September 16, 2004

scratch that: Future Shop gets it right -- thx 1138 (The George Lucas Director's Cut) is now listed at $24.99. dunno what that other entry was all about (they even had it as a two-disc set).

Will & Grace season premiere, in one word: bleh. check it out, you'll see. the writing was incredibly sub-par. the episode did manage to pick up a few times, and there's an especially great scene buried in there, but i was shocked by how lame it all started. definitely not up-to-par with the usually solid jokes. very middle of the road, indeed. it will pick up, though. unless they fired their writers; which is what it looked like last night.

ah-ha!! i found it!!! fuck me, dang. last night at work i had a song in my head. i had the melody, the way the girl and the guy sung and harmonized. it's a very unique pattern and i couldn't place it. it was within grasp but i just could never get that song. cut to now, when for some ungodly reason i put on the Broken Social Scene cd and bang -- the album's over and i hear last night's melody in my head. lol. the song actually played and i didn't even notice :) wow. i just found it: "anthems for a seventeen year-old girl". fuck me. of course i heard the melody in my head as the album ended; it's replayed as an instrumental as the last track :P god i love that melody.

update, 1:35 pm: Shirley's updated her journal. i got goosebumps reading this part (but you gotta go read the whole thing; it's too long to post):
At one point during rehearsal he looked over at me.............and he gruffly asked "You ever sang Jazz before?" and I sheepishly squeeked "No sir" and he nodded slowly a few times,a glimmer of a smile in his eyes and then finally said " Well it suits you.Suits the sound of your voice.You gotta a lot of air coming out and so that tone of's beautiful".
And right then............sitting there in that little office of his at the University of Wisconsin I felt like I was going to pass out with pleasure.This was coming from a man who used to play with Sarah Vaughan. SARAH fucking VAUGHAN. Oh my lord.............
np: broken social scene - you forgot it in people

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