May 12, 2006

well, good morning to you too! :)
how are you doing? i'm doing alright. it's friday, after all :)

Metric makes up a one-day music fest for Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal; and out of four artists to bring along, actually hits three on the fucking head for me: Fiery Furnaces, Secret Machines, and Electric Six!!
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cute. which reminds me - where the fuck is the Pillsbury doughboy?

outstanding Star Wars footage !! for real!!!
where the hell did they dig these up??

how can you not love Kiefer?

OHMYGOD -- Thom has an album out this summer!
i was wondering what that Eraser site he linked to earlier this week was about.

oh, this is just too funny :)
four-time world K-1 champion (kickboxing) Ernesto Hoost's appearance on a japanese tv show.

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