November 25, 2006

Robert Altman died on monday and then it was time for french actor Philippe Noiret to call it quits on thursday. this was one hell of a week for film lovers.

Habs won, apparently, last night against arguably the best team in the NHL right now. i say 'apparently' because, as usual, i taped the game while i was at work, making sure to avoid any talk of the game all night. i came back home to watch it, but before i did that, i checked my emails and a few sites. but i copied and pasted the wrong address in Firefox and got that Habs site i recommended earlier yesterday. first page told me Souray scored for the win in OT. LOL. i'm an ass. still watched the game, though, to see how they played against the mighty Sabres. went to bed during the 2nd period so i'm gonna finish that now. it's 1-0 Buffalo right now.

okay. so the PS3 release day came and went. were you one of the lucky ones to get a system? good for you. here's a crazy bastard's story of how he got one after the Wal Mart manager told his waiting line they'd only received 7 PS3's while he was #13 in line. a great read. one creative bastard.

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