November 16, 2006

Montreal 3 Tampa Bay 1

Souray scores twice and Guillaume Latendresse with his 4th of the season (in the last four games; i'll give it to him - that was one beautiful play, but the beauty of the play is you can see him take his time to think it through properly. time seems to stop for a second) to get the win for the Habs over the Lightning. i was surprised by this score. with Lecavalier, St-Louis, and Tampa Bay's poor defense i was sure we'd see a high-scoring game. but when we were able to sit down to catch (the entire!) third period, the score was tied at 1. great win for the Habs (but check out that weird collision between Perezhoggin and Rivet right in front of Huet. lol). tonight they play the Florida Panthers (RDS 7:30PM).

Tim opened my eyes to a new Garbage press release - the oft-delayed Absolute Garbage greatest hit is set to hit stores on March 19th. with no real conviction behind it, i'm not surprised there's no new song on there as album has been rumoured now for a couple of years. at least the set will also include a mix cd (probably just remixes, though), an enhanced cd(?), and a DVD of all the videos (i'll finally be able to trash that vhs copy i had). fans wanted a new song but the single will be Bleed Like Me's beautiful It's All Over But The Crying (i must state my disagreement with Tim over the song's quality; i'm not giving any reason for my opinion. it just is :). you can't really blame them for not recording a new song since they just started their break and are all really busy working on new material of their own. i believe we will get new Garbage albums in the future, this just caps off the first 10 years of the band.

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