December 19, 2007


well, that was that. anyone watch the season finale on sunday? happy about the outcome, but something rubbed me the wrong way halfway through the episode. Denise was fucking begging for a spot in the top three to Amanda. fucking begging for it and playing the sympathy card through and through. i couldn't stand it. i'd been sympathetic toward Denise for all of the 2nd half of the season. but this sudden turn in her demeanour was ugly. smelling the money was not hers, she was feeling sorry for herself.

here are two stories you really should check out about the aftermath of sunday's Live show. i guess Courtney was right, after all, then, uh? :)

the trailer for this indeed looked like crap when we caught in theaters.

now that the xmas tv time off (and the continuing WGA strike, as well) is upon us, i've had time to start catching up on shows i hadn't had time for thanks to, you know, time. this week, i'm finally catching up on Dexter (halfway through the first season); and it is still gloriously disturbing :) (next up should be Six Feet Under. i also wanna show it to the gf.)

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