September 30, 2004

i got a gripe. so today i went out to the stores and had four albums on my want list. after going through the three big stores, i only came out with two cd's :: Talib Kweli's The Beautiful Struggle (the follow-up to his massive Quality album) and Dizzee Rascal's Showtime. okay. i can deal with that. but. even though i could not find any info on whether the Dizzee Rascal cd had the bonus disc i got it anyway. luckily enough i saw it scanned as 'Showtime (CD+DVD)'. great. the case doesn't feel heavy enough for a bonus dvd but what do i know? maybe it's an hybrid. now i'm looking up info on this on the web and what do i have? nothing. apparently this is only a fuckin' cd. damn. i'm not gonna bitch too much about it because the dvd only has a few videos, and how many times am i gonna get excited by those, right? but it's still a bit frustrating to not get the cd+dvd edition.

don't forget, there's a Presidential Debate tonight.
but apparently we can't talk about how much of a good debater George W Bush is until after the debate. the press, after revealing the info early on, have put the lid back on it. apparently mr Rove wasn't too happy about that one. he wants it to be a surprise. shhh. let's all play along and be surprised tomorrow morning, okay?

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September 29, 2004

check out's very effective ad (pdf file) on Gallup's mysterious 10-point polling gaps for the President which got everyone up in arms last month about Bush having won the race already. chill out, people. there's no way Bush has already run away with it. and never by 10 points. this thing is gonna be close to the end. and i suspect a short lead will even go to John Kerry after thursday's debate. this fake lead for Bush might do something Republicans won't expect, though: likely Kerry voters might turn up even more now.

in apartment news: i may have changed my mind about something. i'm letting the idea of looking for a new apartment enter my options now. i didn't wanna do it when the roommate told me she was moving out but this weekend, for some reason, i thought it might be a cool idea. and it would be easier to rent out this apartment to a young family or a batch of friends instead of trying to find one dude or girl who'd be willing to put up $350 each month. and the idea of having my own place is appealing to me now.

update, 11:22 am:

nice. i knew with Russ Meyer's passing last week that the long-rumored Criterion/Beyond the Valley of the Dolls announcement wouldn't be far behind. well, Digital Bits tells us that Roger Ebert let it slip that he'd recorded a commentary for Criterion :) here's hoping that the sad tragedy will at least give us a few more Meyer discs in the coming months (preferably of good quality, though).

np: death cab for cutie - something about airplanes

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September 26, 2004

the first Presidential Debate is coming up this week. most people agree that Georgie boy is a good debater and that he's the favorite to win the debate. good. i see that. except that the two camps have agreed on a huge set of rules to govern this debate (just this one, or all three?), and one of them is that the candidates can't ask direct questions to one another. so... how is that a real debate? have they, the Bush Administration, taken the wind out of good ole George's biggest strength? instead of seeing a quick winner thursday night, the american people will be able to compare and contrast the two candidates instead of having George directly tear up John a new one. it will be compare and contrast night. not as easy for George. and John Kerry's 6'4 while George is about 5'10. let's see who looks more presidential. and as one person commented this morning -- i hope we get to see a handshake between the two candidates so that Kerry can stand up real close to George and stare him down. Georgie boy only knows how to snicker.

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September 25, 2004

We know that dictators are quick to choose aggression, while free nations strive to resolve differences in peace.

George W Bush, in his address to the United Nations, Sep. 21, 2004

ah, damn ... changing subjects here.
i haven't laughed this hard in a long fucking time. hysterical laughter. laughing so hard that i had to stop reading because i didn't know if i was gonna make it out alive. seriously. it felt damn good. just go ahead. it's not gonna change your life, it's the usual list of funny things to do, but somehow it was the right thing for me today.
tears were coming out, for christ's sake! :)

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i'm browsing through's Coming Soon pages again and nuggets keep popping up; here are some cool ones (that have been recently announced but that i missed) i just stumbled onto:

11/30/2004 Hero
12/21/2004 Napoleon Dynamite
12/28/2004 Garden State

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September 23, 2004

i was browsing through's coming soon pages and found this:

Ju-On: The Grudge is coming to region 1 dvd on november 9th :)
i hadn't read about this before so this bit of news is very exciting to me. there are a bunch of features on the disc, the most interesting being a Sam Raimi commentary :)

hopefully north american distributors will realize that there's a market for asian flicks in region 1 and will start putting them out on a more regular basis. either that or can someone please find me a good canadian service that rents non-region 1 dvd's (i believe i can get my JVC player to play those; i believe there's an easy hack available for it).

