May 13, 2008

i'm not dead. i'm really not. i swear :)

i've been rather busy and lazy this past...uh, 6 months :) what with the gf and work, i've got less time now for the internet, and much less for blogging. or finding myself interesting enough to write about, also :)

i've been watching BB9 (thankful for James) but i've mostly been engrossed with Survivor. oh, and this year, i caught *almost* all of the Habs games on tv and the playoff run was an intense few weeks, let me tell ya. i've also learned that my gf is now almost into them as i am :) that was fun to experience. can't wait for next fall when we can catch them in HD. speaking of which, the gf and i are moving in together this summer. it's coming up rather quickly now. almost everything is set now but there's still a few loose ends left to tie up.

what else? well, nothing much. we've been so busy that we've barely had any time left on weekends to watch movies lately. thankfully, we've been able to catch up with the Indiana Jones movies again (Holy Grail coming up this weekend). btw, the dvd's look awesome. the video transfers are spectacular and our new 42" is making us real happy about our swift xmas purchase.

through all of this, i've also managed to keep up-to-date with a couple of cool new bands. got some great finds this year. happy about that.

so that's it. just a post to keep you up-to-date.
hope all is well with you and i hope to see you all again soon.

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