September 11, 2004

last night after work we went out. it's been a long-ass time since i last went out. it was nice. we didn't go to a big club, it was more a small tavern type place. thank god we were a group, though, 'cause i wouldn't have had any fun if i'd been on my own there. there were 10-12 of us. first things first: we were going out because we hadn't been able to pull off a party this summer. and this one girl, A, was going on vacation for two weeks. so we were kinda using that as an excuse to go out. so. there were a couple of people they didn't wanna invite. fair enough. shabby but fair enough. there's this one guy who can be annoying but he's also nice when you're one on one with him. well, they didn't wanna invite him and so we made sure he never heard about going out. so last night i'm driving him home, nothing's out of the ordinary. he's not bummed or anything; happy to have the work week behind him, etc. until i pull in front of his place, that is. as he gets out he tells me, 'well, have fun at the party and tell A to have a nice vacation', and he shuts the door to my car. goddammit. see, i wouln't have minded having him going out with us. sure he can be a bit annoying but i can stand him. so i was having a bit of a problem with the girls while they were kinda making a bit too much fun at his expense all week long. but i kept my mouth shut and went along; they're the ones who were planning this night out and people agreed that it would be nicer if he wasn't there. a couple of us didn't mind him but we'd go along. as long as everyone kept their fuckin mouths shut because he talks to me and i give him rides back home all the time. but him having figured it out -- and calling us all out on it -- freaked the fuck out of me. i'd backstabbed him (kinda), i hadn't been a good friend and he knew it. it fucking hurt, i'll tell ya. but what can you do? he didn't seem pissed. looks like he figured it out a while back and got over it. when i got back to the bar i told them all. some of them got that i was the one who got the short end of the stick over all this because i was the one he called us all out to and i wasn't the one who didn't want him there. anyway. life will go on (somehow), right? it always does.

i was able to enjoy the night nonetheless :) i had a lot of fun. drank a bit, not oo much because i was driving. one by one people were dropping out and going home. we closed the bar around 3-3:30 am. i drove this girl home. a friend from work (whom, actually, i had a water fight with the night before at work :) lotta fun). when i pulled up in front of her house, before getting out of the car, she leaned over to kiss me on the cheeks. but. she cupped the side of my face with one hand to do it ... god. i fuckin melted there for a second. lol :) that's it. nothing happened but just that fleeting moment felt amazing. i have some kind of chemistry with this girl but i need to feel more than 75% sure about a girl to do anything about it. especially a girl i work with. but that cupped hand felt nice :)

so i went to bed at 4:30. i'm a mess the next day when i go to bed later than 2 am. woke up at 11 this morning to the sound of the roommate being back home. she actually was able to drag me out for a walk. longer than i'd agreed to, but i have to give it to her -- it did feel goddamn good. it was really nice out, feeling the sun on my skin, and now i'm not feeling the strains of my night out too much, which is really nice.

on to the weekend! :)

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