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latenight posting but this is well worth the effort.
this was supposed to come out last spring, a few months after part one, but it's finally coming out:

Rufus Wainwright's Want Two is coming november 16th (cd/dvd edition).

Ludacris' Red Light District also got a release date - november 23rd (same as U2).
the good music season is getting started... from now until xmas, tuesdays are packed with great albums. be ready.

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September 22, 2004

the fifth season of Big Brother ended its run last night with, as i kept saying, Drew ("budd-ah") winning the half-million. i knew Cowboy would get votes from the twins and a third from another person (although Nakomis did surprise me a bit). i'd predicted it would be a 4-3 win. btw, how boring was the show last night??? fuck me. seeing all the evicted houseguests coming back from their normal lives but still being caught up in the pettiness of the show was surreal. don't these folks have lives outside those walls? Jase was still an ass. what was he so excited about Marvin for? the guy seemed to have a boner for him. still not sure Marv knew what that was about either. Scott still has no Escalade, no life, and apparently, no friends as he was wearing the beaten look of the shamed, lonely alley drunk and begged for at least a peak at the possibility of a Jase friendship ring. and dude, yes, you were the only one who brought your mandana to the party. ass. the jury recap on the couches was fake beyond belief. how lame was it to feed Marvin questions so everyone could give proper opinions in clear sentences? fucking hell. and this is a reality show? i'm bitching (and rightly so. last night's episode was boring) but i'm happy Drew won, though. it was Diane's half-mil but he was second best in that final three. Cowboy - shut up. i loved every single frame they showed of his face breaking down everytime he needed to shed a tear (and the dude has tears to share). anyway. the season is over. i'm happy Drew won. now let's move on to something else.

np: arcade fire - ep

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September 21, 2004

had a fucking weird dream about the ex. a sweet one. not that it's that unusual for me and her, we still like each other very much, and will probably to the end of our days, but i hadn't dreamt for a while and she hadn't popped into one of my dreams for a long time now. it was sweet. i just emailed her about it :)

fellow geeks -- go get your Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen) sets. i know i am. this morning. (btw, i don't know why they're calling it the Trilogy since there's obviously another trilogy that'll be complete next may. very confusing. they could've just called the set Episodes IV-V-VI. unless George means the only trilogy that matters.) Future Shop has it for $54.99 today - dunno if they're really gonna hike the price back up by tomorrow but that's the best real world price i could find for today.

Big Brother 5 ends tonight. 8 pm on CBS.

speaking of CBS, i caught the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn last night and it wasn't a repeat. CBS hired guest hosts (couldn't figure out for how long and who will be hosting, though - i'd love it if someone could hook me up with those details. it could be interesting). last night it was Drew Carrey (also on so for tonight, it seems). but he was wearing what i thought was a joke hair piece to copy Craig's hair but no, it's his real hair now. dude, cut it back down. please. i like you but i thought it was a joke for the first 4 minutes and wasn't sure for the next 2.

np: arcade fire - ep

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September 20, 2004

i'm making it it's own post:


it's now official - the roommate is moving out at the end of october. i know it would be a stretch but if anyone knows of a cool person, who likes movies and music, who'd like to share an apartment in Sherbrooke (Quebec) within the next few months, let me know, okay? thanks :)

np: arcade fire - ep

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so yesterday i swung by real quick by two used record stores downtown; here's what i came back out with:

Labradford - fixed::context
Sans Pression - 514-50 dans mon réseau
Roni Size Reprazent - New Forms
Ginuwine - The Life
Ginuwine - The Senior

i never wanted those two Ginuwine albums; the ones i wanted were the first two because Timbaland made them. but they had these two. i checked the credits and one of them had a Timbaland song (with Ludacris, too) and the other one had a bunch of Scott Storch songs. so i got them both. what the heck. they're cheap.

