September 09, 2004

does it make me gay that i teared up (and more than once) during Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? canadian non-Bravo subscribers can now watch the show on Global, wednesdays at 10 pm (pretty shabby timeslot, if you ask me). Global showed an old episode at 9 and then at 10 a 'new' one (straight guy: Richard Miller, i think). and i fuckin' teared up. damn. these were my first two episodes of Queer Eye and i fuckin love it. of course i'm about 2 years behind the bandwagon. but i really love the tone. it could've been a really one-note show but it's not. the homos rushing through the guy's life routine runs about 5 to 10 minutes, but then it switches to being subdued, smart, and funny. and touching. incredibly so. i'm definitely gonna continue watching this show.

Garbage and Metallica share the same managers? i didn't know that.
new Shirley journal entry.

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