September 14, 2004

after scouring the net for what has felt like an hour, i finally found the fucked Big Brother 5 schedule for this last week:

tuesday (september 14 2004) :: 9 pm
friday (september 17 2004) :: 8 pm
tuesday (september 21 2004) :: 8 pm :: Season Finale ::

it looks like all episodes are an hour each too. CBS seems to have wanted to dump the last couple of shows. weird. Survivor: Vanuatu's starting thursday and i guess no one at the network can do math real well.

attention Canucks: Global will have the Will & Grace premiere tomorrow night at 8:30 instead of thursday (they'll have Suvivor: Vanuatu). i guess that's the permanent timeslot for the show on Global. i think that's where it went for the last few weeks of the last season.

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