i'm waking up now so that's all you get :)

np: arcade fire - ep

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September 19, 2004

The Punisher by Jonathan Hensleigh, 2004

wow. not even Thomas Jane was able to save this dreck of a movie. what a shitty job these guys did. i wanna give these guys some props for trying to make it a darker-than-average flick but, shit, there's so many things wrong with it: a mostly brooding Thomas Jane that inexplicably throws wisecracks around every once in a while; cartoony characters; actors who aren't left any room to breathe life into their characters; a series of scenes that are just attached to one another for no reason; etc. nothing. there was a five minute span towards the end where it got interesting but that's it. it's a revenge flick but there's never any emotional attachment to the main character other than, 'oh, his family got killed. he must avenge them.' we don't care that much. oh god, Jonathan Hensleigh co-wrote Armageddon, Jumanji, and Die Hard with a Vengeance. this was his first directorial job. the short shooting schedule might have played a part in the failure of this film but i'm also holding Hensleigh (and cinematographer Conrad W Hall) personally responsible for this hack job. it should've been gritty, realistic, and dark. instead it looks like an overlight direct-to-video hack job. they failed. [ the dvd, though, includes some excellent featurettes that explain the origins of Frank Castle, right up to Tim Bradstreet's excellent cover designs. Lions Gate, in a very wise move, used his art to market the film. too bad the gritty style and tone were nowhere to be found in the actual film, though. ] Rebecca Romijn is one of the good things about the film, though, showing she can still effortlessly act her ass off. the best thing about it: Thomas Jane in the Punisher skull shirt. but avoid this film. it's a by-the-numbers straight-to-video flick. too bad. i really wanted to like this film.

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September 18, 2004

i haven't been keeping up with the Big Brother crew too much this past week. i've been watching the episodes but it's been a while since i last read the feeds and/or intensely cared about the outcome of the game since Marvin and Nakomis went out of the house. i actually didn't mind the final three (Diane, Drew and Cowboy), though, because a) Diane, although she screwed Will & Nik, she was a really good player, not necessarily a backstabber per se, b) Drew and Cowboy hadn't annoyed me as much as Scott or Jase did, so i was okay with them winning (although Cowboy did annoy me, but that's alright). i could live with any of them three winning the big half-mil. switch to last night's episode. something happened to me -- i started rooting for Cowboy. gasp, i know. very weird since last time i checked i wanted Diane to win it. but damn. i'm not under the impression, as almost everyone as been talking about since the middle of the game, that Cowboy would win hands down in a 1 on 1 vote-off. as an America's Choice, yes; but the jury is voting for the winner, people who've lived with him, people who've wanted him gone week after fucking week, people who've been annoyed by him, by his grossness, by his ineptitude. the dude has been losing ever since he came in the house. and he's not a good player. he's just there because there were other, more important, targets to get rid of first. but, as i said, i was rooting for Cowboy to win the first battle of the final three. then the inevitable happens -- Diane does something that looks fishy, Cowboy has a big heart and helps out and, boom, he loses his grip on the key. he's out. i understood his frustration. she might have played him. after he kept the fuckin banshee in the house. but later on Diane slipped and all was good in tvland. then it was Cowboy vs Diane in a battle of wits. i was so rooting for Cowboy i couldn't believe it. haha. Michael won the DNA Strand comp to win the chance go against Drew. i was ecstatic. i did not want Diane to get it. Drew won the final competition so the final two rested on Drew making a decision. ha. the irony. it must be tough being Drew. the boy did good, though, and chose for Cowboy to stay and evicted Diane. good boy. there's only one episode left, tuesday at 8 (CBS). i actually don't care who wins but i hope Drew wins by one vote only because he's the closest thing to a player between the two of them. Diane was the real brains behind the operation. that's it for me.

