May 17, 2006

Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford gives credit to the Habs(!).
it's always fun hearing perspectives from someone outside the team/city. but the positive ones are most pleasing :)

wow. Elbow frontman Guy Garvey makes a public plea to Radiohead to sign with his Skinny Dog Records :)

damn. and here i was, all excited about seeing The Da Vinci Code this weekend.
i'm hoping it's kinda good but i didn't like the news that Ron Howard was helming the project (not to mention that Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Lost In Space, and A Beautiful Mind's Akiva Goldsman was translating the dense book for the film). hopefully they haven't taken out the heart of Dan Brown's work. loved the book. hopefully the 'too talky' comments came from people who haven't read the book. gonna wait for book-to-films opinions before letting this one go.

OMG! Colin Farrell + Ewan McGregor to play brothers in Woody Allen's 2007 Summer Project!!

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