November 24, 2006

Montreal vs Buffalo (RDS/MSG 8PM)

speaking of the Habs, the Montreal Gazette has opened up a brand new Habs blog with complete news on the team. with team news barely leaking every other day, this one looks quite promising with various team reports.
have a great game tonight.

Saturday, 1:16 PM

well, Souray scored with a single second left in overtime. how about that, uh? and it wasn't a point shot like i thought his only talent his. no, he actually took a top-shelf shot. too bad my mom told me he scored with a second left before i could finish the game, though. lol. i guess i couldn't get away from it with this game :) we won two games this week against the best teams in the league. tonight we're facing the Flyers. can't wait. we're playing well right now, with consistency from everyone. also, the Kovalev line is creating more and more chances for themselves.

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