np: erlend øye - dj-kicks

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September 17, 2004

haha. finally. The Arcade Fire's album was coming out tuesday and i knew none of the big record stores here in the city would have it tuesday morning because it's out on Merge and for some reason they need about 3 to 4 weeks to get those in. so i checked out the online stores who'd carry indie records that would get it to me a) cheaply, and b) before the week was over. montreal's excellent Cheap Thrills came through for me, big time:

The Arcade Fire - untitled ep
The Arcade Fire - Funeral
Ladytron - light&magic
Ladytron - Softcore Jukebox

i've been looking for the two Ladytron albums for about 2 years now. oh, i've seen them in stores a couple of times, but they were always $26.99. light&magic contains the single "seventeen" and Softcore has the Ladytron version of my beloved "Oops (Oh My)".

have a good - hey, it's friday!! :) finally.

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September 16, 2004

scratch that: Future Shop gets it right -- thx 1138 (The George Lucas Director's Cut) is now listed at $24.99. dunno what that other entry was all about (they even had it as a two-disc set).

Will & Grace season premiere, in one word: bleh. check it out, you'll see. the writing was incredibly sub-par. the episode did manage to pick up a few times, and there's an especially great scene buried in there, but i was shocked by how lame it all started. definitely not up-to-par with the usually solid jokes. very middle of the road, indeed. it will pick up, though. unless they fired their writers; which is what it looked like last night.

ah-ha!! i found it!!! fuck me, dang. last night at work i had a song in my head. i had the melody, the way the girl and the guy sung and harmonized. it's a very unique pattern and i couldn't place it. it was within grasp but i just could never get that song. cut to now, when for some ungodly reason i put on the Broken Social Scene cd and bang -- the album's over and i hear last night's melody in my head. lol. the song actually played and i didn't even notice :) wow. i just found it: "anthems for a seventeen year-old girl". fuck me. of course i heard the melody in my head as the album ended; it's replayed as an instrumental as the last track :P god i love that melody.

update, 1:35 pm: Shirley's updated her journal. i got goosebumps reading this part (but you gotta go read the whole thing; it's too long to post):
At one point during rehearsal he looked over at me.............and he gruffly asked "You ever sang Jazz before?" and I sheepishly squeeked "No sir" and he nodded slowly a few times,a glimmer of a smile in his eyes and then finally said " Well it suits you.Suits the sound of your voice.You gotta a lot of air coming out and so that tone of's beautiful".
And right then............sitting there in that little office of his at the University of Wisconsin I felt like I was going to pass out with pleasure.This was coming from a man who used to play with Sarah Vaughan. SARAH fucking VAUGHAN. Oh my lord.............
np: broken social scene - you forgot it in people

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September 15, 2004

what the fuck is going on here?... i'm hoping this is not a glitch in the Future Shop website -- but they are (quietly?) advertising the big thx 1138 (The George Lucas Director's Cut) two-disc set for $17.99. i liked the cover art when it was announced but then last week i caught George on the Charlie Rose Show for the entire hour and that was it. plus they showed a trailer for the re-release. omg. i was blown away. the visuals looked intense and perfect. i have to go out this morning so i'm gonna swing by Future Shop and take a look. hopefully they got their copies. i was planning on renting the set but if that's the real price, i'm getting it for myself. a nice prelude, and companion piece, to next week's big Star Wars release.

btw, people (even fictional and imaginary) crapping out of their mouths has got to be the most hilarious, and jarring, thing i've ever seen.

update, 1:06 pm: i looked and looked but Future Shop didn't have any copies of thx. maybe this weekend.

oh, hey ... Kerry's coming back.

anybody watching The Wire? i just noticed that it's coming out on dvd next month. i heard a bit about it this past year and i think i wanna get into it. i'll say it again - solid tv shows on dvd are the coolest thing.

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September 14, 2004

anybody out here got comments or suggestions on Canadian Satelitte Providers -- their service, options, and packages? the idea sparked an interest in my brain a few weeks ago, and although i'm not seriously looking into right now, i do see it as a good future possibility for myself. the monthly payments seem to be about what i'm paying now for cable, so switching over for more (and better) channels would be a no-brainer for me. what i'm looking for -- Bravo, Showcase, the NHL Network, etc (are the Fox shows in widescreen, or is that just an HDTV thing?), the best possible picture/sound quality, and no HDTV necessary for now (i only have a normal tv). lemme know your thoughts. thanks.

