May 19, 2006

The Unit has been renewed for a second season !!!
i can't tell you how happy that makes me. i just got back to watching the remaining episodes of the first (13 episode-)season this week and i reconfirmed my love for this show. every episode is an outstanding hour i wouldn't have spent otherwise. i was just wondering/hoping if it would be picked up since i hadn't heard a thing about it or its ratings this season. hurrah.

oops. Rob Corddry also got a show. hopefully it's better than it looks, though.

holy shit, someone has done it! i got a similar idea last year but this is even cooler!
Kevin Smith recorded a commentary for Clerks II that you'll be able to download when the flick hits theaters this summer so you can listen to it on your iPod of your choice in the fucking theater... :P now that is the definition of awesome.
(oh, btw, my idea was wishing i could download original language tracks of films in theaters so i could go and watch them here even if they were dubbed. that would be great but, as i said, Kevin's thing is just cooler :)
uh...won't people listening to the commentary be laughing -in the theater- where there might not be jokes in the actual film, thus creating a (really) fucked up audience experience? lol. expect drunken fights because of this.

Criterion's edition of Dazed and Confused has a DTS track! awesome:)
(oh. they really went with the stylized C for Criterion...ugh. i am NOT digging it AT ALL. wow. please go back to the original design. thank you.)

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