May 21, 2006

ps. i called her up earlier today and left her a message :) said she could call me if she wanted to.

pps. oh, this is so stupid - the MPAA rejected the Road to Guantanamo poster because ...the image was not appropriate for children. a guy, handcuffed, with a burlap bag over his head. yep. come the fuck on. that's just tame. and compare it to any horror movie poster with blood and violence on it and it's silly. that's just shady. can they get the original artwork back up for the dvd release? does the MPAA have jurisdiction over video releases as well? i don't care. i'm not expecting too much from this Big Government (come on, you know they had their hands all up the MPAA's ass for this ever since the film was announced). love the original artwork. come to think of it... they only resized the image to a shot of the handcuffed hands... so, the offending part was the burlap sack...? seriously? not a man in handcuffs. but the fact that he had a bag on his head? hmm. okay...

6:53 PM

well...she called me back:) and we talked for 67 minutes! we quickly got our normal groove back. not to say there were fireworks; there weren't. but we're cool now. i told her why i've been so pissed at her and been ignoring her at (which, btw, she couldn't figure out why. seems letting me know she was destined to live isolated in the countryside wasn't a slap on my face. whatever.) i told her my peace. we got up to speed on what we'd missed over the past two weeks (she found out she was pregnant a month ago so she's been busy lately). she's coming to the Radiohead show in three weeks. i'm happy about that. she'd actually told herself to maybe get used to the idea that she wasn't going, though. lol:) i wouldn't have been able to keep it up to the show. oh, you know what? that first week of our not talking to each other? she'd called and left a message once to see if i would be picking her up for work since i hadn't called. now, i seriously don't remember that call. first thought that came to my mind was that the roommate deleted it. now, i don't know. maybe i did get the message but decided i wasn't picking her up? (she has her own car anyway.) could be but i truly don't remember a call from her. oh well. so, yeah. we patched things up. nothing major. at least the drama's out of the way (although, i must say that i was having a great time ignoring her, pissed as i was:) and now the Radiohead show's back on.

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