May 28, 2006

summer's here. for fuck's sake. i hate it when it gets too hot and sticky. we've been lucky enough that it hasn't hit us sooner this year. but here it is. i think i might be able to avoid the real summer heat before i move into my mom's house. i got the whole basement as an apartment so it'll be cool all summer long:) i don't wanna have to get the ac out before the move. too much hassle.

anyway. i went running again :) glad i did too. i was amazed to find that the knee flared up a bit, and after 10 minutes of running. last time it only took 5. but i was just feeling it and it didn't get worse. only a small reminder, nothing more. yay :) almost entirely healed. anyway. The Verve's A Storm In Heaven was my companion during my run (and subsequent hour-long walk. wanted to enjoy the sun while i was used to the heat:) it was the perfect album to just get away. did the job. even i got both albums that came before Urban Hymns (after that album blew up, that is), i hadn't paid enough attention to them over the years. dunno why but i got the idea to put them on my iPod today. anyway... here's what i found: my ears perked up when The Verve's Butterfly came on. why? it's so fucking close to Radiohead's 2000 I Might Be Wrong - a full 7 years before!! listen to the opening riff. The Verve's is slower, and sure it's not the same, but they're eerily similar. such a fucking close brother, it's amazing.

owned. period.

WHAT?? Gwen and Gavin give birth to a baby boy!!
wtf's up with this weekend?? congrats all around.

Eric Rohmer - Six Moral Tales (The Criterion Collection)
Kicking and Screaming (The Criterion Collection) Noah Baumbach 1995
Seduced and Abandoned (The Criterion Collection) Pietro Germi 1964

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