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after scouring the net for what has felt like an hour, i finally found the fucked Big Brother 5 schedule for this last week:

tuesday (september 14 2004) :: 9 pm
friday (september 17 2004) :: 8 pm
tuesday (september 21 2004) :: 8 pm :: Season Finale ::

it looks like all episodes are an hour each too. CBS seems to have wanted to dump the last couple of shows. weird. Survivor: Vanuatu's starting thursday and i guess no one at the network can do math real well.

attention Canucks: Global will have the Will & Grace premiere tomorrow night at 8:30 instead of thursday (they'll have Suvivor: Vanuatu). i guess that's the permanent timeslot for the show on Global. i think that's where it went for the last few weeks of the last season.

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September 12, 2004

can you take my tongue out, please, i really need to vomit: Be Savage. (yes, it is what you're really hoping it's not.) [ tvgasm ]

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September 11, 2004

the Clerks X set comes out in Canada on september 21st october 5th. a bit of a delay but there's a huge silver lining -- Future Shop will have it for $25.99. amazing price for a three-disc set (by comparison, i think Jersey Girl, a single-disc new release, is $26.99).

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last night after work we went out. it's been a long-ass time since i last went out. it was nice. we didn't go to a big club, it was more a small tavern type place. thank god we were a group, though, 'cause i wouldn't have had any fun if i'd been on my own there. there were 10-12 of us. first things first: we were going out because we hadn't been able to pull off a party this summer. and this one girl, A, was going on vacation for two weeks. so we were kinda using that as an excuse to go out. so. there were a couple of people they didn't wanna invite. fair enough. shabby but fair enough. there's this one guy who can be annoying but he's also nice when you're one on one with him. well, they didn't wanna invite him and so we made sure he never heard about going out. so last night i'm driving him home, nothing's out of the ordinary. he's not bummed or anything; happy to have the work week behind him, etc. until i pull in front of his place, that is. as he gets out he tells me, 'well, have fun at the party and tell A to have a nice vacation', and he shuts the door to my car. goddammit. see, i wouln't have minded having him going out with us. sure he can be a bit annoying but i can stand him. so i was having a bit of a problem with the girls while they were kinda making a bit too much fun at his expense all week long. but i kept my mouth shut and went along; they're the ones who were planning this night out and people agreed that it would be nicer if he wasn't there. a couple of us didn't mind him but we'd go along. as long as everyone kept their fuckin mouths shut because he talks to me and i give him rides back home all the time. but him having figured it out -- and calling us all out on it -- freaked the fuck out of me. i'd backstabbed him (kinda), i hadn't been a good friend and he knew it. it fucking hurt, i'll tell ya. but what can you do? he didn't seem pissed. looks like he figured it out a while back and got over it. when i got back to the bar i told them all. some of them got that i was the one who got the short end of the stick over all this because i was the one he called us all out to and i wasn't the one who didn't want him there. anyway. life will go on (somehow), right? it always does.

i was able to enjoy the night nonetheless :) i had a lot of fun. drank a bit, not oo much because i was driving. one by one people were dropping out and going home. we closed the bar around 3-3:30 am. i drove this girl home. a friend from work (whom, actually, i had a water fight with the night before at work :) lotta fun). when i pulled up in front of her house, before getting out of the car, she leaned over to kiss me on the cheeks. but. she cupped the side of my face with one hand to do it ... god. i fuckin melted there for a second. lol :) that's it. nothing happened but just that fleeting moment felt amazing. i have some kind of chemistry with this girl but i need to feel more than 75% sure about a girl to do anything about it. especially a girl i work with. but that cupped hand felt nice :)

so i went to bed at 4:30. i'm a mess the next day when i go to bed later than 2 am. woke up at 11 this morning to the sound of the roommate being back home. she actually was able to drag me out for a walk. longer than i'd agreed to, but i have to give it to her -- it did feel goddamn good. it was really nice out, feeling the sun on my skin, and now i'm not feeling the strains of my night out too much, which is really nice.

