November 08, 2006

such a great day (despite the grey weather). i still have two days/nights housesitting for the ex-roommate and 'our' cat. i love it. bit of a mad scramble for time between the two places as i still have stuff to do when i'm not working but it's great.

great news -- the Habs won 3-2 last night against Edmonton despite having lost Chris Higgins (once again in a shootout; awesome move by Koivu, followed by the same one from Kovalev:). best news: they played great for the full 60 minutes. hurrah. now they get to rest until they play Toronto saturday night. that'll be a great game.

awesome news -- Rumsfeld resigns (we'll have to wait a bit for info on this Robert Gates, though; but at least we got rid of Rummy. but why did he wait after the midterm elections to do this? weird). Dems about to take control of Senate.

have a great evening.

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