May 30, 2006

wow. after Gwen gave birth to Kingston on Friday and Angelina to Shiloh on Saturday, my cousin's girlfriend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Gabrielle Saturday :D the stars really were all lined up and ready this weekend:)

okay, okay. i'd been ignoring it since last week 'cause i thought what can be funny about a fan's trailer edit? but the 10 Things I Hate About Commandments is fucking hilarious. go. these trailers are so spot-on, it's crazy. love 'em.

Jackass: Number Two (brilliant) is coming our way. YAY. trailers on the site. they've only got a couple of pics up but already it looks like they got new sick (re: brilliant) ideas.

awesome pics of Topher Grace as Eddie Brock and Toby's black Spidey suit from the set of Spider-Man 3.

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