May 02, 2006

well that was quick.
the Waste Radiohead Presale for the short North American tour went off without a hitch (although not telling us the time of the presale was kinda shrewd:) at least a lot of the fans stayed up all night. i actually went to bed rather late, set my alarm for 4 then 7, hoping i wouldn't miss the presale. well, folks. i got 4 tickets for the June 11th Montreal show!!! :D i so did not wanna miss them coming (and especially in such a small, and unlikely, venue as the Place des arts). The Black Keys are (apparently) opening up for the band in Montreal. now i know what i'll be listening to tonight at work :)

oh god. i so had to get these. and since the ex-roommate, who's been my show partner for the past, what, 8 years, has her birthday on the 10th, this was so gonna be a surprise gift for her. yay! :)

surprisingly, all of the presales are now sold out. i say surprisingly because i got my tickets for Montreal well over half an hour after the sale started and more than a few dates were still open.

you all have a great day :)

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