May 05, 2006

the Montreal Jazz Fest has announced this summer's lineup. and, once again, it's not too shabby -- actually, it's quite spectacular!! start getting jealous. here are some of the artists involved: Daniel Lanois (with special guest Emmylou Harris), Martha Wainwright, BB King, The Roots, Ani DiFranco!, Brad Mehldau Trio (who i discovered this past year), Buck 65, DJ-fucking-Shadow, Calexico!, Cat Power, Yann Tiersen, The Dears!, Seu Jorge, Etta James, Elvis Costello, ...Christopher O'Riley plays Radiohead! hot damn. isn't that a fucking lineup??

OMFG! anybody watching Unan1mous? nope. had a feeling i was alone. although, to tell you the truth, for the past couple of weeks, i've kinda been hoping it would come to a close already (last episode is actually next week). they've mishandled such a great premise like they didn't care about their show. anyway. there's this sleeze-ass, 'womanizer' guy on the show, Jonathan, right? well, here's what people found out recently - Jonathan (both NSFW) ... dabbled in gay porn :) and i say that with the proudest of smiles. HA! good for him. now if only there was a reunion show with that knowledge sprung on them. that would be majestic.

Original Star Wars Trilogy. DVD. September 12th to December 31st, 2006.
(packaged with the 2004 versions, but still. original trilogy!)

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