on to the weekend! :)

np: blues traveler - four

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September 10, 2004

if you're a 24 fan, the folks over at The Digital Bits had some very good news for you yesterday:
On the Fox front, we've learned that the studio's 24: The Complete Third Season (due on 12/7) will feature a special "half episode" written by the show's creators and shot with the cast. It's designed to bridge the time span between seasons 3 and 4, and introduce some of the new characters and situations that will appear in season 4.
how about that? :P very cool, indeed.

yesterday i also received my package from Mymusic:

Björk - Medúlla (limited edition)
Devendra Banhart - Rejoicing in the Hands
The Clientele - The Violet Hour

but. the Björk album did leave a sour taste in my mouth this morning as i opened it up - it is the limited edition, but not the SACD hybrid. goddammit. only the uk version has the hybrid, not the north american version. fuck. i know i'll be happy about it anyway because, hey, it's the new Björk album. but still. i made sure to order it because i wanted the hybrid (for when i end up (in however many years that is) buying an sacd player, that is). i'll get over it. it's still a pretty nice digipak package.

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September 09, 2004

does it make me gay that i teared up (and more than once) during Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? canadian non-Bravo subscribers can now watch the show on Global, wednesdays at 10 pm (pretty shabby timeslot, if you ask me). Global showed an old episode at 9 and then at 10 a 'new' one (straight guy: Richard Miller, i think). and i fuckin' teared up. damn. these were my first two episodes of Queer Eye and i fuckin love it. of course i'm about 2 years behind the bandwagon. but i really love the tone. it could've been a really one-note show but it's not. the homos rushing through the guy's life routine runs about 5 to 10 minutes, but then it switches to being subdued, smart, and funny. and touching. incredibly so. i'm definitely gonna continue watching this show.

Garbage and Metallica share the same managers? i didn't know that.
new Shirley journal entry.

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funny thing that Star Wars Trilogy on dvd thing. when it was announced that George was fucking with it once again (adding Hayden Christensen and altering a few more scenes) i said, i'm gonna forego my love of these films and not buy that crappy edition. i'll wait, George'll come around and release the original versions. but now i find my fears have been calmed (and they do have a good point - George has been tweaking these films here and there since 1977; and no more cartoony cgi, ie. the Special Editions). and i'm looking up prices for the set (and am actually a bit giddy about it :)

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September 05, 2004

and if you want this money, baby. yeah. having money is fun.

(really) pleasant surprises at the store:
Miss Kittin - I Com
Jim Guthrie - Now, More Than Ever
Air - "Cherry Blossom Girl" (i finally get the Hope Sandoval version)

cool used finds:
Groove Armada - Lovebox
Ash - Trailer (us promo)
DMX - Grand Champ (limited edition, bonus dvd)
DMX - ...And Then There Was X
R.Kelly & Jay-Z - The Best of Both Worlds

my DMX collection is finally complete. i can sleep now. one of the best parts about Never Die Alone is DMX's narration. his speech pattern is almost identical to the narrations on his albums. and god knows i love his voice. sheeet i do. and imagine my surprise when i found the limited edition of Grand Champ at the used record store?? i'd seen it this summer but didn't get it right away. a few weeks later i go by, hoping to get it and And The There Was X, but nope. it's not there. i knew it was misplaced but i couldn't find it. and there's no way i can get it in stores now. when i want an album i'm hopelessly addicted to the limited editions.

sigh. now. i'm off today and tomorrow. i rented two movies for two days. and, well. shit. there's no way around it. i guess after only renting cool, indie, or obscure cult films for the past few months, i was in the mood for some good popcorn movie (and mind you, they are rare, so my expectations are that these films are somewhat outside enough of the hollywood mindset to have their own unique personalities; some reviews did give me that impression). i rented:

The Girl Next Door (unrated version)
13 Going on 30

1. Tim Olyphant (and maybe Elisha Cuthbert, but not by much) and a supposed smarter-than-the-trailers-made-it-out-to-be script (trailer editors have gotten extremely lazy this past decade).
2. my excuse (which is good enough, imo): Mark Ruffalo. and of course, Jennifer Garner, who can be good when she wants to.

we'll see how these films hold up.

np: p. diddy & the bad boy family - the saga continues...

