November 23, 2006

Minnesota 2 Montreal 4

wow. what a great game form the Habs. glad i taped and watched it. the only crappy player out there last night was, drumroll please, Sheldon Souray. he's actually been quite good this season. he started out shaky but hasn't done most of his bonehead moves. until last night, that is. thank god everyone else was working hard and getting things done so we didn't have to scramble to get back in the game. huet was spectacular and it looks like Bouillon hasn't lost an ounce of his talent. wow. what a comeback. you couldn't tell it was his first game of the season (was it? i don't think he even got to play regular season yet, right?). great game from everyone. let's hope we can get consistent now and win the next two (friday and saturday).

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