May 15, 2006

last night's Season Finale of Survivor was a really good one. tense, funny, touching. and although Aras won the million dollars and he was my second pick of the Final Three (Terry is the obvious Survivor this season), it was basically down to two freeloaders. Danielle, who, according to the ever-present monkey-boy Shane, relies on her daddy and boyfriend, was asked what her strategy was during the show. her reply? she was gonna align herself with the right people. hmm. yeah. so they'd carry you to the Finals? like Cirie, she was responsible for a couple of very important castoffs, and did win the hardest challenge (imo) of them all in the end, but that's not what i'd call outwitting people. you're still mooching, dear. as for Aras, i think it was made more than clear by Shane that he was a broke freeloader (give me the million, then, because i'm broke. help me help me. please!! yep. great line, ass). he was the second toughest Survivor this season (i'd say Cirie was a very close third), but Terry was the obvious choice since 5 weeks ago. (you think he's bitter about it? ha:)

"i love The Money Pit."

yep. XL Recordings are gonna release Thom Yorke's The eraser July 10/11.
wow. the site has opened up. a lot of cool pdf files. a lot of work has already gone into it. check it out.

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