May 31, 2006

24 - Season Finale

another stunning denouement to the season. i don't know why but they seem to have a knack to write these season-enders, don't they? as soon as Jack and Logan got into that helicopter i was like, wtf??? (of course they had to bring it down within 10 minutes.) but the whole plan was brilliantly devious. there's too much stuff to talk about here. i was both impressed and satisfied. from the writing to the tension to the acting (First Lady Jean Smart, i love you) everything was, as always, top-notch for the finale. what a way to cap off a season. nobody does it ike the writers of 24. and the chinese twist/cliffhanger? awesome:) although, the yakuza-wannabes didn't scare me much (the fist-pumping ones, not the leader from season 4 - "Did you really think that we would forget?" HA!! fucking brilliant!). (Jack's closed up eye did scare me, though. they fucking beat his ass up. makeup artists haven't found a way to make these credible most of the time but this one was awesome. even on close ups!) that's it. i can't wait till next season. hopefully it doesn't take Jack 2 hours to get out of China. i want Jack to be stuck there for at least three-quarter of the season, and on his own for at least a third. make it worthwhile. thank you:) oops. almost forgot - Chloe's ex-husband? i was like, wtf? who will this be? but nope. never saw him (nor heard of him, i think). but damn if that was one of the most charming cameos ever! he wooed me with only a handful of lines. kudos to you, sir.

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