November 29, 2006

Florida 0 Montreal 1 (SO)

wow. what a game. i'd once taped the game, and even though i kinda had a hunch they'd gone 0-0 further down the game, they still managed to keep me on the edge of my seat. and i'll tell you what impressed me tonight - the Habs played a solid 60 minutes. and it's been a long time. they realized, recently, that they take the 2nd period off. Carbonneau mentioned it to the media after saturday night's lackluster game. tonight, they never stopped skating (although Souray and Rivet have got to learn how not to shoot when someone's skate is right in front of the puck at the blue line) and created some amazing turnovers in the Panthers' zone. i'm really glad for the win (Huet was on fire again) but i'm even more happy about the way they came out and played. let's hope we get some consistency going with thursday's game.

here are the highlights, thanks to TSN. check out Koivu's goal during the shootout (looked more spectacular in real time). here are some great pics of the game.

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