November 12, 2006

Montreal 1 Toronto 5
well, the Habs forgot to play and the Leafs took advantage of our lack of energy to get some much needed offense going for their guys. granted, Montreal's last game was tuesday night and they couldn't get their morning skate on because of some fluke scheduling conflict at the ACC that morning, though. after a long-ass Hockey Hall Of Fame presentation, the game started strangely enough, with none of the the two teams showing any interest in playing a hockey game. the first period was slow and boring. the Leafs picked it up with a few chances but Aebischer was there to stop them. after a while, though, the poor playing of his teammates made it impossible for him to stop everything. hopefully we don't give away too many games like that this season (*shakes head*) and Gainey will go talk to his players. someone's not doing his job and it looks like the coaching staff is not working the players hard enough. let's get back on track, boys.

okay. this looked like another whacked-out Dino De Laurentiis idea but i guess it's legit since Thomas Harris is coming out with a new Lecter book (Dec 5 2006). but... Hannibal Rising? really? i'll give Harris the benefit of the doubt. i know there's gotta be a few literary references in there but i'm missing all of them. it screams rushed tv movie to me. BUT. the film is directed by Peter Webber. who?? exactly. but he directed The Girl With The Pearl Earring - that ain't no Rush Hour 1, 2, and 3 crap, i'll tell you that. and he did get a fucking awesome, non-celebrity/bikini babe cast for his film, so i give him HUGE props for pulling that one off. i'm taking the film off the Ludicrous list and right into the Damned Interesting one. the film comes out in February (a bit early, ain't it? that's only a couple of months after the book's release). and hey, we're getting a new Thomas Harris book out of it (although, a 336-page book, which, for Harris is kind of a pamphlet, really). i have to respect and have faith in his intelligence.

i'm about to go see Borat but i needed to write this down - Studio 60 has been picked up for the full season (YAY!!) but a small boo goes to ABC for letting Six Degrees die of a slow, dark death.

Borat on Leno with Martha Stewart. hilarious. it's not his interview so he's not uttering the same lines he has for the promo rounds.

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