May 14, 2008

N*E*R*D, Pharrell

the Billionaire Boys Club Blog is simply awesome. i found it over the weekend with a couple of clicks through Timbland/N*E*R*D blogs. seems like Pharrell is the main poster here. the Everyone Nose site is also up. the song is crazy. and it will stay in your head for days. sorry. btw, there's something going on with the site despite the appearance of nothing going on (per the Removed By Request tag). as with the lastnightsparty-themed(sponsored?) video, taking a look at the source code of the page reveals its content as being " features uncensored photos and videos from the new n.e.r.d. music video everyonenose" so i doubt anything would be removed with such a lovely jpg. and the first content line is even less ingenious about its intent: "everyonenose, everyone nose, pharrell, n.e.r.d., interscope, removed by request". that last tag killed me :) they're trying to keep things interesting (in an almost lame way; which is alright) but i'll still keep tabs on it, just to see. the N*E*R*D boys (mostly thanks to Pharrell, i believe) have a way to take their nerd bling a bit too seriously. (psst: it's not that precious;) but i'll take the music (and the criminally-underrated Chad).

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