November 04, 2008

no posts in a long time but i'm still here.

good luck, USA.

i can't believe we're almost there (please make the right decision!!). this could be one amazing week.

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August 07, 2008

oh yeah. i saw these guys in Montreal yesterday.
we were supposed to be rained down (no pun) the whole day but got the worst on the highway and then a second shot as we got on the field, waiting for the rain to subside so we could get and eat some food :) it was kinda surreal seeing half of the people in soaked t-shirts waiting it out on the mud field. but the rest of the evening was superb. just some light drizzle here and there that you didn't even notice if you had your raincoat on. pretty spectacular considering it was supposed to be horrible weather going in.

i'm not saying anything 'cause a friend will be seeing them next week in TO.

we did get ourselves a couple of their cool SIGG water bottles, though :) (25$ cdn, for those wondering. very cheap.)

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July 14, 2008

the video for Radiohead's House Of Cards is live, folks :)

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May 14, 2008

N*E*R*D, Pharrell

the Billionaire Boys Club Blog is simply awesome. i found it over the weekend with a couple of clicks through Timbland/N*E*R*D blogs. seems like Pharrell is the main poster here. the Everyone Nose site is also up. the song is crazy. and it will stay in your head for days. sorry. btw, there's something going on with the site despite the appearance of nothing going on (per the Removed By Request tag). as with the lastnightsparty-themed(sponsored?) video, taking a look at the source code of the page reveals its content as being " features uncensored photos and videos from the new n.e.r.d. music video everyonenose" so i doubt anything would be removed with such a lovely jpg. and the first content line is even less ingenious about its intent: "everyonenose, everyone nose, pharrell, n.e.r.d., interscope, removed by request". that last tag killed me :) they're trying to keep things interesting (in an almost lame way; which is alright) but i'll still keep tabs on it, just to see. the N*E*R*D boys (mostly thanks to Pharrell, i believe) have a way to take their nerd bling a bit too seriously. (psst: it's not that precious;) but i'll take the music (and the criminally-underrated Chad).

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May 13, 2008

i'm not dead. i'm really not. i swear :)

i've been rather busy and lazy this past...uh, 6 months :) what with the gf and work, i've got less time now for the internet, and much less for blogging. or finding myself interesting enough to write about, also :)

i've been watching BB9 (thankful for James) but i've mostly been engrossed with Survivor. oh, and this year, i caught *almost* all of the Habs games on tv and the playoff run was an intense few weeks, let me tell ya. i've also learned that my gf is now almost into them as i am :) that was fun to experience. can't wait for next fall when we can catch them in HD. speaking of which, the gf and i are moving in together this summer. it's coming up rather quickly now. almost everything is set now but there's still a few loose ends left to tie up.

what else? well, nothing much. we've been so busy that we've barely had any time left on weekends to watch movies lately. thankfully, we've been able to catch up with the Indiana Jones movies again (Holy Grail coming up this weekend). btw, the dvd's look awesome. the video transfers are spectacular and our new 42" is making us real happy about our swift xmas purchase.

through all of this, i've also managed to keep up-to-date with a couple of cool new bands. got some great finds this year. happy about that.

so that's it. just a post to keep you up-to-date.
hope all is well with you and i hope to see you all again soon.

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February 13, 2008

Joel Surnow, republican producer, gets out of 24 !!!!! HAHAHA! hurrah! the show was getting stranger and stranger these past couple of seasons and Dennis Haysbert seemingly hit the nail on the head when he pointed the finger at Surnow.

life is great.

and to confirm that life is definitely great (but also a little bit on the greasy side), BB9 is back on!!!

red band trailer for David Gordon Green's grandiose-looking Pineapple Express.
hopefully they also take time to promote the film outside of the Superbad/40 Year Old Virgin crowd.

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January 10, 2008


i guess i couldn't be arsed to update the blog much lately, uh? seems like a recurring theme around here these past few months. i hope the (Christian) new year has been treating you kindly and that you got what you were hoping for over the holidays.
i know i have. for some reason.

two weeks before christmas, the question of whether or not the gf and i would be moving in together next summer came up. it was always in the back of our minds but we took our time (we've only been dating for 8 months now) as we didn't feel the need to rush any decision. when the gf asked what i thought about it, i said, 'sure'. lol. didn't even have to think about it. feels like the next natural step for us.

cut to two weeks later, the morning of december 24th. i see a flyer for the Future Shop Boxing Week in my inbox. first page: 42" Panasonic Plasma (TH-42PE7U). for a thousand bucks. this was a superbly close model to the one i'd been looking for for over a year (TH-42PE7U). read everything about, and on, it. but i wouldn't put it on my credit card so i let it pass. that's when the gf asked if i would like for us to buy it together... :) (my tv was breaking down this fall, we'd have to buy a new one next summer anyway, and january happens to have one extra pay for both of us--talk about weird synchronicity, uh?) a few hours later (back from church with the gf's family and we're online buying the damn thing! lol. this is my/our first HD screen. i'm not set-up with HD-DVD or Bluray (yet?) but i've already noticed DVD's looking a lot better and standard tv is spectacular in 4:3 mode! big screens usually aren't optimized for sd tv feeds so it was a great joy to see normal tv looking like this. (we'll look into HD this summer.) as for now, we're getting everything we want--and we're not even indebting ourselves one bit!:)

it seems (good) stuff has been happening to us lately. what we (reasonably) want we get. it is a nice feeling to have (*and i'm not just speaking materially).

ps. read yesterday that Radiohead have chosen Montreal as part of their upcoming North American tour in May! :) can't wait to get tickets.

so i'm wishing a happy new year to you all.

pps. goddamn. Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis - Michael Cera interview.

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December 21, 2007

Survivor Denise finally "asks" that the $50,000 be given to the Survivor-supported Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation instead of being handed to her only because she feels she's poor.

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December 19, 2007


well, that was that. anyone watch the season finale on sunday? happy about the outcome, but something rubbed me the wrong way halfway through the episode. Denise was fucking begging for a spot in the top three to Amanda. fucking begging for it and playing the sympathy card through and through. i couldn't stand it. i'd been sympathetic toward Denise for all of the 2nd half of the season. but this sudden turn in her demeanour was ugly. smelling the money was not hers, she was feeling sorry for herself.

here are two stories you really should check out about the aftermath of sunday's Live show. i guess Courtney was right, after all, then, uh? :)

the trailer for this indeed looked like crap when we caught in theaters.

now that the xmas tv time off (and the continuing WGA strike, as well) is upon us, i've had time to start catching up on shows i hadn't had time for thanks to, you know, time. this week, i'm finally catching up on Dexter (halfway through the first season); and it is still gloriously disturbing :) (next up should be Six Feet Under. i also wanna show it to the gf.)

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December 12, 2007

wow. it's been a while now, hasn't it? a full month. i'm sorry. i've been busy with the gf, travelling, and xmas shopping these past few weeks. also tried finding some time to sleep :) anyway, yesterday i received a nice little package i never thought i'd see until after the xmas rush. here are some ::huge-ass:: pics i thought i'd share. (right-click view image for a bigger look at the pics.)

have a nice day :)

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