arguably the best team in the NHL right now. i say 'apparently' because, as usual, i taped the game while i was at work, making sure to avoid any talk of the game all night. i came back home to watch it, but before i did that, i checked my emails and a few sites. but i copied and pasted the wrong address in Firefox and got that Habs site i recommended earlier yesterday. first page told me Souray scored for the win in OT. LOL. i'm an ass. still watched the game, though, to see how they played against the mighty Sabres. went to bed during the 2nd period so i'm gonna finish that now. it's 1-0 Buffalo right now.

okay. so the PS3 release day came and went. were you one of the lucky ones to get a system? good for you. here's a crazy bastard's story of how he got one after the Wal Mart manager told his waiting line they'd only received 7 PS3's while he was #13 in line. a great read. one creative bastard.

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November 24, 2006

Montreal vs Buffalo (RDS/MSG 8PM)

speaking of the Habs, the Montreal Gazette has opened up a brand new Habs blog with complete news on the team. with team news barely leaking every other day, this one looks quite promising with various team reports.
have a great game tonight.

Saturday, 1:16 PM

well, Souray scored with a single second left in overtime. how about that, uh? and it wasn't a point shot like i thought his only talent his. no, he actually took a top-shelf shot. too bad my mom told me he scored with a second left before i could finish the game, though. lol. i guess i couldn't get away from it with this game :) we won two games this week against the best teams in the league. tonight we're facing the Flyers. can't wait. we're playing well right now, with consistency from everyone. also, the Kovalev line is creating more and more chances for themselves.

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November 23, 2006

Minnesota 2 Montreal 4

wow. what a great game form the Habs. glad i taped and watched it. the only crappy player out there last night was, drumroll please, Sheldon Souray. he's actually been quite good this season. he started out shaky but hasn't done most of his bonehead moves. until last night, that is. thank god everyone else was working hard and getting things done so we didn't have to scramble to get back in the game. huet was spectacular and it looks like Bouillon hasn't lost an ounce of his talent. wow. what a comeback. you couldn't tell it was his first game of the season (was it? i don't think he even got to play regular season yet, right?). great game from everyone. let's hope we can get consistent now and win the next two (friday and saturday).

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November 22, 2006

what...the...fuck... seriously. wow. he's right up there for me. a masterful director, indeed.

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November 16, 2006

Montreal 3 Tampa Bay 1

Souray scores twice and Guillaume Latendresse with his 4th of the season (in the last four games; i'll give it to him - that was one beautiful play, but the beauty of the play is you can see him take his time to think it through properly. time seems to stop for a second) to get the win for the Habs over the Lightning. i was surprised by this score. with Lecavalier, St-Louis, and Tampa Bay's poor defense i was sure we'd see a high-scoring game. but when we were able to sit down to catch (the entire!) third period, the score was tied at 1. great win for the Habs (but check out that weird collision between Perezhoggin and Rivet right in front of Huet. lol). tonight they play the Florida Panthers (RDS 7:30PM).

Tim opened my eyes to a new Garbage press release - the oft-delayed Absolute Garbage greatest hit is set to hit stores on March 19th. with no real conviction behind it, i'm not surprised there's no new song on there as album has been rumoured now for a couple of years. at least the set will also include a mix cd (probably just remixes, though), an enhanced cd(?), and a DVD of all the videos (i'll finally be able to trash that vhs copy i had). fans wanted a new song but the single will be Bleed Like Me's beautiful It's All Over But The Crying (i must state my disagreement with Tim over the song's quality; i'm not giving any reason for my opinion. it just is :). you can't really blame them for not recording a new song since they just started their break and are all really busy working on new material of their own. i believe we will get new Garbage albums in the future, this just caps off the first 10 years of the band.

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November 13, 2006

get ready for your hearts to skip a beat (or five) -- the 24 Season 6 promo pics are here !!! wow. don't look at them if you haven't seen Season 5 yet, though.i'm seriously excited about the cast and the new additions :)

on tonight: NHL - Montreal vs Ottawa (Sportsnet East/RDS 7:30PM)

have a good day.

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November 12, 2006

Montreal 1 Toronto 5
well, the Habs forgot to play and the Leafs took advantage of our lack of energy to get some much needed offense going for their guys. granted, Montreal's last game was tuesday night and they couldn't get their morning skate on because of some fluke scheduling conflict at the ACC that morning, though. after a long-ass Hockey Hall Of Fame presentation, the game started strangely enough, with none of the the two teams showing any interest in playing a hockey game. the first period was slow and boring. the Leafs picked it up with a few chances but Aebischer was there to stop them. after a while, though, the poor playing of his teammates made it impossible for him to stop everything. hopefully we don't give away too many games like that this season (*shakes head*) and Gainey will go talk to his players. someone's not doing his job and it looks like the coaching staff is not working the players hard enough. let's get back on track, boys.

