September 17, 2004

haha. finally. The Arcade Fire's album was coming out tuesday and i knew none of the big record stores here in the city would have it tuesday morning because it's out on Merge and for some reason they need about 3 to 4 weeks to get those in. so i checked out the online stores who'd carry indie records that would get it to me a) cheaply, and b) before the week was over. montreal's excellent Cheap Thrills came through for me, big time:

The Arcade Fire - untitled ep
The Arcade Fire - Funeral
Ladytron - light&magic
Ladytron - Softcore Jukebox

i've been looking for the two Ladytron albums for about 2 years now. oh, i've seen them in stores a couple of times, but they were always $26.99. light&magic contains the single "seventeen" and Softcore has the Ladytron version of my beloved "Oops (Oh My)".

have a good - hey, it's friday!! :) finally.

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