September 05, 2004

and if you want this money, baby. yeah. having money is fun.

(really) pleasant surprises at the store:
Miss Kittin - I Com
Jim Guthrie - Now, More Than Ever
Air - "Cherry Blossom Girl" (i finally get the Hope Sandoval version)

cool used finds:
Groove Armada - Lovebox
Ash - Trailer (us promo)
DMX - Grand Champ (limited edition, bonus dvd)
DMX - ...And Then There Was X
R.Kelly & Jay-Z - The Best of Both Worlds

my DMX collection is finally complete. i can sleep now. one of the best parts about Never Die Alone is DMX's narration. his speech pattern is almost identical to the narrations on his albums. and god knows i love his voice. sheeet i do. and imagine my surprise when i found the limited edition of Grand Champ at the used record store?? i'd seen it this summer but didn't get it right away. a few weeks later i go by, hoping to get it and And The There Was X, but nope. it's not there. i knew it was misplaced but i couldn't find it. and there's no way i can get it in stores now. when i want an album i'm hopelessly addicted to the limited editions.

sigh. now. i'm off today and tomorrow. i rented two movies for two days. and, well. shit. there's no way around it. i guess after only renting cool, indie, or obscure cult films for the past few months, i was in the mood for some good popcorn movie (and mind you, they are rare, so my expectations are that these films are somewhat outside enough of the hollywood mindset to have their own unique personalities; some reviews did give me that impression). i rented:

The Girl Next Door (unrated version)
13 Going on 30

1. Tim Olyphant (and maybe Elisha Cuthbert, but not by much) and a supposed smarter-than-the-trailers-made-it-out-to-be script (trailer editors have gotten extremely lazy this past decade).
2. my excuse (which is good enough, imo): Mark Ruffalo. and of course, Jennifer Garner, who can be good when she wants to.

we'll see how these films hold up.

np: p. diddy & the bad boy family - the saga continues...

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