September 18, 2004

i haven't been keeping up with the Big Brother crew too much this past week. i've been watching the episodes but it's been a while since i last read the feeds and/or intensely cared about the outcome of the game since Marvin and Nakomis went out of the house. i actually didn't mind the final three (Diane, Drew and Cowboy), though, because a) Diane, although she screwed Will & Nik, she was a really good player, not necessarily a backstabber per se, b) Drew and Cowboy hadn't annoyed me as much as Scott or Jase did, so i was okay with them winning (although Cowboy did annoy me, but that's alright). i could live with any of them three winning the big half-mil. switch to last night's episode. something happened to me -- i started rooting for Cowboy. gasp, i know. very weird since last time i checked i wanted Diane to win it. but damn. i'm not under the impression, as almost everyone as been talking about since the middle of the game, that Cowboy would win hands down in a 1 on 1 vote-off. as an America's Choice, yes; but the jury is voting for the winner, people who've lived with him, people who've wanted him gone week after fucking week, people who've been annoyed by him, by his grossness, by his ineptitude. the dude has been losing ever since he came in the house. and he's not a good player. he's just there because there were other, more important, targets to get rid of first. but, as i said, i was rooting for Cowboy to win the first battle of the final three. then the inevitable happens -- Diane does something that looks fishy, Cowboy has a big heart and helps out and, boom, he loses his grip on the key. he's out. i understood his frustration. she might have played him. after he kept the fuckin banshee in the house. but later on Diane slipped and all was good in tvland. then it was Cowboy vs Diane in a battle of wits. i was so rooting for Cowboy i couldn't believe it. haha. Michael won the DNA Strand comp to win the chance go against Drew. i was ecstatic. i did not want Diane to get it. Drew won the final competition so the final two rested on Drew making a decision. ha. the irony. it must be tough being Drew. the boy did good, though, and chose for Cowboy to stay and evicted Diane. good boy. there's only one episode left, tuesday at 8 (CBS). i actually don't care who wins but i hope Drew wins by one vote only because he's the closest thing to a player between the two of them. Diane was the real brains behind the operation. that's it for me.

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