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i felt like shit last night. i didn't do anything particularly horrible, mind you. for the past few weeks, the roommate has started talking about moving in with her boyfriend. last spring when it came time to renew our lease she was having doubts because she and her boyfriend had started dating and it was going really well. she was thinking they'd be moving in together in the next year (but not right now). she mentioned january 2005 as a possible date where they would start to want to live together. that was all fine. i even told her he could move in with us in january '05 until the lease expired in july of that year. but now they're talking about finding a new place instead. and that has been stressing me out big-time. 1. she'll continue paying her part in this apartment but i don't wanna drag it on for too long 'cause it's a lot of money; 2. i don't want to move. i hate it, etc; 3. i don't want to live on my own. i did it for a year and it was fun but it's kinda depressing; 4. my circle of friends who could move in is really limited. i have been thinking about this one friend/acquaintance who i would really like to live with for a year, but he moved in with two of his friends this summer so i don't know how much of an option that would be for him. plus, the cost would be greater over here with me. i dunno. so i felt like shit last night. what didn't help was watching Ernest Dickerson's Never Die Alone. talk about bad timing (not the gangster shit but the supposed message of the film). i really felt alone. and that's not a good feeling. my mind was racing last night. in circles. not a good thing. hey, asking a guy friend if he'd move in with you is about as nerve-wracking as asking a girl out for the first time :) but today's a new day. i should go out jogging after i post this. haven't been out running for a few weeks and my mind and body would really benefit from it. well, thank you for listening. and if you know of a good person who's in need of an apartment, let me know :)

update, 12:05 pm: i just went out to run :) i jogged for about 10-12 minutes but it still feels good and my body is already tired. but a good tired.

np: 8 mile soundtrack

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September 04, 2004

if, like me, you like your news two days old, i got a good one for you - "Three Kings" Still Causing Controversy. seems a special edition of the film is coming to dvd this fall (now delayed to post-november 2nd?) because Russell made a documentary for the disc, and Warner don't play like that. here's the best reason why the doc won't be included in the set:
Spokesperson Barbara Brogliatti said: "This came out to be a documentary that condemns, basically, war. This is supposed to be a special edition of Three Kings not a polemic about war."
so i guess what Russell was supposed to make was ...a documentary about the special edition of Three Kings? please excuse my lmfao as they clearly don't watch the films they try to peddle. Warner - please go fuck yourselves.

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Les parapluies de Cherbourg by Jacques Demy, 1964

what an astonishing experience! i was floored when i saw that every single everyday language would be sung. and not always on-key either. but -- the film fuckin' works! not because of some Amélie-like charm. the film has charm but fuck these reviews who mention Amélie in the same sentence. that film had exhuberance, and it worked, don't get me wrong. i'm just saying this film has another kind of charm. Catherine Deneuve just shines as the young girl caught yearning for her lover. and the songs will carry you (from start to finish, no less). and there's a melancholy inherent in the whole pece that i was surprised, and happy, to find. ah, god. i can't really explain it all. just rent it. it won't change your life but you'll definitely be happy to experience this film for ninety minutes, trust me. [ 8.5 ]

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September 01, 2004

apparently, according to the updated Mymusic page, the limited edition of Björk's Medúlla album has been pushed back a week in Canada. there's been no trace of the album on the Future Shop website since yesterday afternoon. looking for an update. can anyone in Canada let me know me if they've seen this edition in stores (or at the very least heard what's happening with it)? thanks :)

update, 1:05 pm:
a Mymusic staffer just got back to me and let me know, that yes, the Medúlla (limited edition) disc has been pushed back by a week (at least here in Canada). (fyi, Future Shop had it at $17.99 before they took it off their site. hopefully they'll keep that price on for next week; and hopefully my store will get a few copies.)

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