okay. this looked like another whacked-out Dino De Laurentiis idea but i guess it's legit since Thomas Harris is coming out with a new Lecter book (Dec 5 2006). but... Hannibal Rising? really? i'll give Harris the benefit of the doubt. i know there's gotta be a few literary references in there but i'm missing all of them. it screams rushed tv movie to me. BUT. the film is directed by Peter Webber. who?? exactly. but he directed The Girl With The Pearl Earring - that ain't no Rush Hour 1, 2, and 3 crap, i'll tell you that. and he did get a fucking awesome, non-celebrity/bikini babe cast for his film, so i give him HUGE props for pulling that one off. i'm taking the film off the Ludicrous list and right into the Damned Interesting one. the film comes out in February (a bit early, ain't it? that's only a couple of months after the book's release). and hey, we're getting a new Thomas Harris book out of it (although, a 336-page book, which, for Harris is kind of a pamphlet, really). i have to respect and have faith in his intelligence.

i'm about to go see Borat but i needed to write this down - Studio 60 has been picked up for the full season (YAY!!) but a small boo goes to ABC for letting Six Degrees die of a slow, dark death.

Borat on Leno with Martha Stewart. hilarious. it's not his interview so he's not uttering the same lines he has for the promo rounds.

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November 11, 2006

great article about the Aebischer-Huet tandem/supposed rivalry. and tonight we get another great Habs vs Leafs Hockey Night In Canada game (CBC/RDS 7PM). loving these saturday matchups between the two teams. it seems we're getting them every other saturday this year:)

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November 10, 2006

it is with a tinge of sadness that my stay at the ex-roommate's apartment ends. i had a great week over there, spending every single night even though i'd planned on only a couple. now on to my last evening of work for the week. time to prepare for the weekend :)

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November 08, 2006

such a great day (despite the grey weather). i still have two days/nights housesitting for the ex-roommate and 'our' cat. i love it. bit of a mad scramble for time between the two places as i still have stuff to do when i'm not working but it's great.

great news -- the Habs won 3-2 last night against Edmonton despite having lost Chris Higgins (once again in a shootout; awesome move by Koivu, followed by the same one from Kovalev:). best news: they played great for the full 60 minutes. hurrah. now they get to rest until they play Toronto saturday night. that'll be a great game.

awesome news -- Rumsfeld resigns (we'll have to wait a bit for info on this Robert Gates, though; but at least we got rid of Rummy. but why did he wait after the midterm elections to do this? weird). Dems about to take control of Senate.

have a great evening.

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November 07, 2006

okay. things got a bit sucky at work with some minor bad news (nothing major, just irritating), but things perked up for me this morning. check this out -- Google will has full NHL games for your viewing pleasure !!! i couldn't believe it myself but there it is. free of charge! amazing. (no idea on how quickly the games actually appear online after the broadcasts are done.)

now some bad news for the Canadiens -- our best forward, Chris Higgins, to miss 6 weeks. dammit.

oh yeah, but that's not the worst news (we can recover from that). the worst news is coach Carbonneau is putting Latendresse up on the 1st line with Koivu and Ryder. yeah. we have no freaking idea what the fuck is going on with that kid. it's fine to want him in the big club to help him grow into a badass player 3 years down the line. i can live with that. but to take a spot on the first line (not to mention taking a well-deserved spot away from better players like Samsonov) when he's only proven himself to be dreadful on the fourth?? come on. that's stretching it a bit, isn't it? someone has a gun to their head, that's for sure.

and on that note, you all have a good day :)

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November 03, 2006

the NEW Cinéma du Parc is open for business !!!
that is indeed great news. hopefully they'll keep the same kind of films as before.

Montreal 4 Carolina 0

well, i'm only 23 hours away from spending the next week (on and off) housesitting for the ex-roommate/best friend while they're away to Cuba. they have the coolest apartment--but the VERY BEST news about it is that i'll be catsitting 'our' cat as well :P the ex-roommate got her a few months before we moved in together for three years. it's her cat but since i took care of her when i was home, i'm considered her father as well :) i see her every saturday when the ex-roommate and i spend our day together. i'm delighted to be taking care of her for the next week. i'll still need to come home once in a while but i decided to use this opportunity to its fullest and have a mini-vacation as well :) i'll be working but there's something exotic about that place, even though it's only in the next city, it's alien enough for me to disconnect from my daily life. add a brand new laptop they've left me, wireless high speed internet, the most adorable cat, and a sweet apartment and i'm set :)

whoa.... Firefox 2 tweaks. excellent tweaks, i might add (like getting rid of that ugly close tab button).

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November 02, 2006

North America finally sees the (re-)release of all three Knife albums !!!

The Knife (includes 3 extra tracks)*
Deep Cuts (cd/dvd)*
Silent Shout

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