September 10, 2004

if you're a 24 fan, the folks over at The Digital Bits had some very good news for you yesterday:
On the Fox front, we've learned that the studio's 24: The Complete Third Season (due on 12/7) will feature a special "half episode" written by the show's creators and shot with the cast. It's designed to bridge the time span between seasons 3 and 4, and introduce some of the new characters and situations that will appear in season 4.
how about that? :P very cool, indeed.

yesterday i also received my package from Mymusic:

Björk - Medúlla (limited edition)
Devendra Banhart - Rejoicing in the Hands
The Clientele - The Violet Hour

but. the Björk album did leave a sour taste in my mouth this morning as i opened it up - it is the limited edition, but not the SACD hybrid. goddammit. only the uk version has the hybrid, not the north american version. fuck. i know i'll be happy about it anyway because, hey, it's the new Björk album. but still. i made sure to order it because i wanted the hybrid (for when i end up (in however many years that is) buying an sacd player, that is). i'll get over it. it's still a pretty nice digipak package.

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