May 07, 2006

oh yes. 24. London. (Movie.)

since no one seems to care to go with me this weekend, i'll go catch JJ Abrams' MI3 on my own later this afternoon. i'm not expecting too much, thanks to the first batch of cold water receptions, but i think it should be a pretty successful time at the movie.

i'm just about a month away from moving and i have a lot of things on my plate (changing addresses/emails, packing, planning, telling the roommate when exactly i'm moving:). should be starting these things this week. on top of that, i can't wait to sell my car and get a new one (the 2006 Civic? looks good- a friend of mine just got one and we've been exchanging rides to work. lovely.), but i'm not sure i won't wait until the end of summer for this. although, i would love to get rid of my car already :) might depend on Honda's promotions. i think i saw just a new one tv yesterday. we'll see. so, add a fight with the ex about our friendship (seems she's somehow resigned herself to being friendless sometime soon. great. next time can you please let me know what your plans are? that ain't over but i was still pissed as hell and bummed the fuck out friday at work because of this) and a certain show coming (to which i'm bringing her along). let's just say this is a pretty stressful time. no wonder i went out running 5 times last week. lol:) thank god. have a great day.

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