September 15, 2004

what the fuck is going on here?... i'm hoping this is not a glitch in the Future Shop website -- but they are (quietly?) advertising the big thx 1138 (The George Lucas Director's Cut) two-disc set for $17.99. i liked the cover art when it was announced but then last week i caught George on the Charlie Rose Show for the entire hour and that was it. plus they showed a trailer for the re-release. omg. i was blown away. the visuals looked intense and perfect. i have to go out this morning so i'm gonna swing by Future Shop and take a look. hopefully they got their copies. i was planning on renting the set but if that's the real price, i'm getting it for myself. a nice prelude, and companion piece, to next week's big Star Wars release.

btw, people (even fictional and imaginary) crapping out of their mouths has got to be the most hilarious, and jarring, thing i've ever seen.

update, 1:06 pm: i looked and looked but Future Shop didn't have any copies of thx. maybe this weekend.

oh, hey ... Kerry's coming back.

anybody watching The Wire? i just noticed that it's coming out on dvd next month. i heard a bit about it this past year and i think i wanna get into it. i'll say it again - solid tv shows on dvd are the coolest thing.

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