November 03, 2006

the NEW Cinéma du Parc is open for business !!!
that is indeed great news. hopefully they'll keep the same kind of films as before.

Montreal 4 Carolina 0

well, i'm only 23 hours away from spending the next week (on and off) housesitting for the ex-roommate/best friend while they're away to Cuba. they have the coolest apartment--but the VERY BEST news about it is that i'll be catsitting 'our' cat as well :P the ex-roommate got her a few months before we moved in together for three years. it's her cat but since i took care of her when i was home, i'm considered her father as well :) i see her every saturday when the ex-roommate and i spend our day together. i'm delighted to be taking care of her for the next week. i'll still need to come home once in a while but i decided to use this opportunity to its fullest and have a mini-vacation as well :) i'll be working but there's something exotic about that place, even though it's only in the next city, it's alien enough for me to disconnect from my daily life. add a brand new laptop they've left me, wireless high speed internet, the most adorable cat, and a sweet apartment and i'm set :)

whoa.... Firefox 2 tweaks. excellent tweaks, i might add (like getting rid of that ugly close tab button).

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